Xbox One

Microsoft dominated Black Friday with the Xbox One, according to US market research report

Shopping market research firm InfoScout reports that Microsoft's Xbox One was the most popular video game console on this year's Black Friday, beating Sony's PlayStation 4 in the US. According to collected data, the Xbox One dominated the charts with 31 percent of sales at Walmart and Target. Fire on past the break for more details.

This generation of video game consoles is a heated battle between Microsoft and Sony, with both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 offering improved hardware and services to boot for gamers to take advantage of to further immerse themselves into the experience. It could come across slightly surprising to see the Xbox One with such a lead in the chart since it's the most expensive option.

That said, Microsoft arguably has a stronger batch of launch titles and is pushing the Xbox into the living room as an entertainment centre, instead of a mere video game console. It's also worth noting that this data only represents Black Friday and is no way an indication as to how the console war will plan out.

Black Friday US Console Sales

There have been reports of Sony not being able to keep up with demand for the PlayStation 4, while the share figures suggest Microsoft was successful in firing up supply chains to combat consumer demand. We reported on Wednesday that Walmart may not have a lot of stock of the PlayStation 4 when compared to the Xbox One, and that appears to have been accurate.

Walmart stock: Plenty of Xbox One, not so much PlayStation 4

These are still early days and we'll have to monitor the competition to see how both consoles perform in the coming year.

The Xbox 360 came in second with 30 percent of sales (priced at $180 at Target and just $99 at Walmart), while both the PlayStation 4 and its predecessor were tied on 15 percent. Microsoft held 61 percent of the sales in total, which isn't bad going. 80 percent of consumers stated the reason for the purchase was as a gift, but 10 percent admitted they would likely open it up prior to Christmas.

The survey was based on around 83,000 shopping receipts on Black Friday.

Source: InfoScout, via: Venture Beat



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Conor Brown says:

That's all very well and good but when are MS gonna update the UI to make it easier to use? The ability to invite friends to games like on the 360 or able to send voice messages, notifications when friends come online?
It seems like they have gone backwards with certain things after getting them so right with the xbox 360.

That's all very well and good but when but when am I going to get some French Toast?

simphf says:

This thread is getting delicious.

Kormiko says:

For adventure?

Zulfigar says:

With the Kinect, will Microsoft be able to tell why kids like Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

InlineV says:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch isn't just for kids anymore.

Zulfigar says:

Maybe not, but Trix is.

InlineV says:

Worldwide, waffles are still dominating sales!

HarkAtYou says:

Birdseye potato waffles? :-D Yum

HarkAtYou says:

Birdseye potato waffles? :-D Yum

They're waffley versitile :-D

Thanks a lot, now I want that now. :-/

Los says:

Yea the lack of features is kinda annoying but if there's anything the 360 has taught us, it's that the Xbox One will be constantly updated. It seems like the Xbox One UI might have been worked from the ground up for it to do all the new advanced things it can do. Whatever the case, I'm not worried about it. We'll get those missing features eventually

Amen to that. Just think how far the 360 has come from the original dashboard and annually better graphic games.
The One is going to get better and better every year. And to be honest, I love how its set up. It makes sense that you go home to start a party or open an app or whatever. Its very similar to how a smartphone runs.

hwangeruk says:

Voice messages are a minor thing, people just hop into parties most of the time. (Although I bet they bring that back).

The UI is very simple to use. I haven't found saying commands to Kinect tricky at all :)

Mystictrust says:

You can invite friends to games. It's a super odd method though and not as slick and intuitive as on 360. Start your game, start party, invite members to party, your game should then give you the option to invite party to game. This is how it works in Dead Rising 3 (I've done it a couple of times)... From the pause menu while a game is in progress.
My assumption here is that this is something that didn't get top priority so got thrown in there sloppily. That better be the case, because it's just way too odd right now. That and you can't join a game, you have to be invited, and you have to be in someone's party.

FearL0rd says:

I like they auto invite that BF4 does.

I set a party join in a game and the game will send the invitations automatically to the party members

Daylife says:

I'll stick to 1080P and a cleaner UI without Ads.

I respect everyone's opinion and choice, but anyone who thinks future titles won't be 1080p on the xbox is ignoring the fact that this is just the beginning. If you really think the Xbox will stay at 720p forever than enjoy your PS4.

Nekzar says:

I assumed he was talking about a PC, because arguing which console is more powerful is a little silly when they are both so weak. But I see it's entirely possible he hasn't ascented yet. In which case, we can only hope he will see the light one day. 


