Microsoft drops SkyDrive name, announces OneDrive instead

As many already know, Microsoft’s SkyDrive is the company’s cloud-based storage service.  We use it on our Windows Phone to back-up photos, access documents and other files we keep in the cloud.

Today, Microsoft has announced that they are retiring the SkyDrive branding for this cloud storage and renaming things OneDrive.  The thinking behind the name is that while you have many devices in your life, you only want one place to store your documents, images, videos and other files. 

Microsoft announced back in July of the impending name change due to litigation against them by British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB), who successfully claimed that SkyDrive infringed on the “Sky” trademark.

Current SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro customers will not see any interruptions in service as the name change begins to roll out.  No date was given as to when the transition will begin other than “expect to be able to experience the new OneDrive soon”.

As we learn more about this change, we’ll surely pass it on.

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rain620 says:

Lol I just tipped this. Slowpoke Rain.

silverbladex says:

Lol yeah I tipped him too. I think that why he said thank everyone haha

NoClipMode says:

The reason it was changed to OneDrive is because BSkyB took MS to court over the "SkyDrive" name. MS lost and agreed to change the name. This is the result. 

This is the ONLY reason that Microsoft has changed the name. They wouldn't have otherwise.

No idea how this article can miss that out, it was reported everywhere...

dkp23 says:

THis should probably be stated in the article, MS can't use skydrive anymore, if they won the court battle, im sure MS would of kept the skydrive name. 



Marco Gomes1 says:

You've got a huge problem understanding English, don't you?!

kinaton says:

Cant use SkyDrive in UK.. That
case doesn't effect anywhere else.

coip says:

Indeed. I wanted Microsoft to continue calling it SkyDrive everywhere else and in the UK simply call it "Microsoft SkyDrive", like they did with Excel. SkyDrive was a great name. They should've kept it.

Robert Grant says:

Or change it to BSkyBDrive everywhere else :)

Zarnywoop says:

actually, the ruling affects the rest of the EU, as the UK is in the EU.

coip says:

Is that really how the EU works? A legal decision in any EU country is forced onto all countries in the EU?

MrWhiteman says:

New World Order here we come

pr0phecy says:

But the UK doesn't have the Euro... what's the deal with that? :P

Marco Gomes1 says:

Are you drunk or blind?!?! Or both?!?! Did you even read the damn article?!

NoClipMode says:

Maybe try this thing called "thinking" before posting...

It was added to the article AFTER i posted my comment.

Wacft says:

Im sure it was YOUR comment and not the dozen before YOURS....

NoClipMode says:

Never said it was because of me. I hope you and Marco don't ever reproduce. Stupid is an understatement.

1armedGeek says:

Isn't that what the article said?

syedjalalt says:

Please read the article again. I clearly mentions about the litigation filed by Sky Broadcast Network.

John20212 says:

Not really, all this shows is how weak Microsoft is (or just stupid) not fighting the idiots At SkyTV in the UK. Screw OneDrive, SkyDrive was a much better name, and made more sense as well, i.e. Sky->Clouds->Cloud Storage, it was brilliant.

This is the same BS they pulled with dropping the Metro name, without putting up a fight with a stupid German retailer that nobody outside of a limited market even knows about same as with the stupid SkyTV thing.

SkyDrive also went well with Skype; what are they going to drop that for Onepe also?


umovies says:

actually one drive makes more sense, xbox one, not to mention all of ms services use one drive, it should have been that from the start


Kellzea says:

Im not sure what your problem with cognitive reasoning is, but sky sued MS for trade mark infringment. And won. Winning in court (in the uk) has nothing to do with strength or will power.

coip says:

They lost a tiny case at a lower court. They didn't even try to appeal. And that court ruling had no effect on business outside of the UK. Microsoft should've kept the SkyDrive name elswhere and simply renamed it "Microsoft SkyDrive" in the UK while they appealed.

Nik Rolls says:

The whole EU, actually.

coip says:

Do you have a source for that? It seems unlikely that a UK court decision would be EU-binding. Either way, my solution still stands: they should've renamed it "Microsoft SkyDrive". Everyone would've still called it SkyDrive and all woudl've been fine.

Nik Rolls says:

Well EU court cases have to be held somewhere in the EU, but that doesn't localise the decision to the country in whose court the case was decided ...

