Microsoft continues to highlight the low-light magic of the Nokia Lumia 920

Low Light Lumia 920

While Microsoft has been busy promoting the newest Windows Phone it hasn’t forgotten about the low-light Lumia that started it all. Earlier this week they released an advertisement for both television and the internet showcasing the low-light prowess of the Lumia 928 versus the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5.

The Lumia 928 borrows most of its camera tech from the Lumia 920. Here’s another video from the Redmond giant showing off the low-light powers of that original photo-eating Windows Phone.

The video is straight to the point. Like most Windows Phone advertisements from Microsoft lately. It’s a mix of behind the scenes of how they set up the shot and the results from the shot. The Lumia 920 is compared to the iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII. Which is kind of odd seeing as how they video of the Lumia 928 took on the newer Galaxy variant (the S4). Either way, the results speak for themselves with the Lumia 920 clearly performing better in a low-light situation.

The video description also links to the Windows Phone Tumblr account where they have a GIF of the results. Don’t forget it’s pronounced with a soft J and not hard G. But did you read that, there’s an official Tumblr account for Windows Phone, who knew?  

Windows Phone GIF

GIF? JIF? Either way, click to see it in action.

Share your thoughts below! Is the low-light magic of Windows Phone and the Lumia line being overplayed? Or should Microsoft and Nokia continue to highlight one of the most distinguishing aspects of our ecosystem?

Source: YouTube

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abond32 says:

Nokia Lumia 920!! Go Nokia!

Quin 2013 says:


Mayur says:

I see MS is getting aggressive with their Ads, I think it is a good think.

ricbon says:

listen I love my L920 but we need MOAR apps then night shots!

jsnod25 says:

Whatever you say DAY WALKER!!!

abel920 says:

I agree. The whole thing about low light is getting annoying. How about daylight photos?

Awesome, now VPN update

teoami says:

This really should be a TV spot. It is short enough and to the point that really shows off the Lumia's camera against the competition.

mrolympia74 says:

This better be a TV spot

RyanAMG says:

Sam I'm in Redlands and I'm looking for a good mom and pop place to eat. I could use my 928 but I know a local :)

Sam Sabri says:

Mhmm. Get ice cream at a la minute at the very least. 

RyanAMG says:

It is a good day for ice cream.

cjallan417 says:

Well this is why I bought my 920, to take the best low-light pictures of:
--horses on skateboards
--bears being chased by roller derby girls
--braided beard guys playing pianos with goats on it
Just another day in the life of a happy Windows Phone user!

Edit: It'd be awesome if Ballmer popped out of one of the costumes at the end of the spot.

Thank you sir, you gave me quite the chuckle with that Ballmer comment lol. If he did that, people might actually 'know' who the CEO of Microsoft is lol. (Average person that is)

wpnewbie says:

Did Microsoft change their add agency? They are delivering pretty good ones in last 2 months

jsnod25 says:

I think they do alot in house, just hired new directors...

Agent-P says:

I don't care if the proper pronunciation is "jif", I'm still calling it a "gif". If you say "jif", you might as well call a DVD a "duh-vuh-duh"

jsnod25 says:

I thought DVD was pronounced divid and DVR was pronounced div'r...

GizmoEV says:

I find it interesting that no one in the mid '80's had issues with knowing it is pronounced "jif."

iSingBass says:

+1 ...and into the '90s as far as I was aware. I've given up the battle trying to correct people, but I still think I feel my blood pressure rise just a bit when somebody says it wrong... >:)

Ordeith says:

Jraphics interchange format?

GizmoEV says:

You must not have been around when it came out then. The creator named it and gave the pronounciation to the acronym.

aceoforder says:

Picked up a white L928 a few days ago! This screen.... Is incredible. Nevermind the camera!

RyanAMG says:

I have a black 928 & the camera flash keeps going off and all I want to do is see the pic I just took. Its like its trying to focus for the next shot that I don't want to take. Does your 928 do this?
Also my lowlight pics are blurry has hell.

hutuka says:

GIF will always be GIF (as in "gift"). Who say otherwise can go and buy themselves an iPhone!

GizmoEV says:

The iPhone wasn't around when the GIF format was created and named, including how to pronounce the acronym. Maybe you need an iPhone. I see you don't capitalize the first letter of the proper name correctly in your post either. ;)

hutuka says:

Sure, JIF yourself then!

andrewb65 says:

Nobody seems to have commented that the photos taken in this Microsoft commercial are 'posed action shots'. They're a bit of a con really because if the models were actually in motion, the results would not look good. Well lit, with blurry people due to slow shutter speeds.
The OIS low light capability is great for capturing scenery and still life after hours, not so good for drunken friends.
Don't shoot me. I'm just pointing out the obvious here. Bought a 920 at the weekend for £250/$375 contract free, btw. It's a keeper.

DarrenSproat says:

It's about time Microsoft is getting aggressive. The last few ads (Windows8 and WindowsPhone ads) have been a lot more "in your face" towards the so-called "top products" on the market...

gsquared says:

Heh. Guy took a picture of the pig when he should have been snapping photos of the chicks.

Dantekai14 says:

I get it Nokia Lumia phone are the best camera phone in the market.
Now I am totally bored seeing these camera comparison ads again and again.
Please MS and Nokia do something creative with Ads. I'll not spend $600 because I want a good camera phone.
and I more thing, Galaxy S3 is already a year old phone and it's price is also near about L820. Better to use S4 instead of S3.

paulxxwall says:

I know what else does my Lumia 920 do better besides low light pics and please don't come telling me it has an awesome calculator!

Lloyd_S says:

I love the low light capabilities of the 920. Here is an image I took in DC of the National Gallery West Wing in the early evening hours. No flash or anything.  https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=C6C558ABAFE93035!2485&authkey=!AB5...

myjota says:

Best design, best camera, best inovative even more than galaxy4 and htc one.