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Surface tablets may still be losing money


Microsoft claims Surface Pro 3 sales are 'outpacing' earlier models


Video of Microsoft's secret labs offers a look into the world of Surface


Last-gen Surface tablets pass through Bureau of Indian Standards


Another report squashes Surface mini's summer launch rumor


New rumor claims Surface mini tablet is back in production


Is there a new Lumia tablet coming this holiday?


Microsoft rumored to be licensing Nokia's brand name for phones


Surface Pro 3 joins other Microsoft tablets as being incredibly difficult to repair


Microsoft's Surface Mini does exist, at least according to the Surface Pro 3 user manual

General News

Major Surface Pro 3 glitch fixed, but no release date yet.

Microsoft News

Chris Weber on the future of device branding at Microsoft

Microsoft News

Microsoft UK sends its Surface tablets into the Big Brother house


See how the Microsoft Surface Pro aids drones with humanitarian efforts

General News

Surface shipments up in the UK, tower over year-old Nexus tablets


Microsoft rewarding Scripps National Spelling Bee participants with a brand new S-U-R-F-A-C-E


Microsoft gives its Surface Pro 2 a £150 price cut in the UK


Yahoo!'s David Pogue just made the greatest Surface Pro 3 commercial yet


Surface Mini reportedly already built, just waiting for touch-friendly version of Office


Nadella and Elop pushed back the Surface Mini because it wasn't ready to compete

Surface 2

Microsoft holding 'small' Surface event in New York on May 20

Microsoft has begun to send out invitations to a private press event hinting that a smaller Surface Mini tablet may be the topic of discussion on May 20th. According to the invitation, Microsoft is asking media to join it for "a small gathering."

Though no mention of a Surface Mini was given, the invitation did bear "Microsoft Surface" branding. We can take that as a clue, along with the "small" wording, that a smaller Microsoft Surface Mini tablet will be joining the most recent Surface refreshes, including the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.

Rumors of a smaller Surface tablet have been going on for some time now, and a smaller Windows 8.1 tablet may help Microsoft compete better with Apple's iPad mini and a number of 7- and 8-inch Android tablets, including Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.0 and LG's G Pad 8.3. There are also a number of Windows tablets currently from Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, and Toshiba that sport the smaller form factor, but none officially from Microsoft's official Surface product line.

Source: @JoannaStern; Engadget



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blackhawk556 says:

If the price is right, I'm buying this.

Novron says:

I may... Definitely will if it's in 4:3

aitt says:

This. But having the 1520 it's almost pointless with this screen. 1520 with RT would be absolute.

kingkoopa09 says:

I prefer phone to rt I just wish a stylus came with the 1520 and dual apps

Sean D. says:

So basically you want smaller tablet...?

J88NY R says:

I do feel a little silly using my Dell Venue Pro 8 next to my 1520...

rodneyej says:

Exactly.. But, imagine the 1520 running pro...

dasfoto says:

Yeah. And I've heard the PC is dead, and Windows is dead, and Xbox is dead. If RT could talk it would probably say, "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." Or maybe it would just let Cortana tell us.

Ian Too says:

It is if you want a toy. Mine works hard and works well. A mini RT tablet would fit my needs very well and I'm not afraid to pay for Microsoft reliability.

gleneston says:

People want both. 

tofferne says:

No, RT will be the new platform for phones and tablets.

Rishicash says:

Very likely that MS will make a few changes, drop the name RT since it is badly tainted, then just rebrand it. 

tofferne says:

I'm very sure they will rebrand a new platform, and all apps can be used on all platforms. A major new step, and I hope it will be soon, my guess is end 2015 or maybe 2016. It could be great with only one platform - PC, Tablets, Phone, Xbox and TV.

Same here. I've been waiting for this for so long...

tofferne says:

But I think we still need to wait, from words to action in the shops Microsoft always are slowly. I hope they will change that in the future.

mbooks says:

What's the right price?

marantaz says:

$399? I just got a Surface with 64GB for $299. A smaller one might be cool to have but I'm not paying more for it.

Hoekie says:

Gettting a Surface 1 just now puts you in the cheap market. Not comparable to a new device.

399 sounds just about right. Preferable with ARM SOC (Windows RT) and active stylus. 