Microsoft SkyDrive sounds good, but that is actually over twice the length of the old name. Space for such branding is tight, especially on mobile devices.

coip says:

I believe they did something similar with Microsoft Excel back in the day, and you see mostly just the Excel branding on stuff. I think they could've found a way to make it work with SkyDrive. OneDrive is okay, but I definitely think SkyDrive is better, and I'm surprised they gave up fighting so easily on a brandname that they had been building for 8 years and owned all the major naming domains (, @SkyDrive, etc.).

Nik Rolls says:

I agree. I think in time however you will find that familiarity breeds preference, and we will look back and think that OneDrive is better than SkyDrive. Time will tell anyway. At least they've chosen a name that A) comes with with a nice personable marketing message, and B) aligns with one of their largest brands outside of the tight-nit Microsoft ecosystem: Xbox One. Not to mention the familiarity for business customers who use OneNote.

Tips_y says:

I disagree. I think OnDrive is more in-line with Microsoft's push to move their OS into "One" OS so in that sense it's better and also a more coherent name.

Byrese says:

You're not making any sense. They lost the court case, which means they fought it. What more should they do? If they thought they could appeal in sure their lawyers would of done that. Case closed...move on.

astroXP says:

Maybe the same thing Apple did when they didn't own the iPhone trademark in Brazil and lost in a court and later on they paid for it? If Microsoft could afford the infamous KIN (research, PR, advertising, distribution, et al) but like you said, case closed. Microsoft sometimes won't even try hard. Sad.

Buying Sky would cost A LOT - its basically the main TV provider in Ireland and the UK, as well as phone and broadband, and is present in Germany and Italy too. The cost would greatly outweight the benefit.

astroXP says:

Most certaintly true but it's not like Microsoft doesn't have deep pockets. In regards with cost outweighting the benefit, again, there's KIN, Zune, Windows LIVE...

HarkAtYou says:

BSkyB is worth $23,000,000,000.00, (23 thousand, million, or to americans 23 billion for some reason) and if Microsoft tried to buy it all that would push the price up. They simply couldn't afford to buy the whole company. They could have come to an agreement over the name which would have cost less, but what's the point. Cheaper to change the name, and I like the new name better, it makes more sense to everyday people. Although, isn't the cloud storage on Linux called Ubuntu OneDrive???

astroXP says:

I never suggested Microsoft should have bought the entire company, lol. Like you said, they could've done the agreement but Microsoft DIDN'T! What's the point? Well, that's been the name of their (now former) product since 2007! This just adds to Microsoft's everlasting confusing branding changes.

HarkAtYou says:

But Sky has been using the name since 1988. I don't think skydrive was a particularly good name anyway. One drive is much better, perhaps they were glad to change it :D

Selfie13 says:

It comes down to understanding what or who trademarked "sky" (BskyB) in this case, now think if Microsoft fought this by appealing, BskyB would simply counter argue that Microsoft has a trademark on "Windows." So, be it Sky or Windows, Microsoft could never win that argument. :-)

coip says:

Windows is one word. Sky was being used as a prefix, in a way that BskyB wasn't using it: "Sky Go" vs. "SkyDrive". See the difference? Spaces are important.

HarkAtYou says:

Sky have been known to drop the space in their advertising, or at least the graphics appear to have dropped the space, so much so its common for people to write SkyAnytime

Selfie13 says:

Of coarse I see the difference, but that's not the point I was making. Try and convince a Judge or jury that "sky" cannot be trademarked because its a general term/word (as is "metro" & look what happened in that case) but yet Microsoft just so happens to have trademarked "Windows" another general term/word. How could Microsoft argue to that? Evidently, Microsoft's lawyers felt there was no way to win that argument on an appeal.

eddieDOTexe says:

SkyDrive was also confused by customers as being Skype. Trust me, I deal with users every day who tell me they don't know where their pictures are as they hand me their laptop with Skype open.

Robert Grant says:

Skype to be renamed Onepe?

Tips_y says:

While SkyDrive is a good name, OneDrive is even better, it's more in-line with Microsoft's drive to make all "One" :-) 

1armedGeek says:

I actually like both names.  As you said, SkyDrive was brilliant because it alluded to the cloud.  But I like OneDrive too because it points to One drive for all of your devices, One or the common experience across all of the devices as MS is trying to convey.

2tomtom says:

Yeah, awesome ad.