You forget though that consoles, because of their uniformity, are capable of doing much more with less (OPTIMIZATION!). Case in point; Bioshock Infinite. Though not as pretty on consoles as it is on a super high end PC, the Xbox version runs much better than a PC with identical specs.

hwangeruk says:

I'll stick to voice control. A multiplayer network that can withstand the load. Security where they don't lose all my private details and decent support, versus er... Sony. :)

Ohhhh, sounds serious. lol. Can we all just get along.

To quote South Park......
"Let these Sony 'fanboys' wallow in their Limited Voice Control Functionality"

Neo Nuke says:

I do hate that you pay for Xbox live service and then see ads on the dashboard. But Being on a windows phone forum and talking about specs is kind of hypocritical. We've always known android is on the cutting edge with specs on their handsets only to succumb to lag and performance issues down the road. If you think that the Xbox one (which upscales games to 1080p that aren't native and still hardly makes a difference when looking at the consoles side by side now), won't have the lead in multiplayer, server, and cloud computing in the long run along with indie titles after the coming merge of windows rt and windows phone, you're naive.

JoRdaNeK says:

So......Xbox One?

schlubadub says:

Interesting to see people are still buying last-gen stuff. I guess it's understandable as some people still have PS2's kicking around. I think games were still coming out for it for quite a while after PS3 launched.

DJCBS says:

Sony has already announced that the PS3 won't be going anywhere in the forseeable future. Games will still be coming for the console for quite a few years according to their plans, just like they did with the PS2. Don't forget the last generation of PS3's wasn't released that long ago.
Same thing applies to the 360 I guess.

They've realized long ago that consoles aren't phones and that people will not switch consoles that easily. And if they stop supporting them just because a new generation came out, people will simply not buy again. Because hardcore gaming is done on a PC. If the common gamer were to see them doing what they do to phones on consoles, they would just move to PC as well. Which, if you think about it, should be Microsoft's intent, as they have the only OS that is good for gaming.

The PS2 was a juggernaut and dominated its generation. The PS2 dropped in price to $79.99 in North America by the end, if memory serves.

The PS3, in contrast, is tied for second place, and will never hit those super-low price points because the HDD hinders major price reductions. HDDs tend to get larger at the same price rather than drop in price precipitously like other electronics. Sony can support the PS3 as long as they want, but the real test is how long the third parties do.

sholokov says:

I bought a ps2 and put it in my SUV last year. It fits nicely behind the front seat in the magazine pocket. Kids enjoy it more than movies on long trips.

Xaphoon148 says:

Still have both PS2 and a Wii...
Next up is the One...
(if it ever gets to Norway)

SMMinke says:

We took advantage of a Black Friday deal not for the XBox One, but rather for an additional XBox 360 for our home due to the very "Home Entertainment Centre" feature mentioned in the article. Now that the One is out, the 360 is now one of the best-priced options for any room of the house to gain a DVD player, Netflix/Hulu/Pandora/YouTube streamer, plus the ability to send the kids to another room to play their vast library of Xbox 360 games. We can wait a year or so for the One.

Kevin Rush says:

Plus, the Xbox 360 is a Media Extender for the Windows Media Center whole house entertainment system software. It's not well known, but really is amazing how all your music, photos, movies, radio, TV and even Cable TV (using a Ceton card) is available on any Xbox 360 connected TV. The DVD recordings are only limited by the size of your Hard Disk. We plan to buy another 360.

vanpride64 says:

i have a xb1 , but this does make since. and was actually thinking of doing this. agreed!  xb360 has media center .!

marantaz says:

If XBOne comes out significantly ahead in sales, its good for the WP and W8 interface in the long run...people will get used to the look and functionality, they'll begin to appreciate the logic and simplicity of one OS for all devices. Good news.

adrian1338 says:

yeah - shame that is 3 OS and One look :)

mjrtoo says:

Not for long.

Ryanz says:

Not necessarily. I've had a Windows Phone for a while now and like the interface, but couldn't stand it on my desktop.

I personally don't want "one OS for all devices". 

hwangeruk says:

It takes adjustment, but certainly when you get touch, Metro starts to really shine.

I've seen a few people now, myself included adjust and now I love Metro, on my 2 Desktops, 1 touch 1 non touch, my Surface and phone. Awesome. You might be surprised one day.

Ryanz says:

I gave 8.1 a shot for two weeks on my desktop but never adjusted to it. Even after installing Classic Shell and booting to the desktop, too often (for whatever reason) I was still taken back to Metro.

That's where MS has failed with Windows 8. Not everyone wants touch. Touch on the desktop makes no sense, while I see a touch laptop being more practical than a desktop, current touch screens are spoty at best (plus I don't see every using one), as I said I like my WP8 phone, and I'm sure it works on the Surface, but just have no need for one (already have a tablet).

