Microsoft bumps Windows Phone sync app for Mac, fixes bugs and improves stability

Windows Phone OSX

Microsoft has released a new version of its Mac OS Windows Phone synchronisation client. We've covered the tool many times in the past and version 3.0.2 is a slight bump from what was previously released. The company did publish a major upgrade back in November. All that's new in 3.0.2 are optimisations and bug fixes. 

Not really much else to report on so if you own an Apple Mac and wish to sync content to and from your Windows Phone, this is the app for you. You can download the Mac Connector from the Apple App Store. via: Windows Phone Italy



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cgold1 says:

Would prefer an Xbox music app, but I guess I'll take what I can get.

Chris Coyle says:

Sounds dirty...strange bed fellows

SenneVc says:

Weird, the 8X with WP7.5

rhodri22 says:

Why is the 8X in the picture running WP7?

They should update windows phone desktop app, really sucks, playlist sync incomplete sometimes, then i have to uncheck the box, sync, check again and sync.

Errbodyelse says:

You guys are really on the ball lately... this update was pushed out about 2 weeks ago.

Josh Harman says:

The Mac version?

Just bring back Zune! Or make XBox Music not be a complete pile of rubbish and build proper sync functionality into that like we used to have with Zune.

DiogoZ says:

all i REALLY need is mass storage support on Mac OSX... this really sucks...

Leppeo says:

I know I'm like in the 4% ( as a mac / wp8 owner) but I've been waiting for this since January. I can sync my 920 now without crashes.

linkxboy says:

I'm in the 4% as well and I sure wanna check if my 920 syncs better now

deerfaced says:

Likewise. It was a horrible experience. Fingers crossed its a little better now!

ThePangolino says:

Any chance to get a Linux version one day?

clappenings says:

WTF are Mac owners doing with a WP? Sacrilegious

mr_808 says:

Well, I for one am enjoying the Lumia 920 hardware that destroys the iPhone 5 in almost every way.  That's probably what most of the others are doing too.