Microsoft reportedly offering $75 credit to Xbox 360 users to upgrade to an Xbox One

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More Lumia 930 launch info for Italy, Austria and Greece

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Nokia Lumia 635 now available in Italy direct from Microsoft

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Preorders for Nokia Lumia 930 go live on Expansys Italy

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Nokia Lumia 630 available to order in Italy for €150


Mobile payment provider Fortumo launches fund for Windows Phone and Windows 8 developers

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Microsoft shopping around for a new global advertising campaign to focus on One strategy

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Lumia 1520 picks up firmware update outside the United States


Hey Italy, Privalia launched an official Windows Phone app

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Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 receiving the Lumia Black update, India and Italy among first countries


Bleenka releases official Windows Phone app to help you find love


Sky releases Go app for Windows Phone in Italy

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Nokia, Microsoft and Sky announce official Sky Go app for Windows Phone in Italy

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Sky Go confirmed to be soon launching in Italy on Windows Phone

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Microsoft wants you to show your distain for Google – starts selling Scroogled products

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Nokia’s World of Apps promotion could land new U.S. Lumia owners a $20 Windows Phone Store voucher

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Microsoft launches marketing campaign to help keep your email private

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Sky Italy working on an app for Windows Phone; UK branch to follow?

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Windows Phone sales explode in Europe, gain in the US, and pass the iPhone in Italy

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Windows 8 grows in market share and Microsoft intends to invest $405 million to keep it up

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Microsoft challenges Italy with the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign

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The Windows Phone team has taken the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge to Italy with a steady stream of contestants attempting to best the platform. Should they lose they would (as usual) have to hold up a sign and announce they've been smoked by a Windows Phone. But should they win, and this is the interesting part, they'd pocket a pair of headphones.

What's so interesting about the headphones? They're shaped like a giant phone.

Italy Smoked 5

Possibly the coolest prize from the challenge? The Windows Phone Italy team has been keeping everyone up-to-date with latest happenings on their Twitter account, paying particular attention to the charts which record the wins / loses. According to the photos published, Windows Phone appeared to have been holding its own successfully.

Check out more photos after the break. Via: Plaffo

Italy Smoked 2

Italy Smoked 3

Italy Smoked 4



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shinho says:

I can see why he has a smile on his face :D

inteller says:

Looks more like "Smoked by Hot Babes"  Can you take your old babe in, lose, and get a new one?

Solidstate89 says:

Of course you would have hot models in Italy...

barnyardtech says:

What?  No videos?

microhaxo#WP says:

damn, I need to live in italy..

lolken says:

i want to get smoked by a hot italian babe !!!!!  or babes!!!

gibbyhome says:

I love italian woman..

noirsoft says:

Those old-fasioned handset earphones are silly, but I would buy one with a WP logo on it.

Let me play I'll use my badass NOKIA LUMIA 900 :-P

MAERSK says:

Talk about attracting new users.... <3 <3 <3  Good job Italy

terchoo says:

Waiting for UK TOUR :P

Why? Most of the really hot British women are already in America. :P

Dorknight says:

Seriously Italian girls are so freaking gorgeous. And their accents!!

lippidp says:

True, but you gotta be OK with more hair than usual.

crooza says:

They should do it in Australia, and let me use my HTC Mozart, or lumia 800. Some prize that comming out of other countries are much better. I be seen those phones for $20 at the shops