Microsoft drops 'LIVE' from Xbox Extras app for Windows Phone

Xbox Extras

A new update for the Xbox Extras app for Windows Phone is being seeded out to the Store. What makes this interesting is the continued purge of “LIVE” from the Xbox brand on the mobile platform.

The latest update has resulted in a few changes (1) The name is just Xbox Extras now (2) the load screen simply says Xbox with the logo and (3) within the app, it just says Xbox.

Xbox Extras

While this is hardly ground breaking and perhaps even expected, it is still interesting to see “LIVE” going the way of the dinosaurs. The purge process started with Xbox games on Windows Phone a few weeks ago but it has slowly been spreading to the rest of the ecosystem.

We haven’t seen the update yet (we’re still on 7.3) others in the US and elsewhere are starting to get this update. You can download Xbox Extras here in the Store and sound off in comments if you received the update yet. Thanks, Atif A., for the photos!

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VagrantWade says:

I personally am liking the move about from the "LIVE" moniker.

sholokov says:

Don't update the second time. It will take you back to the old version.

They are finally doing what I said... Stop slapping "Live" on things that aren't Xbox Live enabled.

AriesDog says:

But this was. You could access, alter, and even purchase items for your online avatar.

Well tell them to make a color wheel for custom color tiles and a wallpaper back behind the tiles with see through tiles ;)

Rick Smits says:

I'm pretty sure he is referring to the lack of multiplayer games

Curtieson says:

I bet this is to try and allow people to do more things on their phone without them needing to have a GOLD account.  Help with the branding in that if you want LIVE features you need GOLD, else, you just are using Xbox stuff.

stoickiwi says:

Yup, it's gone on my Lumia 900 in the US.

evilrobot says:

So, what does the Xbox Extras app do that the phone already doesn't?  I thought they updated the games hub so that the extras app was unnessary - am I mistaken?

Adiliyo says:

the integrated the call for the app into the avatar customization, but the app still does the actual work...

It allows you to change and modify your avatar. The native OS doesn't do that.

Adiliyo says:

my L800 isn't showing an update yet.
i like the move away from live too, the more distance they can put between the [image of] microsoft of old and the new microsoft, the better.

Mine isnt showing an update yet. 900 US.

sholokov says:

I sent the pictures around 4:00 pm to WPcentral but I updated around 8:30 am today. I live in CT. WPcentral in NY didn't have it even in the evening.

AriesDog says:

As much as I love Microsoft products, they're horrible at branding and marketing. Nothing wrong with "Xbox LIVE" as long as they restrict it to mean the online service.

Tomasz S. says:

Well it seems that the service is going to be called just Xbox. And that's fine. There's no need for the "Live" suffix now when the original "Xbox" is extinct.

tN0 says:

The 3D logo looks very "silver". Maybe it will be gold for gold members? Would be a nice touch.

restlessdan says:

Just noticed another one on halo waypoint which I just updated has the same Xbox branding

stingray0513 says:

Anyone else having issues with the app? When I try going to the third page of props it crashes everytime. Tried resetting the phone and reinstalled the app, no good.

WP95 says:

It does seem like MS is getting rid of the 360 and live name next to Xbox. 

WP95 says:

It does seem like MS is getting rid of the 360 and live name next to Xbox. 

Update appeared for me but the app refuses to actually do it. Even tried reinstalling it, but still won't update.

sholokov says:

Cool! I am in the WPcentral news! (Atif A). That's my good ol' Samsung Focus.

Arsenic17 says:

Got the update. I have never seen the loading screen that you mention here. Also is the animation of your avatar catching a huge envelope when you have an Xbox live message new?

DieNadel says:

Got the update NYC