Microsoft goes all in for Bonnaroo music festival, will stream live to Xbox


Microsoft will have a big presence this weekend at the 13th annual Bonnaroo music festival that's being held in Manchester, Tennessee, which gets underway today and ends on Sunday, June 15th. The company will offer activities for both its attendees as well as those who want to watch the event from the comfort of their living room.

People who own an Xbox One or Xbox 360 console will be able to download the Bonnaroo app, which will allow them to pick which performances they wish to watch live from the festival, starting at 4:30 pm Eastern time on Friday. There will also be a way to view what's going on backstage with the apps, along with access to videos showing previous Bonnaroo performances. Finally, users will be able to keep up with all the social networking activity coming from the festival via the Xbox apps.

Microsoft will also offer a way for people at the show to get exclusive Bonnaroo pictures when they link their RFID wristbands to their OneDrive account. The official OneDrive Bonnaroo page is already live with lots of images from previous years of the festival.

Finally, people either at home or at the festival will be able to use Skype to ask questions to a number of Bonnaroo performers. People at the show can ask their questions at the Skype booth and get some free swag. Everyone else can add "Skype_Bonnaroo" as one of their contacts in order to ask their questions.

Source: Microsoft, Skype



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But this will be US only, right?

JonesCK1 says:

The announcement says: "Xbox owners around the globe can experience the magic of the 13th annual Bonnaroo music and arts festival". Around the globe baby!

SAM 77 says:

I first heard of Bonaroo looking up Buckethead. Seemed like a super super cool event. Good on MS for supporting alternative.

Bigsro says:

US only? Might be able to change region...

Necroscope says:

Umm..Elton John is the headliner, hardly 'alternative'. Plenty of indie, though.

If you look at past headliners you'll see that they've landed on a pattern for headliners. One alternative, one classic rock, one rap/hip-hop. But the rest of the festival is dominated by alternative rock (with electronic, country, rap, and others scattered throughout)

The Monarch says:

My in-laws live like a mile from the event site. I can hear the music from the main stage when I go visit during the festival.
Bonnaroo has been pretty good for that little town-- they have a bad ass rec center in town with a huge outdoor water park, Olympic size pool and other stuff that was constructed as a "gift" from the shows organizers. Local businesses make a KILLING during the show as well.

CitrusMocha says:

Thats really good and refreshing to hear, actually.

Hector Cantu says:

every festival now has his app, hoping to get an ACL app for windows phone, its really handy

KMF79 says:

Will "Live Video Player" on Windows Phone work for this? I hope Microsoft does this for the next Coachella.

i_says says:

fuuuuuuu wrong article.

SomeGuy11 says:

I have to hand it to MS. they are doing some great content stuff with Xbox. I'm impressed with world cup coverage and access too