Microsoft has more soccer in store, brings Brazil to Xbox One

Microsoft is bringing soccer fans a new way to get ready for the 2014 World Cup with the new section called Destination Brazil for the Xbox One. In addition to a new app, FIFA game mode, and series, Microsoft has also partnered with Copa90, a leading provider of football video online. Several of Copa90's existing series will be making their way to Xbox Video.

First, Microsoft is introducing the Brazil Now app, available on Xbox One starting June 12. The app snaps up next to live TV, and lets you get real-time updates while watching football matches, gives you notifications about things like the beginnings of matches and goal alerts, and you can interact with a notification to turn on and watch a match.

In addition to Brazil Now, Microsoft will be debuting a new, unscripted series called "Every Street Unlimited". Starring well-known futbol players Thierry Henry and Edgar Davids, the series looks for talented street players in eight countries, giving them a chance to compete in a 4v4 street match in Rio de Janeiro. Henry and Davids will look for players in the United States, England, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, the Netherlands, Ghana and South Korea. "Every Street Unlimited" will be available on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Destination Brazil will FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: FIFA World Cup. While this requires FIFA 14, it is a new, free mode within the game's existing Ultimate Team mode. Players can build their ideal futebol team from all 32 National Teams that are competing in this year's World Cup. It features the official match ball, all team kits, the Estadio do Marcana stadium, and a new look and feel in Ultimate Team.

You can start experiencing Destination Brazil beginning June 12.

Source: Xbox Wire



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Rem97 says:

What is this "Soccer" you speak of? ;)

He misspelled ' football '

Boy, Shut Your Mouth! :) soo looking forward to this.

ahmu86 says:

Between soccer and football ... The article got lost... Its football by the way... The only time I liked American football is while watching remember the titans...

lemonsteveo says:

Fun fact, the word soccer was made up by some English guy.

dreonedon says:

What they already forgot about 360 smh! Sad

Hiswona says:

What is the name of the stadium that hosted the last World Cup Final? You guessed it ... Soccer City.

Fabio B1 says:

CALCIO in Italy .. Translate= kick

sardelich says:

i have no idea :D

pierrerv says:

I know. It's the world's best sport!

Yes, the catch in "Its number 1 sports in the world" is the word "World", if you know what that is..

Forgedawn says:

This is awesome! That's a great example of what Microsoft can do when they not only invest in the USA.


Real foot-ball game, where touching the ball is considered penalty in game play (except for the goal keeper).

Not like playing with hands majority of the times and still calling it football: *stew-pid*

Arka1412 says:

No flick shot in WP store...

JW7 says:

Is this still windows phone central? Seems more like 'anything Microsoft related' today

SwimSwim says:

It's been like that for quite some time, my friend...

JW7 says:

not to the extent that it is today though, the first 6 articles on the homepage are non-phone related, and the 7th is plugging a phone case haha!

kinpin2131 says:

So if there is no new Windows Phone news they should invent one?  pff

Reebs Reebs says:

Here's how this can hopefully be related to WP. Cortana will be showing world cup sites and info when asked. Not like she is now. Sure knows about junior league baseball but doesn't know about Barcelona.

Pinito-kun says:

It's FOOTBALL!!! >:(

webnoi says:

No... It's "futebol"...

Pinito-kun says:

I'm a Chilean and it's written "fútbol" in Spanish. However, are you aware of the fact both "fute~" ("fút~") and "~bol" come from the English words FOOT and BALL? So your way of writing it and my way of writing it are just transliterations of the English word "football". That means it's not "futebol" nor "fútbol" and much less "soccer", it's FOOTBALL!

malikstorme says:

I'm from Chile too and whenever someone talks about Soccer I know it must be From USA , Australia, or Japan. For the rest of the World is Football, but to Italian where the word is Calcio. Anyway, it doesn't matter it's the Best sport.

Pinito-kun says:

Wow, good to know there's a countryman among so many people. I thought I was the only Chilean over here. And yes, you're right, it's the best sport in the world! Let's hope "la Roja" kicks some asses :D

Tahiti Bob says:

It's called FOOTBALL!

webnoi says:

No... It's "futebol"...

lemonsteveo says:

No, it's fitba.

sip1995 says:

Too bad that Brazilian goverment spends money only for football and NOT for the education :(

WinPhanKyle says:

Need one for my Germany team

anandv427 says:

No news for Windows phone in WP central...hmm... Anyway somebody is getting happy...

mr toes says:

It's called football for the vast majority of people who are not American

MobileVortex says:

Will there be a way to stream the games via the xbone?  Does ESPN 3 still stream without having to put your account info in for your cable provider?   I need to check this stuff out, Soccer season is about to start/already started!!


