Microsoft giving away Xbox 10th anniversary avatar item

As many of you know, Microsoft is celebrating 10 years of the Xbox this week and in turn, there's also sorts of interesting info and items coming out e.g. Halo Anniversary edition.

For those of you who like Xbox avatar items (but hate paying for them), you may want to head over here to grab yourself their "Xbox Anniversary Prop". The item is basically a gift box that you open with exploding fireworks. You can see "me" above sporting my Fruit Ninja outfit...awww yeah. Okay, it's not exactly the coolest thing we've seen (we like our Windows Phone prop, personally), but it's free and adds a little spice--especially if you have no props currently.



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WP95 says:

Man, this prop is only for adult accounts. Do you know if their is any other way I could get this?

I got this message, "Purchase of this content is currently not allowed for child and teen accounts." lol.

blackhawk556 says:

off topic, but why doesn't this sites login info work on precentral?aren't they cousin sites?got my prop! Thanks :-)

That update/ability is coming real soon, actually.

Dusk22 says:

Anyone know if it's still possible to get the windows phone? I just now switched to Windows Phone and would like my Avatar to rock one too!