I hope MS does turn things around with 8, but now I'm happy with my phone having 8 -- and have moved elsewhere on my desktop & laptop.

lesd777 says:

I'm running 8.1 on my desktop, but it rendered my titanium HD soundcard useless. Soon as I get some free time, I'm going back to windows 7. I think right now its great for a touch device, but I'm not a huge fan of it just yet. Might try it again down the road but I prefer 7 as I don't want to spend $100 on a win8.1 compatible soundcard.

Ordeith says:

You can install the Windows 7 drivers for most hardware on Windows 8 and it will work fine. You may have to turn off driver signing checks to allow the installation. I have used the 7 drivers for a bunch of older hardware under 8 without issue.

n m says:

I totally agreed..............until yesterday. Spent an hour on a Surface, could not beleive how good the touch interface of 8.1 is, amazing.

For non touch PCs etc I agree tho, W8 is an abomination, but the touch screen interface is a thing of real beauty and incredile ingenuity. CAn't beleive I'm saying that cause I have openly trasehd W8 previously.

DJCBS says:

Worldwide, however, the PS4 is still kicking Xbox One's butt.
In any case, given the deficiencies of the early versions of both consoles, I can perfectly understand why many people still prefer to buy "last generation" consoles. Truth be told, neither the Xbox One nor the PS4 have presented me with a compeling reason to replace my PS3 for one of them.

RayWP7 says:

I value my furniture console space. So there is at least one reason I'd opt for XB1: replace my 360 AND my Bluray player (PS3). /wink

DJCBS says:

True. That's a good reason to upgrade from a 360 (along with the graphics).
Except the PS3 has played Blu-Ray discs for years.
So even that isn't a reason for me (actually, the lack of media streaming from a PC and CD capabilities on this first wave of PS4's was enough to break the deal with me and put the PS4 back on the same level as the XBOne to me: meaning, none of them good enough to replace my PS3) =P

marcomura says:

Don't you know that for american companies it matters only what americans think? ;)

I'm not American, but even I can see that if the Xbox One had over a 2:1 advantage at Black Friday that it probably is leading the PS4 globally right now, if only because it looks like Microsoft has the superior supply chain at present. Yes the U.S. is only one country, but no other country of significant size has a day with as much shopping volume as Black Friday. Even Boxing Day in Canada isn't this crazed. That 31% for the XB1 likely represents about as many systems as Sony sold on launch day in the U.S., for example. And that's without the XB1 even being on sale!

DJCBS says:

The PS4 is beating Xbox One sales on basically every market, though. Sony sold in America alone on launch what Xbox One sold Worldwide in the same time.
So, albeit Microsoft having a wider suply chain (the PS4 only arrived in Europe last Friday and it has yet to arrive in Japan, Sony's home country), I think we can say that the PS4 is selling better. The fact that on BlackFriday Xbox sold more has most certainly only to do with the fact that, indeed, the PS4 isn't as widely available, but also that Sony isn't as concerned with the US market as they are with markets such as the European one (where there's no such thing as "Black Friday" except on American-based sites like Amazon). So I wouldn't be surprised if Sony had diverted suply from the US towards Europe. Hence allowing these results on American sales.

Giddora says:

Are you guessing?

DJCBS says:

No. It has been reported by several newspapers and online publications. I read some of those articles through "Weave" on W8.1.

hwangeruk says:

I've seen stories saying they sold the same amount on launch day. Can you provied links to these PS4 sold better stories?

I believe the person you're replying to is suggesting that Sony sold as many units, but in fewer countries, as Microsoft did (in a greater number of countries) at launch.  And that's true, but it's also not especially relevant as both likely could have sold more had they had more to sell.

If units of both systems are selling out almost everywhere, then it stands to reason that the company with the stronger supply chain will be leading in sales.  And that company appears to be Microsoft, at the moment.

Since 2010, where they sold 800K Xbox 360 units in the U.S. alone, on Black Friday alone, Microsoft has done huge numbers on Black Friday.  It's far from unreasonable to extrapolate from sales over the last few years and estimate that theys old at least another 500K Xbox One units in the U.S. alone, on that day alone.  And did so at $499.99, and did so without discounting.  Seems healthy to me.  And those numbers may actually be enough to counter Sony's advantages elsewhere.  The North American (and UK) advantage was enough for the 360 to stay ahead of the PS3 globally throughout most of their lives.  The Xbox 360 was ahead in North America and the UK, the PS4 ahead of the 360 elsewhere, and yet the two fought to a draw.  North America is the world's single-largest console market, so a lead there is not insignificant at all.  The rest of the world absolutely counts too, but don't dismiss a North American lead.