If I was to guess (which is all we're doing at this point anyways), I'd say it'll sell for between $299 and $349. My reasoning being that the current 32GB Surface 2 sells for $449, so this would be about $100 cheaper. Just a thought. $399 would be the absolute top for an 8" Surface, though even that seems too high.

asoyemi says:

I second your reasoning for that pricing suggestion.  I would lean toward $299 for the 32GB and $349 for the 64GB version. that should create enough pricing headroom for the 106" surface 2.

Mayur says:

$249 for 32gb?

Whodaboss says:

Precisely.  What is the right price?  It's different for everyone.  But "most" of these people who read these types of sites thinks these companies should be giving away their products for peanuts.  The Price is the Price.  If you think it's too much don't buy it.  Or if you have a job save a few bucks if you think you can't live without it.  It's very simple. 

Novron says:

Too many people buying subsidized Android tablets who blame capitalism if a company makes money.

Fritzly says:

Subsidizing is simply another, nefarious, way to make people spending; exactly as revolving card are.

At the end of the day you have to sign the contract. Nobody is holding you at gunpoint forcing you to.

tkdmacgeek says:

1020 nothing comes close.

rodneyej says:

I would say that the 1520 does, but the camera needs some serious attention, which it doesn't seem to be getting....

dasfoto says:

I don'r know that I agree with that. My wife has the 1520 and the1520 images are nearly as good as my 1020.

rodneyej says:

See, the thing about them 1520 is that it doesn't take good images easily... High light pictures are way to blurry, and low light pictures are bright, but to noisy.. At times I wished I had my 920 with me because after a few updates the 920's software really takes advantage of the hardware... Not to mention that video is not great at all on the 1520 with it sometimes stuttering... I'm not nitpicking, but these issues are true, they're evident, and they need to be addressed... Nevertheless, when I can finally get my 1520 to take good pictures they are nothing short of amazing for a smartphone, so I know a little twerking can make it a great camera... Funny, twerking is now in the dictionary for W8.1... LOL!

cesar ruiz1 says:

Nokia is ignoring the 1520 just like they ignored the 820. The 1520's video capabilities go on par with my LG thrill at night.

rodneyej says:

Do you think that the picture quality is poor for a 20mp Lumia camera?

cesar ruiz1 says:

Have you tried taking a stroll at night with your 1520 recording the beach or park where there's light, it's awful, take the same stroll with your 920 it's higher quality. I have little problems with its camera quality I can beautiful pictures on most situations but video is really poor.

rodneyej says:

Exactly.. We need a update.. Hopefully the Cyan update will bring a fix to 1520 devices..

PoohGQ says:

Will buy one if it comes with "Metro" Office 2013. I don't want my 365Office subscription to go to waste.

TheAccuser says:

It will...any tablet under 10" I think includes Office.

rodneyej says:

Remember that WP is going to be getting that cool new, feature rich, universal Office app that W8.1 is getting... 1520?

Viipottaja says:

Really? Haven't heard of that before.

rodneyej says:

Hell yes!!!... And, no other platform can do this... Basically WP will be getting a full Universal Mobile touch version of Office.. This should shut up those who say that WP phablets are nothing but big phones, and don't have true phablet capabilities... Seriously, this is one of the most exciting new things coming to WP8.1.. All of the features we got with the WP8.1 preview are cool, but its just the beginning.. There's much more to come over the course of 2014..

Slovenix says:

I wish it was WP exlusive .. Seeing it's built using DirectX that may take a while cos we first need DirectX support on our phones which was rumored in 2015 I think.. If of course DirectX is needed.. :)

slbailey1 says:

"Metro" Office is not ready yet.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

pookiewood says:

They'll price it wrong. I'll hang on to my Dell Venue 8 Pro until the price drop.

Freelicks says:

+928, I'll keep my $100 DV8P for now as well. I barely use it, but it does come in handy. I wonder how small the SM is going to be. Hmmm..

mjfadaway says:

Or a Surface phone?

Groover1971 says:

A Surface phone would be news. But I don't think that will happen until RT and Windows Phone become one and the same.  I don't see that happening for a while, if ever.

rodneyej says:

Isn't that just a Lumia?... Nevertheless, I do think it would be cool if MS had multiple brands of WP devices... Multi purpose devices like the Lumia line, a Surface line that is more business/enterprise oriented, and a "sport" line with devices that are waterproof, and more rugged.. That would be awesome..

exkerZ says:

That is actually a very good idea.. Ima steal this >=D

-- Bam --

rodneyej says:

Take it!!.. Take it and run with it...

dasfoto says:

A waterproof surface mini with LTE would be awesome, but it would have to have lots of memory built in.

tofferne says:

Super idea, hey what about a MS job :)  it could help a lot.

rodneyej says:

I'd take it if they offered..

nickros182 says:

Three sifferent styles would be really nice, i like this, MIcrosoft! DO IT!

rodneyej says:

Three, or even four, styles would seriously get WP8.1 recognized.. It's almost a no brianer... I suspect that MS has thought of this.

