Microsoft giving away Lumia 900 every week with "Are You Fast?" sweepstakes

Are You Fast?

Question is: are you fast?

Do you reside in the US and fancy winning a brand-spanking-new Lumia 900? Who wouldn't? Microsoft has kicked off a new weekly sweepstake, which will see the software giant handing out a Lumia 900 each and every week until August 31st.

As with any sweepstake, you'll be required to fill in your personal details, email address, favourite colour and - of course - answer which shoe you put on your feet first. Unfortunately this sweepstake is only available to those who live in the US and is unfortunate (but the norm) for outsiders to be left out.

The Lumia 900 is Nokia's flagship Windows Phone, sporting a 1.4Ghz chip, 16GB storage, 8MP rear camera (with Carl Ziess lens), and a 4.3" AMOLED (with Clear Black technology) display it packs enough power to fly through any task one can throw at it.

Be sure to head on over to the sweepstakes website for more information, the official rules, and to enter. Good luck!



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pbroy says:

I'm 10 seconds fast. Something I'm not too proud of.. u__u

nerdron says:

I can't get the captcha to work. anyone else have trouble with this?

DurnDurnDurn says:

I had a problem with it in Chrome.  But once i pulled up IE it worked just fine.

Curtieson says:

It can't be for the US only if they are asking us for our favourite colour...right? 
Don't mind me, I'm just throwing the cat amongst the pigeons...(learned that one from a Brit commentating the Olympics)

Rich Edmonds says:

Consider yourself excused ;-)

WinFan1 says:

That's what she said

laserfloyd says:

Giving out all of 4 phones? Meh... Should be giving out many more and in more regions. Up the odds and you up awareness.

aeronaught says:

Could be Canada, curtieson.

Curtieson says:

1) I was joking, and 2) Canada is still not in the US [yet], and they said it was US only.  Just saying, a contest that was US only wouldn't use the "-our" spelling...I was just being Cheeky! (Look at me go!)

alex6272 says:

Where have the phone's capacitive buttons gone?

wpc49 says:

US only?? It sucks :-/

alex6272 says:

Wow, fail. This comment isn't supposed to be here.

fpostrow says:

I'm in. The 900 is a ridiculously good phone.