Microsoft clicks in a massive Surface tablet in London

Surface London

What's Microsoft good at when it comes to promoting products? Erecting massive constructs of said product in public places. The latest to be reproduced is the Surface 2 tablet, which was spotted at Trafalgar Square in London. A huge 17-foot construct. We popped along to see what the fuss was all about.

Microsoft has just launched its second generation of Surface tablets here in the UK. The giant Surface tablet at Trafalgar Square wasn't simply a dummy, you're looking at a fully functional Surface tablet (connected to a unit via cable), built for giants. Microsoft also didn't just erect the huge construct, but the company also enlisted the help of Dizzee Rascal, a chart-topping artist, for some help with PR.

Check out some more shots from the event below.

Surface London

Surface London

Surface London

Surface London



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Jas00555 says:

Could you imagine playing Halo: SA on this thing

TechyMexican says:

so he erected and it surfaced?

Rich Edmonds says:

Microsoft truly is rising higher and higher.

Jas00555 says:

They came to the UK

Ken Heslip says:

Then they'll have to head home.


broughshane says:

they need to rise the quality and number of apps for surface 2 to stand a fighting chance

umovies says:

naw even if windows dominated apps, and quality of apps, you'd still have to deprogram peoples minds, apple could probally sell and empty case with no electronics in it and people would still fall for it

AccentAE86 says:

That's practically what they're doing now. New ipads are every bit as boring as the last one.

broughshane says:

love the deprogram ! but thats very true . showed a few friends the surface 2 an they all liked the build and feel but were the apps .

cjallan417 says:

They're playing Jackie Wilson music that causes the river of hate slime under New York to make the Statue of Liberty walk...across the ocean to use her giant Surface??!?!   <mind blown>

teriansilva says:

That so 80s, in a cool way!

Arun3 says:

hahaha... ;-)

Rockartisten says:

It's about time they rose to the occation, they've been too soft. It's time to play hardball, and this huge erection is exactly what they needed to make people come.
I also like the fountain, it's very fitting.

JoRdaNeK says:

Can the erection still fold over onto my lap?

Jas00555 says:

No, its too big for you to handle

Jason_JS_G says:

I think everyone saw a conversation like this coming.

MrSimmix says:

Yes, yes we did.

Duduosf says:

Haha nice one, man.


No, he surfaced an errection.

rockstarzzz says:

I was there too :D

toddpart says:

What is that app in the last photo?

Jay Bennett says:

It was a tweet wall that I think they made for the event. It was aggregating #GiantSurface hash tags

broughshane says:

Jay there should of been a wp central app on that screen!

PeadarWagon says:

What angle is that kickstand at?

WinFan1 says:

There really are some funny comments on here.

JoRdaNeK says:

Playing twister on the trackpad tho

TechFreak1 says:

DAMN! I hope its still there on sunday (this weekend), stuck at work on saturday... 7 am to 7pm... bleugh.

Jay Bennett says:

Afraid it was today only :(

S Vaibhav says:

Jay,when is the WPC app for Windows 8.1 going to be released?

Dazzi says:

Is there any point? I mean, I understand about having a WPC app for a phone, but what's wrong with pinning the website?

sholokov says:

All the ads and extra scripts loading and sometimes a non responding comment box, etc are the things you will not have in an app like that on WP.

Dazzi says:

Cheers mate, for clearing that up for me.

xankazo says:

1. Toast Notifications.

sholokov says:

I asked that question a year ago in an email. I got a very disrespectful answer from Rubino. :(

Dazzi says:

In what way was Mr Rubino, disrespectful to you?

Robert Grant says:

Lose the comma, you fool.
Probably something like that :)

Dazzi says:

Ha ha ha -- Robert, that comment made my day.

Lets get the game rolling.

Tafsern says:

Going to London tomorrow, I might see this!

rockstarzzz says:

That's what she said

S Vaibhav says:

Someone's having fun playing jetpack joyride on that huge screen :)

Chi28n2k says:

Is the girl with the white gym shoes on in the second photo levitating off the ground!?

Jay Bennett says:

No she's jumping on the space bar :) the huge keyboard was fully functional!

gphoneone says:

When are we going to some Microsoft stores in the UK?

toph36 says:

Did anyone show up?  Looks like it was pretty empty. 

Jay Bennett says:

Yeah the steps behind were packed when I took these, Trafalgar square gets a lot of traffic in the day.

BldyIdt says:

It was 5pm when I went there (30s from work, lucky me :D) and there was still a fair amount of people.

Nick_1020 says:

That was my first impression too!

Flagz says:

Wonder if that surface at least has a higher than 1080p res...

xankazo says:

That's massively and erectably awesome!

podsnap says:

Only for 1 day! :O
That's madness! Surely you'd keep it going for more than 1 day!? I'd have gone down there if I'd known.
Also, what's teh point in showing it off if you can't buy it easily? (I went to 2 PC Worlds and John Lewis today, none of the stores had even heard of it let alone stock it. Even though JL had told me via twitter that it was in stock.)

I want to hear the click this thing makes!

teriansilva says:

it will tremble the foundations of earth!

dreamfly says:

Save the marketing $ and lower the price to $300, including the keyboard.  It will become the hotting tablet in town.

Flavio76 says:

Cup of tea too Dreamfly?

txDrum says:

Throw in a pony while you're at it, please

Martinio32 says:

World war 3 - the slaves of the new technology.

Greg Thomas4 says:

That's not marketing.. what a waste of money. Thats something to do during major events, like past summer Olympics.

pookyjoralyn says:

but I can't keep one in my room :D


drozdpatrick says:

"you tube" not included!

gevabar says:

Why couldn't Microsoft get same screen res as apple air, don't they all have the same suppliers

iPad "Wow that thing is huge"
Surface "that's what she said"