This was my first thought. I think sexy new hardware would compliment 8.1 just fine.

penetronn says:

Yes. My Surface RT runs like molasses.

blackprince says:

Clear some space on your hard drive, that should help. I moved my documents, pictures, and video folders to a SD card and it helped huge for performance

Micah Dawson says:

I'm curious about it but at the same time, my surface is my laptop. I can't see me using anything less than 10.6 inches

dasfoto says:

I have a surface pro 2 and I l;ove it, but there are times I wish I had something smaller to carry around for consumption only.

Xarok says:

Like a 1520?

dasfoto says:

Have a 1020. Tough to give that up just for the bigger screen.

psychotron says:

Same. I already have a Venue 8 Pro,but if its reasonable I'll still buy one of these.

cruelvaldez says:

I think 350 would be the right price, just like with the surface 2, 50 bucks below ipads

kevC4D says:

Price plus a PEN and better than 1080p (8") dispaly! That's my dream list. I need high rez and the pen for fresh paint.

mister2d says:

Let me guess... $800 with LTE.

I am going to choose between this and Asus vivotab note 8

infosage says:

Hopefully they'll announce an availability date that is only a couple weeks away.  I hate when Microsoft announces something without a date, and then it lands several months later.  It just kills all the excitement by the time you can buy it.

Besides, the speed at which Samsung "borrows" ideas, they can build one from scratch and have it in stores in a couple months. 

JoRdaNeK says:

Please be full Windows 8, my RT has almost made me lose faith in app centric products :|

SwimSwim says:

While I agree, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Hey SwimSwim, do hold you breath when you dive deep..

SwimSwim says:

Haha, where'd that come from? But alas, I don't dive. And for a swimmer, I actually have terribly small lung capacity. :/

theefman says:

It'll be RT, doa to everyone but Microsoft fans.

SwimSwim says:

Unfortunately. While I agree RT is the future of Windows so Microsoft can dump all the old baggage of old versions of Windows, it's still premature. RT is the future, but as usual, Microsoft is always too early or too late.

Revi Bennett says:

Lol. But you know surface rt is one of the best selling windows tablet? So it is about time. And the surface brand is now establish. Tablet market is really for a killer hardware, so msft has a real opportunity here. Just price and market it right.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Renaldo868 says:

RT SUCKS. I need legacy apps!

ymcpa says:

non touch legacy apps in a small screen? have fun with that.

onysi says:

RT is fine for people like me who just need it for school and web browsing with very little interest and interaction with unnecessary apps.  IF you need legacy, there is surface PRO for you and tons or shitty laptops from Acer and such.  More options is better than ignoring the minority.


I dont understand how some of you cannot see this shit?  THere are two options for a reason.

RT is pointless.

For apps and web browsing most normal people buy iPads and Nexus 7s.

JoRdaNeK says:

Is the Surface RT 2 better at running Windows RT than the original? If so, how much so? If it's substantially, then I may buy this mini tablet of (almost) my dreams :)

SwimSwim says:

From what I hear, the Surface 2 runs RT buttery smooth.

Upgraded from original RT to Surface 2 a couple months ago and love it. Performance is substantually better than the RT. Also went from around 6 hr battery to around 9 hrs on the Surface 2.

This new Surface mini will most certainly be RT its the most ideal form for it. If its not an RT device then its safe to say Microsoft has given up on RT.

txDrum says:


Bay Trail STILL consumes less power than the Tegra 4 in the Surface 2, guys. This has been a fact since it released, and will continue being a fact. AMD's new APUs and Intel's Cherry Trail come out this year, they're also both great in low power and will be very competitive with ARM. x86 being more power hungry was busted quite a long time ago.

Don't want to deal with "legacy/old" apps on your tablet? Don't install them. 

Don't want your kid installing old apps and viruses? Lock down the UAC. If your kid is smart enough to figure a way around that they probably wouldn't be good with an RT anyways. 


