Microsoft Gift Cards available in Germany and on Amazon UK

MS Gift Cards

Microsoft is launching new gift cards that will be used for purchases on Xbox, Windows and Windows Phone stores. Consumers will be able to purchase games, music, movies, shows, apps and more. We recently looked at a leak that detailed a launch for the gift cards to match Windows 8.1 (October 22nd), but you can already pick them up at a Germany retailer and Amazon UK.

Find below, links to each gift card over on Amazon UK:

The first review on the UK retailer notes how he (or she) was able to use the credit on Windows 8.1, Xbox and Windows Phone. Head over to WindowsSmartphones.de for the direct links to the gift cards listed on Notebooksbilliger.de.

Source: Amazon, via: WindowsSmartphones.de (German)



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MAkhdar says:

I don't get what is so special, do these cards act differen than WP or Xbox gift cards? I've been able to add Windows Phone Gift cards and Xbox Gift Cards to my Windows PHone Wallet ever since the Xbox update (moving from points to currency) and been able to buy things on my laptop, Xbox and phone.

Graven Pshya says:

Perhaps they are finally consolidating them into one gift card.

Stevied1991 says:

I believe that is exactly what this is, can be used on Xbox, Windows 8/RT, and WP.

Sarang68 says:

Waiting for ages. Let this come to India afap since millions don't have credit card( including me) which was a major stumbling block.

Bob101910 says:

If you have Windows Phone 8, you should be able to use Microsoft points to make purchases on your phone

Sarang68 says:

How do you get those points.then?

Doomguy says:

Out of thin air, of course.

CanGueler says:

I wonder why u can not buy the Xbox music pass like those gift cards at retailers. You can only play with credit card, at least here in Germany. If a German fella knows another way to get the pass please reply

adrian1338 says:

include paypal and pay there . guess you can select "Lastschrifteinzug" there

sdc1 says:

Now I know what to suggest for a birthday gift.

raul_junior says:

Wait so these haven't been released in the u.s. I've been seeing them at my local target since like June!bi live in Illinois

luiislp says:

One gift card for everything is a big for consumers

South Africa now !!! Microsoft don't go full retard apple has a shop in walmer soon -_- please ms don't let the cockroaches take over :(