Microsoft to help Delta Airlines go digital, saving fuel with Surface 2 tablets

Surface 2

It's no secret that Microsoft's first generation of Windows 8 tablets haven not done as well as the company hoped. That said, the Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro, which were both announced late last month are set to launch later in the year, both featuring new chips, improvements and appeal. To avoid experiencing Déjà vu, Microsoft will also be looking to partner with companies to help ship units, including Delta Airlines.

Both parties have announced a deal that will involve 11,000 Surface 2 tablets to replace heavy pilot flight bags.

You may now be wondering how exactly they plan on saving fuel with Windows 8 hardware, possibly assuming the absence of pilot bags will not affect the plane weight. You'd be wrong. That's exactly what Delta plans to do. The idea is to remove the 38-pound flight bags pilots' use, which are loaded with maps, charts, checklists and reference materials. All this information will be stored digitally on the Surface 2 tablets.

So how much fuel will the airline be saving exactly? According to a blog post by Delta Senior VP, Captain Steve Dickinson, the move will reduce duel consumption by 1.2 million gallons per year. This will lead to a 26 million pound reduction in annual emissions (the equivalent to taking a fair few vehicles off the road). It's not just the saving of fuel, though.

Dickinson also notes that the ability to run two apps side-by-side enables pilots to examine multiple sources of information at once (think weather conditions and navigation). This isn't the first time Microsoft and Delta have worked together either. Microsoft is currently looking to outfit 19,000 flight attendants with the Nokia Lumia 820 smartphone for in-flight services.

It's actually interesting Delta has gone with Microsoft's second-generation Surface hardware, especially since the tablets have not yet been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for cockpit use. The airline will be rolling the tablets out on 700 Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft, with the aim to complete the rollout and go paperless by 2014.

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wsanchez78 says:

Yes! A score for MS. I fly Delta and look forward to seeing the flight attendants with the Lumias

I always fly a kite so this doesn't impact me

rodneyej says:

Hasn't this already been reported❔...

sholokov says:

There were no details at the time. This time we have actual announcements. Which is why I reported it.

R0bR says:

Must not fly often, I've already seen them using WP for transactions for the past couple months already.

Piro.Garay says:

820s??? At least 920s...

Chix018 says:

Its a moderate choice, they won't be taking pictures of passengers when the lights are out. Would they?

Piro.Garay says:

Yes, they will be taking pictures when the lights go out.

MediaCastleX says:

Did you not see the part where they look to save on fuel costs by offloading some weight and not adding any..? lol ;p

Piro.Garay says:

I got a better idea, they should just get rid of bigger flight attendants and hire hot girls. While they're at it, have them go naked to reduce weight and give them all Lumias 1020s. Plus those skinny girls are of low self-esteem so they're not gonna eat as much thus reducing the weight of the food that gets loaded on the craft.

Bee Mon says:

Maybe you should tell them your great idea / joke the next time when you board a plane. I would love to see a sexist doucebag being thrown off a plane.

Piro.Garay says:

Sexist??? You're crazy, you probably don't even have a girlfriend cause you're a geek. And if you do have one, then she's probably the one that wears the pants, in other words, she's got you by the balls. I, on the other hand, love woman.

Bee Mon says:

You're obviously too thick to even understand what sexism is. Sexual desire for women does not equate respect and you show none in your previous comment. You're not doing much better in your new comment either. Seems you also have a problem with women in charge. And "geeks don't have girlfriends??" That basically shows how rude and ignorant you really are. Oh btw I don't have any balls for anyone to "get". Bye-bye.

Didn't you guys post this awhile ago? Because this news is old.

yeah i think that post was just saying Delta was planning on using sufaces but didn't mention anything more specific than that 

rodneyej says:

That's what I've been saying❕❕❕❕

LindenSims says:

The original story was based on a leak to Paul Thurrott. This story comes from the official MS/Delta press release.

sqlchicken says:

I fly Delta and all the flights I've been on the attendants already updated to using 820. I had my 920 on tray and an attendant said "hey that's what we use" (Don't say it, average person wouldn't know difference between 8\920). I asked how she liked it and she said it was confusing. Hope that's a minority view...