Windows 8.1 is simply more flexible.

Narr says:

My Asus 8" device can't even outlast the first generation RT and all the review tests I've seen confirm this too.

jimski says:

But your (and my) Asus 8" Note 8 is smaller, thinner and lighter than the first gen RT. Batteries aren't made out of air. My Asus is giving me 8+ hours, and more standby time than my Surface 1 RT ever could. With light/moderate use, I charge it once a week. What a pleasure.

I'm not saying that RT is the "ideal" OS, but if Microsoft plans to continue the RT line, an 8in or mini device is the ideal form factor to put RT. Personally I would never think of using a mini device, or my S2 for that matter, to do real work; I have a laptop for that.

But I like the convenience of having a light OS, without the bloat of a full-blown windows OS as a consumption and portable device. Having Office, and open ports are plusses.

Ed Boland says:

Indeed it does! I have the Surface 2 and it definitely runs 8.1RT buttery smooth!

spaulagain says:

Ya, my first Gen Surface is pretty slow. But I've heard the S2 is smooth and fast. I was debating getting a Surface 2. But I may hold out to see what this Surface Mini is like.

ChrisLynch says:

It is light years better. Almost any Gen 1 device is inferior to a Gen 2 or newer. Just bought the wife her first Surface 2, and is liking it over her normal Win8 laptop. A few app exceptions that aren't deal breakers, and she's been happy

I think you mean windows metro. Microsoft has said that are going to discontinue RT with windows 9

iyae says:

Where did they say this?

Hoekie says:

They did not. Actually RT and Windows Phone will evolve in PRT according to Microsoft. Remember universal apps? Windows RT is here to stay.

ymcpa says:

you're gooung to use the desktop on a 7-8" device? it's hard enough in a 10.8" device. are you also going to carry around a mouse?

txDrum says:

RT =/= Metro


I do carry around a mouse with my surface pro, actually.

mertzi says:

External screen?

kinpin2131 says:

You're going to buy an 8" tablet just to dock it to an external screen  ? 

There's the guy from the Android tablet commercial.

kingkoopa09 says:

Surface pro mini with Wacom input and stylus holder

James8561 says:

would be awesome for taking notes.

Novron says:

If it's in 4:3

AccentAE86 says:

Ugh 4:3? No way. 16:9 is one of the best parts of win tablets. Like when I'm using word, I can have a whole page on screen, AND all the menus and options visible. Makes productivity so much more practical. Or when the on screen keyboard pops up, you still can see MOST of your document/email/whatever. It also gives you more room for snap views! You can still have a large sized workspace with something small snapped to one side. 50% snap view gives generous workspace to both tasks. Trying to "work" on an iPad was a painful exercise.

ymcpa says:

you seem to ignore that the os and many of the apps are designed for 16:9. the apps scroll sideways and use a newspaper style layout. ipad apps tend to have a book style layout and scroll down or show a single page that turns. i think 4:3 won't be that great on a windows device. the only real pro for 4:3 layout is that it is a bit easier to hold.

Iain_S says:

The mini will have 4:3 same as the iPad snapdragon processor hd display no built in kickstand, pen support and option cover with kickstand, Ms will also be releasing something else at this event also

blackprince says:

Dream tablet there

AccentAE86 says:

Exactly what I want. Even a core i3 would be fine.

YCSJ2980 says:

I'm holding out til we see what if any effect the free pricing for smaller than 9 inches gets felt. Hard to evaluate until we see the ramifications of that.

Onager1286 says:

Please don't screw up the pricing and marketing Microsoft...

SwimSwim says:

Ho ho ho... I see what they did there!

slbailey1 says:


I am buying, no matter the price!

Hopefully, Modern Office will also be announced!

Revi Bennett says:

Ah, man...goosh bug. And tears. Plus sylus and kinect like feature plus around $300. HEAVEN!

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

dalyjc says:

In class note taking ? Hells yes. I have the 2520 which is great for notes but a low key tablet with stylus could the OneNote king in the classroom

SwimSwim says:

Yes, I'd love this! Already have a Surface Pro 2, but a nice small, low-profile device would be great for class.

sdoiuasd says:

How bout a surface phone please?

SwimSwim says:

Why so people keep clamoring for this? What exactly would a "Surface Phone" entail?