I'll probably get an XB1, but I'll wait for the first price drop, or the first attractive bundle.  Hopefully they have a Titanfall bundle with two controllers and a slightly larger HDD for $50-100 more, like they did with several hot games last gen.

umovies says:

main reason for that is the multimedia, tv function dont work for everyone if it did, then only fans would buy the playstation.. Cant wait to get my x one, tv control, and skype.

DJCBS says:

That could be true. But Microsoft rushed it. The Xbox One functionallities are from very limited to completely useless outside the USA. Microsoft, being the American-Centred company they are, failed to see that there's no point in doing an Entertainment Centre when you have no support for its features worldwide nor deals with national tv carriers to support it. Why would anyone buy a console that is 100€ more expensive but does exactly the same with worse graphics than its rival? Because that's the Xbox One for people outside the USA. It's only a gaming console which does all the PS4 does game-wise, but with worse graphics because they had to be scaled down to give room for features that don't even work.

If I were in the USA, the Xbox One would probably be the best deal for the money. For the rest of the World, however, it isn't.

marcomura says:

Amen to that.

hwangeruk says:

Oh pls. You are such an anti MS nerd.

I am outside the USA, and paid the extra 100. For Kinect and the voice control. Although I don't have an integrated TV schedule, I get to control the switching between apps, and snapping via voice. It works, its awesome.

It does not have "worse graphics". You sound like an 11 year old. 1 game had frame rate issues at 1080p, one runs at 720p. Both on old engines from last gen (yer I know you are referring to Ghosts). Ryse and Forza look better than anything thus far on PS4. I am sure, they will both have games that look roughly the same, some better on one game, some on another. And PC nerds will be along in a moment to say, both inferior to PC, which again is childish and no one cares, 2 different experiences. I can tell you, that FIFA 14 on Xbox One looks better than any FIFA on 360. And that BF4 looks like BF3 on a high spec PC, i.e. amazingly fluid and a high frame rate.

Everyones "value" is different, and I suspect most people already have a brand allegience or friends network that will make them buy one or the other in the main. Soccer mom won't be arguing in the shops with her kids over the benefits of DDR versus ESRAM, as only nerdy chumps do that. Both fine games machines, the Xbox One has some neat additional features, end of.

You do realize that even with the RAM in the system dedicated to app snapping and all the other superfluous stuff, the Xbox has almost the same amount dedicated to gaming as the PS4 does? Right now the reason for the lower resolution output isn't inferior hardware as you imply, it's because the PS4 just so happens to be vastly easier to work with. Just like the PS3 last generation, the gap in performance between third party titles will diminish over time as developers learn how to develop for the system.

marcomura says:

They may have the same amount of ram dedicated to games, but the PS4 have 5500MHz GDDR5 ram and the xbo have 2133MHz DDR3 RAM. Guess what's faster? This of course affects the bandwidth of the texture and the resolution that the game can handle.
Also, even the PS4 gpu is better:
so, hardware speaking, the ps4 is certainly the most powerful one.

Of course we need to wait to see how the games are developed and how the developers are able to exploit the full power of the hardware (which also depends on the operating system and the development libraries provided by MS/Sony), but for now it seems to me that games play better on the PS4 rather than on xbox one.

FearL0rd says:

Not everywhere. Sony sold 0 PS4 in Brazil...

vanpride64 says:

this guy is right,. i have a xbox1 and am a xbox fan. but ps4 will murder in japan. if everything pans out like current gen . it will be a technicall tie, in my opinion.

houkoholic says:

Japan is no longer an important market - it's slipping behind US and Europe in size, which is why Sony released the PS4 in the US and Europe a few months ahead of Japan - an unprecedent move for a Japanese company like Sony.  The influence of Japanese publishers and Japanese console games are also on a huge decline in the Western market, not to mention that Japanese publishers are moving away from AAA console games but are instead focusing on smartphone and browser games, and in the Asian region where Japanese games are popular they are failing really hard at getting the sales due to a mix of economic and political factors, so while Sony will dominate the Japanese and Asian region, it's hard to say that they would get much strategic value out of that region with the current console landscape where the Western market is making up the majority of the market.

InlineV says:

Worldwide? Didn't they JUST release it in the UK? To my knowledge, the Xbox One has been released in far more markets than the PS4. If so, I'm pretty sure that it is far too early to say by virtue that the PS4 has no comparable sales figures in many of the same markets.