Will miss SkyDrive but OneDrive is good choice, simple and self explanatory imho

ebin5 says:

Nice name.going with xbox one and we want another one ie,wp

norville2 says:

Does this now mean we are going 6to get a Skygo app?. Surley this was the reason we did not have the SKYgo app for Windows...

Goes well with OneNote too as being a universal tool.

Westoncreg says:

How about "The One Phone" :P

blackprince says:

To rule them all

MrDiamondJ says:

SkyDrive is cooler, but OneDrive makes sense.

true! but skydrive was somehow just better!

BldyIdt says:


Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Po_MD says:

I'm going to take a moment to appreciate that you're an Android user posting with the new WPC app. I'm proud of you.

mccasive says:

Sounds cool but I thought they would call it it MS Drive or S-Drive for simple.

miloadams says:

yeah.. microDrive & microMail would have been sweet

goldenpipes says:

Micro-anything is too isheep formulae.

miloadams says:

perhaps, but it clearly identifies the brand (Microsoft) with the product/service offered. (GMail, Google Drive are other examples besides Apple's product/branding). Also, potentially, poses less risk from a copyright infringement perspective.

ahmadsamhann says:

S-Drive? heck no. 

andrewkeith5 says:

S-Drive would be asking for trouble from Samsung with their s-everything...

ajohnson777 says:

I like it. Keeping brand consistent with OneNote and Xbox One.

Marco Gomes1 says:

What a hell is an Xbox One?! I guess it's something like the Loch Ness monster. I've heard of it, I've even seen pictures of it, but never saw one out in the wild :)

toph36 says:

I like the SkyDrive name, but this name is safe and makes a lot of sense. X-Drive would have been cool, but that wouldn't have come cheap. Good move.

RyanAMG says:

We have the sky TV to thank for the name change :/

Thank you! It is a nice PR spin from Microsoft for sure...I actually like One Drive better.

jargonz says:

No, X-Drive is a bad name. Someone might call it seX-Drive.

Richard_Indy says:

BMW would prolly have an issue with MS calling it X-drive as thier 4 wheel drive system is called X-drive.

toph36 says:

AOL owns the rights to the domain. Microsoft would have had to pay them a large some to take ownership. They wouldn't have had an issue with BMW. But that is all irrelevant now.

chataddicted says:

Xdrive lol its a kind of porn thing... Hahahaha

Then when your mentally used to OneDrive, you'll think SkyDrive wasn't as good. Its the way our brains familiarize things. I thought SkyDrive was dumb in the beginning and now that OneDrive is out I feel like SkyDrive was better. But OneDrive is clever and will definitely stick.

Aanze says:

You're damn right, OneDrive has always been the real deal, seems obvious now.

Jaskys says:

OneDrive is a stupid name, for **** sake even XboxDrive would be better
Why they didn't fight back against that unknown tv company?

Vulak'Aerr says:

Unknown. lol.
Good one.

blackprince says:

Unknown to non-Europeans without a world view

K_lando says:

XboxDrive is equally if  not more stupid.

OneDrive is alot better than XboxDrive. Its a really good name change I don't think it will hurt the branding. One has consistency with other MS applications as mentioned earlier.

syedjalalt says:

Its been long since I have seen Dexter

Rishicash says:

Unknown? Have you been in solitary lock-up for the last 20 years?

volvoV70guy says:

To Americans, yes, unknown. I read BBC News and watch several British shows, and I had no idea Sky was using their name as a brand for a variety of products before this lawsuit happened. I thought it was just a cable provider. Why would anyone who doesn't live in their advertising area know they even exist?

Selfie13 says:

Because Microsoft trademarked "Windows", think about it. :-)

spcdog says:

The logic behind the name "OneDrive" is sound, but SkyDrive just has a better ring to it (and rolls off the tongue easier). I don't get what's with Microsoft not standing up and fighting for their branding lately -- first Metro and now this. Has the EU really made them their bitch so much that they have to roll over every time some company's overly-broad trademark overlaps slightly with one of their products?

Selfie13 says:

Isn't "Windows" also a trademarked generic term? They could never win. :-)

So much for Skynet. Oh well

willied says:

Good name considering they can't use SkyDrive anymore. SkyDrive was just so good, though.

Acbuono5 says:

George made it seem like Microsoft leisurely or on their own wanted to change skydrives mention of the lawsuit.

MS will DRIVE everyone Crazy!

Soypan says:

Yep. Not their fault tho.