Jas00555 says:

The amazing design of the Surface, but in a phone. It's hard to argue that the Surface's design is pretty kickass.

mjfadaway says:

Honestly I think the Lumia Icon/930 is pretty close to a Surface type design and it sadly gets no love. :(

rodneyej says:

You are exactly right!!!

nasellok says:

i love my icon, but sadly the sales people @ Verizon dont, and it sits in the back of the stores unused

SwimSwim says:

Verizon store reps are some of the worst. I had a friend who was getting his first smartphone, and he was going to get an Icon. But the store reps fed him blatant lies, and convinced him to get a Galaxy S3.

Disappointing, to say the least...

SwimSwim says:

While I agree (especially in regards to the Surface 2, that device is so elegant, the most beautiful tablet on the market. Too a lesser extent that applies to the SP/SP2, but the thickness and weight does mildly detract from it), what's wrong with the current WP handsets? Especially since (as this very site covered), the Lumia Icon extremely resembles the Surface 2 design.

I understand it's not available globally, but nonetheless. While I'm not opposed to it per se, I just feel like such a device would be "Surface" in name only.

But who knows, maybe Microsoft will prove me wrong (and is love it if they did). A 1020 with a Surface 2 style metallic design, with a small built-in kickstand would be magical, especially if it came with a BT keyboard accessory that connects magnetically.

Sigh, a man can dream...

rodneyej says:

Seeing that the Lumia Icon seriously resembles an iPhone, and even WPCentral has admitted to the surface resembling an iPhone.... Don't we already have a Surface phone,,,, if you want Surface like style get a Lumia Icon... Lol!

SwimSwim says:

How does it resemble an iPhone? I honestly don't see it.

rodneyej says:

They both do.. Seriously.. The Icon just does.. The buttons, the body.. It just does.. So much that I think it was intentional...

SwimSwim says:

I really don't see it. I see how it could resemble other metallic kin like the HTC One, but the iPhone? Sorry, but no cigar.

rodneyej says:

Well.. I can't make you see it.. Lol!

Ed Boland says:

I think you're the only one who sees that Rodney... The Icon, the Surface? They look nothing like an iPhone...

rodneyej says:

Your boy Daniel sees it...

pookiewood says:

Well the Surface branding for one. ;)

blackprince says:

VaporMg clad phone sounds sexy to me

SwimSwim says:

Especially in silver. :)

rodneyej says:

I personally want colored carbon fiber... That would be the shiznit..

dakuma says:

I can't wait...really hope its a mini with LTE baby!

twelvetudors says:

Stylus as rumored, full Windows 8 and a sub $300 price point and I'm in.

SwimSwim says:

Full Windows 8? Good luck... With that.

Deaconclgi says:

My Dell Venue 8 Pro with Windows 8.1 Update that I bought for $250 brand new said luck has nothing to do with it.

SwimSwim says:

It's more than possible, but Microsoft is very stubbornly holding onto RT. RT is the future, but it's not ready for prime-time just yet.

cruelvaldez says:

I bought a 64gb version for 190 bucks, what a steal

I will only consider buying this if it's RT.

JoRdaNeK says:

You may as well start saving for it as MS seem to want to push RT and the battery life of a small tablet would go further with RT.....basically it's gonna be running RT

Iain_S says:

It is rt os

Jas00555 says:

I don't get why people want full Windows 8 on this thing. I was using my friend's Venue Pro and it was definitely too small to be used for any desktop app.

Deaconclgi says:

Because having the OPTION to use desktop programs at a cheap price is better than not having the option. I'll keep playing Far Cry, Unreal Tournament 3, Mirrors Edge, Dreamcast, N64, Killer Instinct Arcade, Quake 3 Arena and more with my Xbox 360 controller on a screen that is bigger than my phone ALL THE WHILE running Metro/Modern/Store/RT apps as well via Windows 8.1 Update. That's why. Choice. Do or Do Not, there is no Try. Windows 8 factually can do more. It's great streaming my games from my desktop via Steam to my Venue 8 Pro via Steam (since it is Windows 8) and playing Tomb Raider on max settings powered by my GTX 780 and being controlled by my 360 controller while in bed.