DJCBS says:

The PS4 was launched first only in North America (I believe Canada also got it in the same day as the US). The Xbox One followed a week later but they released it in 13 countries worldwide.
The Xbox One sold in the weekend of its release over 1 million consoles worldwide. Sony sold the same but only in North America. So Sony sold in half a continent the same amount Microsoft sold around the globe.
The PS4 only arrived in Europe this last Friday.
Also, an Amazon's spokesman has also said meanwhile that the PS4 is going to very shortly become the fastest selling console ever.
Of course, we'll only now who has won this war a few years from now. But for now, at least, the PS4 is winning and I don't think they'll be surpassed by the XBOne.

Well, at least until the second design versions of both consoles start to come out. Microsoft will for sure end up dropping the mandatory Kinect bundle, seeing as in many many countries it's absolutely useless since there's no support (and for many people in supported countries too). And they'll end up slimming it down and expanding storage at the same time they fix the software problems that demands games to be scaled down in image quality.
And Sony will do the same with PS4, most likely reintroducing features not available on the PS4 such as streaming and CD playability, while also slimming down the console.

luniboy26 says:

See the problem with your statements is that you keep saying Sony is selling more globally but that's not possible if it's not available globally. Right now Microsoft is winning the console race simply because when people go to buy a new console the only one available is the One. This isn't science nor complicated. If they both sold the same amount their opening week then they've sold the same amount and places where the PS4 isn't available means Microsoft is winning the market there. Microsoft then went on to sell more during Black Friday which is single handily the most important day for sales globally. If it's available in more markets it doesn't matter how you want to arrange your counter argument the One is winning globally.

f88 says:

I'm confused by your statement about Microsoft selling more units during Black Friday. This is the same day PS4 launched in Europe, is it not? How much did Microsoft outsell them globally on that Friday?

hwangeruk says:

Gees your hate for MS shows no bounds. What "software problems". One studios engine issues are not root caused to the consoles <face palm> Forza is running fine at 1080p for example.

You examination of the market and conslusion is typical fanboism, under the guise of ratonal argument you only select sources you hear that suit your argument, and use emotion and strong words against the side you don't like, like "absolutely useless". Give it up already.

Coreldan says:

You fail to realize that both companies sold everything available. Its irrelevant in how many countries it was sold, quantities made were likely really similar. The numbers wont tell much until both consoles supplies meet demand

TonyDedrick says:

Agreed. Plus, there are still way too many games from this generation previously and yet to be released that can keep one busy for another 6 months to a year. And for me personally, that's not even counting never have owned or played a PS3 that can further keep me entertained for cheaper.

Martinspire says:

Your statement is pretty useless without numbers backing it up.

Besides, they don't launch in the same countries, so there's bound to be an indifference. Still, getting a lot of consoles in the store for Black Friday seems pretty good to me. Not like PS which has been sold out and will be for quite some time (missing a great opportunity to get casual-gamers to buy the consoles as that is currently the majority of current-gen

mwright53 says:

When I see one person having to constantly repost and defend their position it almost always a loss for them. Much like this instance

n m says:

I totally agreed..............until yesterday. Spent an hour on a Surface, could not beleive how good the touch interface of 8.1 is, amazing.

For non touch PCs etc I agree tho, W8 is an abomination, but the touch screen interface is a thing of real beauty and incredible ingenuity. Can't believe I'm saying that cause I have openly trashed W8 previously.

Andre Blonde says:

The news of XBox dominated the sails is nice. Meaning that MSFT can continue develop the xbox with no problems and hopefully no losses. Also helps to build the brand. As XBox music, XBox video is marching on the consoles pcs and phones. Good news.

el-ojo says:

Well, an article previously mentioned there were More XBOXES at retailer, so it's pretty obvious they were going to sell more XBOX ONE.

lubbalots says:

Haven't seen one damb Xbone at my local Best Buy and WalMart.

Seems Microsoft got their Launch supply right.

I'm quite happy overall with my purchase and the whole XBOX ONE experience.

lubbalots says:

I'm not sure of this low stock no stock game. If this is the case, how Sony able to launch in Europe? Black Friday is so important. Why would Sony risk ?

920Walker says:

Black Friday is not important. I would never shop for a full price item on Black Friday. I would however join Lady McCormick in the console wars to defeat the Wizard King Cartman.

lubbalots says:

Must be important because of report some one got killed due to shopping stampede.

920Walker says:

Its more important to buy a full priced item that's available any day of the week on a day where you don't risk getting beaten to death. I also wouldn't shop at WalMart.