Unfortunately they are forced to change the name.

Because UK satellite TV distributor Sky sued them over the name. Stupid, I know.

NASA should sue Sky Satellite then!

wps81 says:

cos they lost court case to BSkyB of UK.

Coan says:

Sky in the UK (tv service) won a lawsuit for essentially having a trademark on Sky* and that Skydrive infringed. 

jayrod213 says:

That's bogus. Just like King getting the word "Candy" copyrighted for games and clothing. How much B.S. is that?

Antistatic says:

Yep! That tells a lot about how stupid the british court is...

saispag says:

Nothing like King’s lawsuit at all. bSkyb is a massive global brand, not just UK. They also have many many products with the Sky prefix, Sky TV, Sky Broadband, Sky Mobile, Sky Go, Sky News, Sky Bet, Sky Poker, all of their channels are Sky 1, Sky Arts, Sky Movies, Sky Sports. It is entirely plausible that consumers would confuse a product called Sky Drive with a blue logo (same as sky) with one of their services, especially as Sky do offer online storage with their broadband packages.

King’s lawsuit is ridiculous, whereas this one makes sense

John20212 says:

Confusing the producs is a BS argument lawyers like to use. What is going to be next Skype? It has Sky in the name as well? Fucking ridiculous.


Nik Rolls says:

Not just an argument, it was actually happening. The Sky call centre was fielding support calls for SkyDrive.

Confusing Skype is a bit far fetched, as the branding is different and no one identifies with the word 'Sky' as a word on its own like you can with SkyDrive.

Nik Rolls says:

It's more than plausible; one of BSB's key arguments were that customers *were* calling through to their helpdesk assuming that SkyDrive was a Sky solution.

simphf says:

BSkyB and the stupid Bristish courts.

mjrtoo says:

Can you read, damn...

kittananj says:

I think News Corporation drive me crazy!

kinaton says:

Maybe sky have plans for their own SkyDrive service

Did anyone noticed that Microsoft are doing really cool commercials thes days!

elmacho says:

Don`t feel they were bad in that before,this one`s nice too

Rem97 says:

Yeah, I liked this ad a lot. Lets hope they market WP8.1 and new Lumia hardware as good as this.

Tips_y says:

Yes, intriguing ad, really really good!

dgr_874 says:

This is a good choice...

they shud release Nokia Lumia 1100 and Lumia 3310.. will sell like hot cakes cause of d nostalgia value and fame!

Certainly. But they will never be what they used to be!

sayonical says:

I don't hate the name. It'll be rolling off the tongue naturally soon enough. "yeah I just saved the doc to onedrive"

Aaron M says:

Not bad. May not be as good as SkyDrive, but its good enough and the name fits in with Xbox one.

elmacho says:

I`d say it`s got more to do with the One Microsoft vision rather..

mpt15 says:

And its like OneNote too.

sasukeluffy says:

OneNote, OneDrive.

OneUpdate. Where's my L925 TMO black update lmao. Sheesh TMO come on! Blue will be out by the time I get it. *sigh*

Montpbm says:

OneExcel, OnePoint, or maybe just OneOffice! Lol! JK!

DaltonCarl says:

What about Ubuntu One

vaderag says:

There were sued by Sky in the UK, hence the name change

Andr3sfc says:

Exactly. But this important bit of information is nowhere to be found in the article.

Andr3sfc says:

It is now; they updated it.

Wacft says:

I would mention why they didnt have a choice so people dont think they just changed there mind.

wps81 says:

+1, MS is bad at markting 90% of time when whey should have done better.

Could have changed logo too..

toph36 says:

I like the logo and it keeps some familiarity from SkyDrive so people don't think it is a completely new service. I will probably still refer to it as SkyDrive!

Tips_y says:

Yeah, me too - the way I still refer to the Modern UI as Metro.

elmacho says:

OneDrive is trending worldwide :)

Mike Mathias says:

one place for your music?

Its a nice name, decent I must say. I remember sometime back reading an article here about a case wherein the court ordered that Microsoft change the name SkyDrive. So finally the change has arrived.

Pour68 says:

Just a biritish tv distributor can destroy this beauty name; they sue for sky and judge says yes this name is for them fair-enough judge LoL

Doh!!! It's not a British airline! It's Sky... the satellite & news media company!!!