Best thing to happen ever 4 years.

That's what I'm wondering as well. Would love an app for the world cup.

Football = the only acceptable word for the beautiful game. 'American Football' doesn't even got a 'ball' that they play with the foot!

Rockartisten says:

With all those pads and a helmet it should just be called Pussy Rugby. :)

sip1995 says:

American football is cool too, but i prefer baseball.

Thanks I needed that laugh!

Rockartisten says:

Glad to be of service. :)

Skunkwurx says:

soccer = football... American football = handegg

the ratio of foot to ball and hand to ball are nearly exactly opposite, Keep the HandEgg alive, quite like it, just got nothin to do with kicking

Nataku4ca says:

they do kick it here and there, and then there is the man's balls that occasionally gets kicked in midst of the chaos...

Tonchi91 says:

Americans...it's not soccer, it's football. Europeans invented the real football long before Americans did "American football". So, stop calling it soccer. IT IS FOOTBALL.

Skunkwurx says:

soccer = football... American football = handegg

the ratio of foot to ball and hand to ball are nearly exactly opposite

spinzeroWL says:

Oi, WPCentral....why not make an editorial decision to call this global sport its rightful name. It is FOOTBALL, not soccer. Please stop trying to Americanise things...it's annoying!
So yes, if you want to talk about the world's most played sport, call it by its proper name.

Aren't they American idiot?

spinzeroWL says:

Easy there Billy Wiener. In case you hadn't noticed, Windows Phones biggest market share and success is happening far beyond the borders of good ole US of A! So with that in mind, one can probably deduce that the majority of people on this site are from countries that use the word football rather than soccer.
So yes, before branding other people idiots, just have a think about what it is you are defending.
The US is the only country that users soccer. About time they use the correct terminology!
Good day to you Wiener

Nataku4ca says:

not really, us Canadians use it too lol, chinese is worse, Taiwan and HongKong calls a computer -> computer, China decided it was funny to call it a calculator...

NO ITS NOT FOOTBALL. ITS SOCCER. Like the game sensible Soccer. Like its not American Soccer but American Football. Most EU peeps use the word "Football" cause of the word "Foot" that what u need to kick that ball. Now "soccer" is used cause its on a American product.

It's a mind twist, I have more American friends that say Soccer" is that sport the people play over there" Football is what we have cause Soccer isn't that big here. I just asked a few at Microsoft, that's what I got. Out of the eyes of the Americans, its soccer. The main American famous sport is American Football.

I live in Brazil and speak english.

Here, we call: "Futebol", so is football.

But, the right is Soccer. 

I know ;) I spoke for the majority of the team I work with at Microsoft.

Destination Brazil, ultimate team is already live. I played it last night in FIFA 14

Daniel Curry says:

Anything for Windows Phone?

Pete Almanza says:

Please come to Brazil. 

Soypan says:

Soccer is "US only" :P

KasakDesign says:

I am half American and half Brazilian. Can we just not argue about what to call it and call it all rigged? Oooo...

I want that xbox soccer ball :D

coip says:

Awesome! Definitely will be downloading this app for Xbox One. Love the snap feature.

thaman04 says:

Dat Xbox soccerball... WANT!!!!! :'(

Reebs Reebs says:

I love this piece of news. I so want the Xbox one.

malikstorme says:

Why is the name so important anyway? In Italy they don't call it Football neither Soccer, it's CALCIO and nobody complains.

BirdBibo says:

This is sooooo awesome ! I hope they will do the same thing for championsleague and the big national leagues ! This is what playstations will never be able to do.

It would be cool if Xbox One got the TV integration in Brazil, instead of this. And the "Xbox on" voice command also is absent, and I miss it daily.

And Cortana in sports don't have soccer teams.... (

Just Bubba says:

Cortana has Chelsea FC on my phone. She gives score updates and upcoming match alerts as well. No DC United though. Looks like EPL teams only.

Raj Preeth says:

I really like to see those interactive television and real time analysis in PC metro apps.