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Microsoft continuing to roll out new Windows Phone Marketplace design and improvements

New WP Marketplace

Say hello to semi-Live Tiles

Yesterday we covered new changes being applied to the Windows Phone web Marketplace Store, which started rolling out in Australia and New Zealand. Microsoft has dived right in and the end result is fairly impressive with the use of tiles that show details on hover as a useful example of what improvements are being implemented.

We've just noticed the UK Windows Phone Store has been refreshed with the changes, and we'll join everyone in agreement that it looks a whole lot better. The branding has indeed been altered to Windows Phone Store (URL, titles, references, etc.), and we're seeing more filters for sorting through the 100,000 plus apps and games. We were unable to spot the much needed option for reporting content though.

Text and buttons have also been altered to make navigation throughout the website more user friendly. We also noticed the addition of the new Microsoft logo in the footer to accompany the copyright notice. Subtle but a much needed change.

Microsoft Store Logo

Are you seeing said changes? If so, what do you make of them?



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WinPhanKyle says:

Yes I am seeing it here in Amarillo, TX, USA. Looks fantastic.

teaMJPx says:

I went to PD in Amarillo... jejeje.

Sarang68 says:

That's surprising. I see the changes in India. The option for reporting concern is below any app that you open. I can see it.

krashek says:

Yes, changes visible here in SLovenia too. Middle Europe.

fraincs says:

Working in Canada

micha_beck says:

Same in Germany... Looking good!

GhostITMG says:

Seeing it in NY!  So much faster now!

piaqt says:

(Off-topic but related) Several apps download Bing wallpaper. Are there any that do the same with the on-phone marketplace background?

Jey Si says:

Working here in the Philippines :)

Tahiti Bob says:

The store on the devices themselves needs a redesign. I quite the work they've done with Windows 8 and the Xbox 360 with more tiles than lists.

Ferragini says:

Working perfectly here in Brazil ; ]

nice #windows phone for the win

cioculetsv says:

Android's Play Store is more metro-style than Windos Phone Store (on the phone)...:(

eolorvida says:

the only part that looks like metro-ish is the main page of Google Play, else it is pretty much the same.

ruddymen says:

Can see the change from South Africa, looks good...

dinchy87 says:

I have some problems with these updates so far. Three days ago i was able to install apps directly to my windows phone from the web marketplace. Noe i cant! I have only the options to send it by sms, and the second by email... No more sending it directly to my phone. In the faqs there stays i must have activated both functions in settigns - find my phone - both are cheked like always and now it give me the choice only beetween sms and email... :( That not good what they made, because i install often from the webmarketplace and i dont wanna get every time i install an app an email of a link to it. Thats '90. :(

dinchy87 says:

Now i can acces it again. I can now install the apps directly to my phone. The issue was that i had to press the sms sending of apps :S i dont know why but now it works... It installs my app directly

aeronaught says:

Still not seeing it down here in Antarctica. :(