Jazmac says:

DOMINATED!!  We have the HB1 in the house and its pretty awesome. I wish I could figure out how to get sound from my receiver though. I have not figured that one out yet. If anyone has a video of how to configure it or just some know how, post up for me.

pdch says:

Check the forums

Just need to hook up an optical wire from your surround sound to the tv and then anything connected to the tv will have sound going through the surround system. To get the tv and surround to turn off and on when Xbox is used just go to power and shutdown settings and pick your tv and surround brand.

eric12341 says:

Nah a better way would be that if the TV has an HDMI(ARC) port he can connect an HDMI cable from the TV into the system if a port is available. Otherwise he may have to just use stereo cables to avoid getting a reduced bitrate that so many optical inputs are artificially limited to.

Jazmac says:

My big screen has 3 HDMI ports.

920Walker says:

I'll eventually pick up both new devices. Have a Win 8.1 desktop, getting a Surface for Christmas, have had L920 for a year, maybe XOne will fit in. Never owned an Xbox but most friends have one. I'm not really into multiplayer but NHL would be fun. Waiting on the PS4 until Naughty Dog releases their first next Gen game. Blu-ray was my main reason for going with PS3 last Gen.

lesd777 says:

Microsoft had way more supply at Wal-Mart. Their supply was impressive and they still have quite a few at the WalMart nearby.

I have yet to see an XB1 in stock at any store in my town. I'm in Canada.

If everything's xbox when is wp then

pdch says:

Loving my Xbox One.  They have already updated the sound, so it sounds awesome now (they do silent updates now while your machine is not being used).  Dead Rising 3 is the greatest guilty pleasure game in a LONG, LONG time.  I have killed over 23,000 zombies and counting!

"silent update" has to be activated I believe.

Stanvx says:

Dead rising 3 is amazing I seem to laugh at every boss battle no matter how corny it is!, I'm on around 21,000.

This is astonishing. I can't think of another time in gaming history where a more expensive console won a major shopping period during its launch window. PS3 failed to do so against Wii and 360. The 3D0 failed to outsell pretty much anything. The Intellivision failed to outsell the Atari 2600. More expensive consoles almost never do well, and new consoles almost never have a strong enough supply chain even if there was demand. This is a major feather in Microsoft's cap.

hwangeruk says:

Westerners (withcredit) are not constrained by cost anymore. Its why we all have massive debt :)

And the fact the Xbox One is a really cool gadget. I know some PS4 lovers at work, and I showed them voice control to find and play movies... and they were like "yerr.... thats is actually pretty neat". Funny how much spec sheet schoolground argument stops when people actually see things working.

And I love being able to Skype from sofa with a simple command "Xbox Skype Jimbo" and it video dials my son. Its simplicity itself, and I can switch back and forth from TV.

Its also silent. Which I really like compared to the Xbox 360.

lippidp says:

I am pulling for Nintendo. It is so sad to see them fading away after so many good times we had in the past. I won't be buying any consoles, but I thought the Wii U was a great and innovative idea. Also the 3DS. You can take 3D pictures with it! This is something not offered by anyone else, yet hasn't really caught on. So sad. I think Apple has stolen all the casual gamers from Nintendo. Boo Apple!

TonyDedrick says:

Well, the Wii U has been the issue. The 3DS has been keeping them afloat. Especially with the recent releases of Animal Crossing, Pokemon X and Y and now Zelda. I would hardly say Nintendo is fading. They just need to figure out how to keep consistent releases for the Wii U coming and work harder to get third party support.

ladydias says:

Nintendo is still a wonderful company but they are killing themselves in the download space by not having an account system. I play my 3ds all the time but won't touch most of the download only titles over $10 because they don't have accounts. In all honesty the only game I'm interested in for the Wii U is X by Monolithsoft. Don't give up on Nintendo, keep encouraging them to improve their content delivery as they are still the only gaming company we can unconditionally trust to deliver fun for the whole family.

prlundberg says:

As an EVO3D owner, I will say that 3D is a gimmick.  It works fine and is actually pretty cool, but it just isn't supported very well and the drawbacks in screen quality and having to look at just the right angle aren't worth it.

lippidp says:

My experience on my daughter's 3DS is totally different than that. The 3D is stunning. I thought it was going to revolutionize video games, but it seems like a lot of people don't like it or dismiss it as a gimmick. My daughter has it turned off, for example. I thought The Phantom Menace in 3D at theaters was also stunning, but the reaction to that by the public was also ho-hum. I guess my vision is just superior to everyone else's...

myjota says:

Absolutly fantastic

InlineV says:

They should have surveyed the consumers to find out how many of them know what E3 is as well.

lubbalots says:

Been around a long time. Should be known.

InlineV says:

E3 will be recognizable by a relatively small percentage of consumers. In other words, I'm suggesting that E3 hype is relatively worthless for the consumer at large and as such, has very little impact on sales for the average consumer. Ot would be nice to know for sure though.