MediaCastleX says:

...and you didn't offer to help her. *smh* tsk tsk =P

sqlchicken says:

Ha I started to and she had to go put cart up

RyanAMG says:

Also could be the app they use for possessing payment hopefully that's what she was talking about. I think it was made just for Delta.

sqlchicken says:

The app isn't bad, just different from iOS\Android style her and most of world used to. From what I saw of app when I had to sign for meal, its pretty nicely done WP app.

Oxymoron428 says:

I'm actually surprised that the surface 2 is doing so well... Oh and the move will reduce fuel consumption, not duel consumption.

Anyhow, I might consider getting a surface 2 for the Christmas, but I dint know if it can beat my 750gb Intel i7 processor laptop.

maybe in battery life and weight it'll beat it lol

Robborboy says:

750gb? Man...you don't have much space so you? 2tb at a bare minimum.

I would have to have my DVR record more HDTV than I even have time to watch just to fill up 300GB. My entire media library of saved shows/movies takes up under 100GB. Enough music to play for days sits at 30GB photos: another 50GB.

I could back up both PCs, my Xbox, Zune 120, Zune HD, and 2 phones onto a terrabyte WITH the numerous duplicates.

750GB to many is like having the pacific ocean for a row boat.

Zeroplanetz says:

My only thing with possibly upgrading to the new surface 2 rt is that its not black anymore which matches my PC and 920. I love my first Gen rt though. Matches perfectly. The current kick stand works for me too. An I still about 4 full movies and some internet surfacing per charge. So I can't complain. ( Avg 2 hour movie.)

RyanAMG says:

I don't think surface 2 "RT" will be dark if I read one of the articles correctly. I was very sad as I prefer my laptops, tablets, & phones to be dark in color.

Ticomfreak says:

Surface 2 also comes in super dark grey just like the original surface...

txDrum says:

Like ticom said, I believe surface 2 comes in black and white.

lubbalots says:

...because w8 works! One device is all you'll need for both work and play. Touch computing is the future. MS has just opened the door for both tablet and PC. Thanks to MS, we will see a "Minority Report, Oblivion," type world.

MediaCastleX says:

I know you meant the film, but wouldn't you rather Elder Scrolls..? lol =P

Just not both. Would be hard to differentiate between "Copy" and "Fireball" gestures.

(Or better: "Burn DVD"!)

Choco22 says:

Lets hope there will be no blue screen case in emergency. Hehehe. But seriously, Surface is a great tablet, my RT never shown any blue screen since I bought it.

R0bR says:

I haven't seen a blue screen on Windows since XP.

ebradley says:

I have seen it on corporatized Win7 Enterprise. So sad the admins really have no clue.

sholokov says:

I am not worried about the blue screen but the fact that the pilots will be playing Asphalt 7 or Halo multilayer. Good luck passengers.

RyanAMG says:

And we already know they fly drunk. So gaming and flying we are in trouble ;P

MethodGT says:

It really is nice they're going with the surface. I guess this will force the FAA to say they're alright a lot quicker than they would have (they probably never would have, otherwise). I only wish where I fly they'd let us use electronic pubs bags in the cockpit, because as it is, planning and everything is so easy, but once it's time to actually do it, everyone's scrambling to find which page to do what, and switching books with pages flying and everything.
Like I said on the previous article, I hope this leads to more aviation specific apps and that Delta won't only use proprietary software.

sholokov says:

"fuel consumption", not "duel consumption". :)

ebradley says:

Let's hope for no duels on the planes.

sk1rtsfly says:

DELL has introduced powerful new competitive tablets w/quad core Bay Trail processors, will give Surface Pro 2 a run. Priced right too!

Kevin Rush says:

I flew Delta twice in the last week and made a purchase from the Flight Attendant both times. They had the Lumias. If you ask for a receipt, they ask if emailing it is okay. if it is, they hand the phone to you, to enter your email address. The phone is very nice.