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Windows Phone 7.8 more than a new Start screen? Microsoft solicits user requests for new update.

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Microsoft fielding Remote Desktop feature requests via User Voice site

Remote Desktop

The Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone is an incredibly powerful tool, but that doesn't mean that it couldn't use some improvement and Microsoft is hoping to get some user feedback to improve the experience. Building on its campaigns with other products, Microsoft is using the User Voice site to take in feature requests and bug reports on the app, with the aim of improving it in ways that users will appreciate.

You can get in on the discussion and help influence the next versions of Remote Desktop at the link below. You can also find the rest of the ongoing User Voice sites for other Microsoft products here as well.

Official Microsoft User Voice forums

So make your voice heard and use these sites!

Source: MSDN Blog



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theefman says:

And Xbox on WP continues to be ignored.

OstroNyx says:

That's really rediciouls, they already know what people want, yet they don't deliver it cause they are AFTER THE MARKET SHARE THING.

Ezhik says:

It's a total waste of a brand name and a possible gaming platform for them.

Yousef Kawmi says:

Man you did it ! you did ! Congratz, here take my cookie !

reda igbaria says:

Somebody give him a reward he deserves it!!, you are my hero!! ;)

MediaCastleX says:

They need a user voice app or something... Like that dashboard for Xbox one preview and stuff =P

They do for wp/wpdev

MrGoodSmith says:

Sorry but I was expecting more from this article.

Sorry, we'll give you your money back. Where to send?

mayblast says:

To wherever you learnt your journalism from?

MrGoodSmith says:

And you complained about the title of this article?
Anyhow, my issue was with the title actually. It misled me somehow into expecting to read about these features, while the focus of the article was about having a new user voice site for Remote Desktop.

Dodi Nj says:

Why so serious!
Why too much negativity.
What did you expect? Ponies and rainbows
Lol. Use your energy for productivity man.

MrGoodSmith says:

If you actually read my comment you would know what I was expecting :)


Dodi Nj says:

It's not misleading, ok maybe a little
But whenever you see user voice you should know that the article will have info about what's going on over that site, not the results.
I like your polite way of expressing yourself wish we had more people like you here.
Take it easy mate.

Peg Leg says:

Nice, but "learnt" haint none word.

Dodi Nj says:

Duuuuuude .... -_-

NightWatch71 says:

I think it's better that they're keeping it short. I hate when they're dragging it around when there is nothing to write about.

jbowyer1 says:

It certainly beats 196 posts for every time a new model phone is released in each country.  I'm sure there's some WPC reader in Zimbabwe just dying waiting for the "Lumia 930 release information for Zimbabwe" post.

They take the feedback then only implement what they want to implement. What good is that. If you're going to ask the people for their opinion, then give them what they want. For example, when it comes to user requests, for XBOX Music we want the Recently played and Store sections back from the music hub. Those requests are high in voter count. Ignored. For XBOX ONE we want NAS support. Ignored. Who has the time to waste asking for things that don't happen. Move along, there's nothing to see here folks.

sasukeluffy says:

Lol. They can't making everything happen just like that.. As you've probably noticed, they are trying to fix the base XM app, and clearly they don't have enough devs even for that.. So they'll just go with trying to do whatever they can. I for one prefer fixing the slowness before adding other features...

As with Xbox one, they've done a lot with the site. But as I pointed out before, they don't have unlimited resources... But they've done a ton of stuff already and are rolling out updates every month.

Just chill out, man.

RSAT tools console or at least a basic version would separate it from everything else out there. That would make Windows Phone stand out for sure and seriously make inroads.

osoalex says:

We need a Windows 8.1 uservoice...

ljp882 says:


I like Windows 8.x but there are lots of things which I hope to fix or improve in next update or Windows 9.

dbgman says:

Remote desktop for Xbox one? Now that would be cool.

Nataku4ca says:

u mean like xbox -> PC or PC -> xbox? (though the latter I would argue it's just smart glass)

rahul.sharma says:

That would certainly be cool, if they support touch, gestures, tilt censors and all. With 3d WP coming, you have full Xbox in ur pocket...awesomeness at its best.

bpc909 says:

Make it work on non-pro computers

I wish. It's a nifty feature, but no way am I going to throw down another hundred just to play around with it.

First time the app came out I was trying to get it to work for about half an hour only to find out that it is pro only. Would it be possible to ever bring such an amazing feature to non pro systems? Do third party apps require pro?

No third party apps do not

mayblast says:

Am I the only saying that the title of this post was not English at all?

mayblast says:

Dan: To whichever school you learnt your journalism from?
How does it make you feel Dan when every second post of yours end up with a stupid question mark about readers emotions concerning this out that? Honestly, are you just trying to make a blog post longer in order to get yourself some extra money from based-on-letters, or is this all an desperate attempt to beg people comment on your posts?
Whatever your answer is, Dan, you have got to understand that it makes you guys look like bloody idiots.
Dan, how do you feel about the fact that bullshit endings for blogs are the death of intellectuality of mankind? What is your relationship with question marks in the end of a blog post?
If it is a company policy to beg people to comment, you are doing fine, but I would suggest you guys go have a talk with a shrink.

wpn00b says:

It seems like they use it as a way to engage readership in discussion. This post in particular is about the UserVoice forums. Microsoft asks for submissions to see what actual users think. They may not say "if the vote is popular we will implement it" but they seem to consider the options.

Similarly, when Daniel Rubino ends posts with a question mark, he is asking for reader's opinions. Clearly he and other staffers read some of the comments, as they reply (usually with a snarky remark, but still...) to some of the questions and statements regularly, then they move on. I think it's cool that they stick around for a moment to answer the early posts.

I don't understand why you are so upset over a post simply ending in a question mark. How does that lead to the death of intellectuality of mankind? Because idiots leave comments?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

sd173 says:

There should be a OneDrive user voice. I'd make a suggestion to upload files of more than 2GB since I hate that you can't do that.