InlineV says:

I'm going with brand, value and supply chain. I wonder how many showed up for the sale of the last generation console and walked out with the next generation.

If WalMart is a guide not many, xbone and ps4 were sold near pharmacy, xb360 and ps3 near electronics in my local store. I think people knew what they were getting ahead of time. Must have had at least 100 Xbox 360's.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Unfortunately some of us will have to wait until 2014 for the chance of getting our hands in one of those (Portugal)

lemonsteveo says:

Looks like MS' bet on being the entertainment hub of the home is paying off.

lubbalots says:

"Entertainment Hub" I like that.

awneze says:

83,000 receipts? Lol, wat a joke

Political polls often only have 1100 recipients. 83k is a huge number and statistically significant. Learn some regression analysis and anova, then comment on their methods.

lubbalots says:

Its funny how many believe in the 1100. Weird.

el-ojo says:

If it's statistically proven, why wouldn't anyone believe in it?

I seriously suggest taking a course in statistical analysis in the sciences. It's complicated but it will explain why the 1100 number is significant.

Is there anything Daniel doesn't know? Maybe he is working with Space X to design the next Gen rocket in his spare time?

Fun fact: I majored in political science and used to do statistical analysis on polling. Siena College's poli sci department is well known for its political polling department ;)

Corvodin says:

That's because Sony didn't prepare the brack friday bundaru.

lubbalots says:

Oh they new its coming. They even knew before you did. Next excuse... And remember, goal is 3mil to sell.

Corvodin says:

Do you watch South Park ? 

lubbalots says:

I try too but just can't swallow that crap.

Nejcooo says:

Consoles are so limited. Don't understand why people like them so much. In few years this thing will again start to limit PC gaming because of old hardware just like Xbox 360 did. So sad.

hwangeruk says:

Can't blame MS or Sony for that. Blame the scumbag bit torrenting freaks out there for killing a lot of PC sales.

PC raging techie nerds deserve everything they get. I am also a PC gamer, but the juvenile mentality of "men" in their 20s and 30s who causally steal games like its "OK" to do so make me sick.

isi mcf says:

Yup, I got one! Now I need a game to play

tbonenga says:

I LOVE MINE..... Just whish it had HBOGO and xfinity apps

I use the HDMI pass-through to view Xfinity via my XBOX ONE. Works great.

tbonenga says:

I don't have HD boxes. I pretty much watch all my TV thru my Xbox. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, HBOGO and xfinity on demand. On my Xbox One the last 2 apps are missing. I'd prefer to keep using my Xbox instead of having an additional cable box.

I see, I went the other route, got the HD DVR Cable Box and cancelled Hulu+ & Netflix. Kept Amazon Prime.

jacob114489 says:

Can't wait to get my Xbox 360 holiday bundle this Christmas!

Mooncow27 says:

Its sold out almost everywhere. Good luck if you need to find one.

If both systems are selling out virtually everywhere, the one that is selling better is the one with the better supply chain.

jlynnm350z says:

I want Xboxtwo. Whats the hold up?

The Xbox One has more integer computing performance than the PS4, which means potentially better AI in the XB1.

I'm outside the U.S., but $100 extra for the XB1 offers a more powerful CPU, better voice and gesture control (without buying an add-on), and a more efficient OS with far better multitasking (there's that better integer performance again).

el-ojo says:

Hate to bust your bubble, but I'm sure that multitasking is more for when they want to put ads in yo face. Imagine playing Call of Duty or whatever it is you play...suddenly, BAM! your window narrows and you notice a pop up to the side... "Hey, I notice you don't have a Map Pack" or "Hey, A new car was added to Forza, would you like to go to the store and purchase it now?" That sounds ok right...but how about an Ad that has nothing to do with what you are playing? Would you like that? I sure as heck wouldn't.

I actually regret trading in My XBOX 360...since I'm an XBOX MUSIC Subscriber, I get ad-free Music Videos on it. Now, I have to sit through an ad every two songs.

My personal opinion has always been that XBOX ONE was not made to spy on you. Rather, it was made as a Marketing machine. The more they know about you, the more they'll cater to your wants and sell you all types of stuff.

^^^Things that make you go Hmmmmm.

Reflexx says:

A little paranoid there.

There will be ads, sure. But they're not going to interrupt your gaming.

Bloobed says:

I was under the impression they are using the same CPU.

I saw stories that suggested they both sold about the same on launch day, but Sony's launch was just North America whereas Microsoft's was 13 countries. But both could have sold more than they did if they'd had more to sell, so it doesn't prove anything either way about ultimate demand.