Pour68 says:

Yes, FredBloggs007 correct it, just confused it with something else; thanks for your feedback ;)

MrA2Z says:

Next, it will be OnePhone instead of Windows Phone :)

icstars989 says:

Im sure HTC will have something to say about that.

kingjah says:

And here I thought Skydrive was the best sounding name of any cloud service...

abond32 says:

I love it!! I was just praying they didn't come with a crazy name....

Vheissu says:

Adding One to the front of your product name is almost as annoying as adding an "i"

abond32 says:

Sounds good to me. Good marketing. One phone one cloud..

Jagar Tharn says:

i really don't care how they name it . It is still awesome

RayWP7 says:

I will miss SkyDrive. Such a clever and simple name.

Kram Sacul says:

There's too many things with One in the name.

We should all call it One SkyDrive just to piss off BSkyB.

thaman04 says:

I'm sure they did their research to avoid a repeat.  They obviously bought the rights to the name.

Credo93 says:

I love the name Skydrive, but Onedrive sounds strange .... Probably i must get used to it ... 

bozvandam says:

We knew it was coming but meh. Maybe now though I'll get that 20gb free year of 'OneDrive' storage they couldn't be a**** to offer me back in December 

ScottAB says:

No, they will offer OneGB. lol

atherosxd says:

They use one just like ubuntuOne

Ticomfreak says:

Just like OneNote...

txDrum says:

I feel like you guys should probably at least mention why the name change is taking place :P It's not just because they felt like giving away the bit of brand recognition they'd built up :P

Evster88 says:

Someone learned one 3D effect and went nuts, LOL.

Why replace? Skydriver is good name than onedriver is mean one hard driver?

Montpbm says:

They were forced to change the name.

K_lando says:

Sooooooo... you just scrolled past ALL the other comments straight to the bottom to post this question?  Dude... seriously...

Rem97 says:

Ooooooor he/she used the Windows Phone app to comment, where no scrolling is required.

terrokkinit says:

Hmm...One OS next, maybe? ;) makes one think...oh look! I made a pun.

Mark Cesari says:

I still like my idea of calling it "Avenue" as it fits the metro theme and suits its purpose.. i will live with OneDrive, its a good 2nd choice :P

Xbox One. OneDrive. I am going to start saying Internet Explorer One One instead of Eleven. ;)

Sarang68 says:

I like Onedrive.

Sarang68 says:

OneNote. Microsoft One vision. Xbox One

oldpueblo says:

Well I bet this makes the Xbox One happy.

OMGbrandon says:

It will always be SkyDrive to me!

rockstarzzz says:

There is always one Brandon. See what I did there? ;) 

First was Xbox, then SkyDrive... Windows 9 will be Windows One, the full integration :)

reprod3 says:

I like the new name and MS ads have been improving at a rapid pace. I like the direction this company is moving into.

I still prefer my idea MiDrive instead of OneDrive but this may be one piece of their new vision. I'm very interested to see this one play out... Keep it going MS.

DBDev says:

This is so silly! I hate it...You shouldn't be able to trademark normal words like Sky or Metro... And it only happens to MS

DJCBS says:

It is. Legally you CAN'T trademark nouns. Only compositions. So unless BskyB had trademarked the name "SkyDrive", MS shouldn't have lost the trial.
Which means MS legal team sucks.

Rod Hull says:

Or they wanted to keep in News International's good books.

2tomtom says:

Normal words like Windows.....

busngabb says:

Hopefully this means skygo can come out on windows phone and sky can connect to the xbox one in the uk now?

In future news, sesame street sues MS over use of the number one.

wpguy says:

One! OneDrive.. Ha-ha-ha-haaaaa!

DJCBS says:

Awful choice. Luckily it won't last long since there's already a "OneDrive" in the market.

And I keep thinking MS has a very crappy legal team if they didn't win the trial over the noun "Sky".

2tomtom says:

mmmm, like the noun Windows lol

Sure....that'll work. ;-)

gamepop says:

Onedrive for all the data in your life :)

irsyadhhs says:

I think the next windows phone version would be WP One.

wpguy says:

[Lame-pun newscaster voice] That would be, "one," way to move away from the Lumia brand.

Rod Hull says:

I'm surprised that MS accepted the ruling in favour of BSkyB without any appeal. What with the recent ruling that the word Candy could be trademarked (in spite of the existence of an established company called Candy) I do wonder about how judges come to such decisions.

Will Skype be forced to become Onepe?