Microsoft reveals more details about indie games for Xbox One - still landing early 2014

Microsoft's Xbox One Gaming Console

Sony may have a better track record with indie developers than Microsoft, but the company has been working hard to improve that. Microsoft has announced that the first Xbox One game to arrive through the Indie Development Program will arrive in the next few months. In fact, the Redmond team has thirty-two indie studios working on various titles for the Xbox One console.

According to ID@Xbox Director, Chris Charla, many indie games for the console have actually been in development for months:

“Some developers started developing for Xbox One, others already had games in development and are working on Xbox versions. I would say they’re at all stages of development, honestly.”

The ID@Xbox program, designed for indie developers, is being expanded as developers wait for Xbox One development tools. The company is also trying to push Project Spark, an attempt to engage everyday gamers to create their own experiences.

Microsoft may have burnt some of their bridges with indie developers, but they are working hard to recreate those relations; they have no intention of letting Sony steal the spot light.

Source: Edge; via The Verge



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At least you don't need to buy a separate system to develop. :)

Ordeith says:

Don't limit it to games. I want plex.

Rick Smits says:

They need to relax the rules or whatever for MMO's if they come to Xbox One. That's important as Sony welcomes games like that with open arms.

CommonBlob says:

Microsoft don't stop mmos. Elder scrolls is coming and defiance glcame for 360. Sony happen to develop quite a few pc mmos, so it was easier for them to do it quicker.

Coreldan says:

Most of PS4s MMOs (at least such that X1 won't get) are Sony's own products, which is why it has more of them.. SOE just happens to have a handful of.. decently succesful MMOs :P

Aaron M says:

Microsofts indie developer program should have been the windows 8 app store. Seriously, release some APIs for implementing the Xbox controller and Kinect, and if developers implement those APIs, let that app be sold through the Xbox version of windows 8 store. Am I the only one that thinks this is a no brainer?

k00ksta says:

I dont follow .. You can already use an xbox 360 controller with metro/modern UI games as if its a standard gamepad. As Kinect is involved you can only use the Kinect for Windows SDK which is not supported on xbox 360/One.

All of these articles questions will be answered like always at //Build 2014.

Aaron M says:

What you say is kind of part of my point. The APIs and sdks already exist and can be used by metro apps. So my proposal is that ms detect which metro apps utilize Xbox APIs, and make them available on Xbox. Why bother with this separate onerous indie developer program? I should be able to submit an Xbox game with my current windows store developer account. Maybe they can apply stricter testing and approval standards to ensure only quality apps are available.

Cortimi says:

Microsoft really does seem haphazard with unification.

I like rules with Xbox brand, It give it a serious role. Though they should be applied with care and adjust themselves to context. Apple's game center for example is a joke and shows how Apple doesn't give a s*** about gaming. Anyway, love Xbox.

peachy001 says:

If indie games have achievements and other features that the big titles do then I will be very pleased. Great to hear MS talking about indie.

coip says:

What they really need to do is extend the ID@Xbox program to Xbox on Windows 8/RT and Xbox on Windows Phone games. Those are perfect platforms for indie games. Help us tell them on Twitter that doing so would help #SaveXboxWP:
@ID_Xbox (Independent Developers Publishing Program for Xbox)
@iocat (Chris Charla, Directof of ID@Xbox at Microsoft)
@albertpenello (Albert Penello, Lead planner for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Kinect)


Tirinti says:

If they want Indie developers they need new wersion of XNA.

Direct3D and C++ is good for big studios with theier optimized engines.

XNA may have performance issues but .Net developer is ablle to lern it in few days and one developer + one graphics designer are able to develop playable game in few weeks.

StefEBear says:

Lets hope that ID@Xbox gets to go Globally this time and not restricted to USA ONLY like it is with XBox 360!!!

Chassit says:

I for one is against dropping the Windows Store directly on Xbox One. This is not a PC, and its user base is not the usually tech savvy PC users. If any careless app goes awry and screws the console up by chance, that would be like end of the world for some people. Rules and precautions are sort of important in this field. I do wish Microsoft could loosen its game content filter a bit though. Xbox 360 missing Heavy Rain (and Beyond: Two Souls for that matter) for concerns of adult content is one stupid mistake.