I really like both consoles but if you have to have something this year and can't swing either buy a freaking PS Vita, the largest memory card you can find and the PSN membership which has been discounted. Not kidding. You can afford to wait. Maybe you'll end up with both eventually anyway. They both have their uses. Not sure why people say XB1 has a stronger lineup. 3rd party titles on PS4 are nice. Been playing NFS, Resogun, Warframe and others on PS4. Mainly using XB1 for TV, movies and NFL for now which is pretty snazzy. I may change my tune later but too early to tell. Maybe well know more when Destiny comes out. Don't care which is selling better to the masses, it's how I decide to buy something. Think about what you want to do with it and decide. And if your wondering about Remote Play with the Vita to PS4; I can play NFS from another room and still kick butt. Lag not an issue. Wish we had that built into SmartGlass. Maybe we will. Maybe people will still be deciding this time next year. They're that alike.

gevabar says:

My Xbox doesn't even turn on, just stopped working, Xbox customer service said they will replace it in a they have a lot of problems

mrdeezus says:

Last console war, PS3 had way better specs and well...this time thier closer than you think unless your looking at paper benchmarks. Bottom line the xbox has way more potential now and in the future. Imo, if your a PS fan just get a will save money and have more features. The PS4, based on its feature set should be priced at 299.

louser says:

Really loving my Xbox One, reminds me of my Surface2 with voice control. I will buy a PS4 as well but I will wait till the price drops, no games I really want on the PS4 right now.

Reflexx says:

In the short term, MS is trying to gain an advantage in the US while Sony is going for the world.

MS understands that their bread and butter is here, so they made sure to supply enough units. They also know what Black Friday and the Christmas season does here. Parents may go somewhere intending to buy their kid a PS4, but will end up walking out with an XBOX ONE instead because the PS4 was out of stock.

Other consumers that were "on the fence" between the two will end up getting the XBOX ONE because that will end up being the one available.

In Europe, or other countries where the multimedia capabilities of the XBOX aren't fleshed out yet, the PS4 was already going to have the advantage. MS's game plan there is more long term.

InlineV says:

Their launch strategies would suggest otherwise. Microsoft has launched in far more markets in parallel than Sony has. Sony's launch in the UK was messy at best.

ho0lee0h says:

It could be because Black Friday was the European launch for PS4. Therefore, more of the PS4s were sent to Europe. The line for the Sony Store in Germany was amazing. YouTube it.

ChrisPS3 says:

When are they gonna make this help Windows Phone sales?

FUS3360 says:

I do miss the way inviting friends to a game on Xbox 360 was so simple.. I also wish they would notify us when someone is online. I know we can always go to friends but it was nice getting the notification like we did on the 360

sd4f says:

Looks like Cartman is going to win in southpark black friday part 3. I like princess McCormick...

nekowhizz says:

I bought a One and love it =D All i need is BBC iPlayer, which is coming very soon (this means they are finally forced into developing for Windows 8 and making a decent Windows Phone app too =D), TV guide (which is also coming... the UK has sooooo many freeview/freesat/cable boxes!), and Plex would make it complete. That's a pretty amazing launch for any device! The speech control is increadible and fast (the trick is to say the entire phrase and not shout xbox at it!), and i love being able to watch tv, while being open to game invites, or just being able to switch to 4oD or YouTube, and control the lot with my voice.

As an all in one entertainment system it's extremely impressive, and so nearly complete for most people... and that's at launch! Then you have the games, the beautiful, fluid games, with human based AI that makes forza challenging and very realistic... and the fast resume between them and the apps, is really awesome. I've gone digital for the best part this gen, and also found out that if your mates profile is signed in, you get to play all their digital games too - obviously they can't be signed in anywhere else, but it's a sign of the family share feature that was there - and basically still is.

If the Xbox One doesn't outsell the PS4 i frankly don't care, Microsoft is doing an amazing job right now, and being underdog will make them work even harder.... also Microsoft aren't desperate for our money, and can really throw features at us without much loss to them =D So PS4 fanboys think about that, and how much Sony needs your money, and how they could turn the tables on you when they are no longer underdog ;)

ae86takumi says:

Of course it dominated, the ps4 is still sold out. Every store I went to get deals, there were Xbox ones on display, no ps4 on sight

Which wasn't very clever of Sony, since I doubt most people will buy a ps4 after getting a One, for now.

Kishin King says:

I just picked one up with the Son Of Rome

RetroMan71 says:

Mmm! Not according to latest sales stats announced! PS4 seems to be breaking allsorts of records.. And seems to be the favourite with games websites. Thinking of returning my XB1 to be honest...