I was playing Super Smash Brothers 64 on my Venue 8 Pro last night from the comfort of my bed. There is so much more value for your money in having Windows 8 instead of RT. The possibilities are endless.

xboxonthego3 says:

HDMI out or a USB dock will turn it into a desktop easily. People forget this. Some argue the surface pro is to small... The ability to dock and use a larger screen is everything. One device is the future.

danielgray says:

Only want full windows, because of the lack of apps. My pay TV provider in Australia still only has a desktop app. It doesn't look like it will change in a hurry either.

gwh34t says:

I agree.  I've had my DV8P for a few months now and have only used the desktop a handful of times.  More often than not II find myself needing the larger screen if I need to do anything in the desktop.  If the Surface Mini is RT, I'll swap someone my tablet for one! Ha!

Kit Fai Ho says:

Please be x86, please.

Iain_S says:

Sorry but its arm quad core snapdragon

madogmoody says:

"but none officially from Microsoft's official Surface product line."

not sure if that is correct.

Fiann says:

That was brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department.

JamesDax3 says:

Will wait until next fall for Microsoft to announce the 6in dual screen Surface Phone. (aka "Courier")

blackprince says:

If they released the Courier the iPad would not be as popular or even dead

StevoPhilo says:

I want a 13' surface now...

dj0502 says:

13 feet? that's stretching it out too much.. literally.. :)

Revi Bennett says:

I hear 12'' coming. We will see. 15 days to go.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Rug says:

I was just going to ask if I'm the only one wanting a 13" version. The current version is just too small for a laptop replacement. Plus the larger size would give them room to store the pen and an extra HDMI port on the dock.

WP95 says:

My main computer is my surface rt. I would love to trade this in, buy a mini and get a full fledged laptop or desktop as well

sinisfree says:

MS does not even sale original surface rt/pro in my country yet.

so iPad is always a better choice, Apple even support local gift card to buy things from appstore, not to mention a lot more local apps available for iOS.

dj0502 says:

I don't know about sinisfree but there are smaller countries where surface is not sold but ipad is, with the newest model being available for sale in at less than a month. importing may not be optimal as some warranty is not international and import charges are high, plus shipping cost.

cannon#WP says:

If it's windows 8 pro with a stylus it should do gangbusters... If it's windows 8 rt, it'll just fade into the background.

btgusto says:

I held off buying a surface for a smaller version. I feel this smaller version should not be just a smaller version of the surface.  It should have tapered edges and NO full size USB.  IMO

Nitaino says:

Hey Choung Nguyen I didn't know you are with WPCentral(?), I've been following your posts since Pocketnow. Welcome to WPC!

Aman2901 says:

Any more discription about the Writer ??

ceraf says:

AMD Mullins or Intel Bay Trail based Surface tablet, hopefully

Iain_S says:

I think you will see surface 3 go bay trail the mini is ARM

primo-one says:

This is going to be mine, I would not care about the price.

It better be 8 inches, not 7! 7 is too small!

unique945 says:

Come on Microsoft....... 

7-8" with no desktop, 1080, wacom, hdmi & usb, $300-350 and my wallet is yours.

Then a premium T100 Surface 3 in fall with Windows 8.1 & AMD Mullens @ $450

Microsoft would actually sell more Surface tablets (particularly the Surface Pro 2) if it came with Office 365 free outta the box (not a trial). What's the incentive of buying a product from Microsoft if it doesn't translate in any way?

thaman04 says:

Umm... it DOES come with incentives.... it comes with +200 GB OneDrive and UNLIMITED Skype Minutes and it DOES come with Office... you get the full version of Office! (which you can optionally sign in with your Office 365 account).

Hakmi Shah says:

Not everyone loves cloud storage and Skype or should I say they never need it .... For what?

Since when?!? I own a Surface Pro 2 and all I got was 1 year of Skype and the standard amount of OneDrive storage space.

SamSmith1 says:

Hopefully it comes with 4G/LTE otherwise I am looking at a Nexus

Aashish13 says:

Get rid off windows RT Microsoft and install windows 8.1 like on other tablets

Cellus13 says:

A even smaller surface? Really? Then can they make a bigger surface?

unique945 says:

80%-85% of the market is in 7-8" devices

Rug says:

Because of the cost, not because it is enjoyable.

unique945 says:

Microsoft will not go 100% in with Intel. RT Surface 2 has sold as well as the Surface pro line. This device will be Arm based. I have the Asus Note 8 and the desktop is useless without HDMI to easily turn it into a desktop with a monitor. Miracast is too inconsistent & USB adapters like display link cost extra money, use too much processing power in 1080 & you can't charge the device via usb when in use.

In my opinion they should go <9" with windows phone/RT merged OS.... all of their 10" tablets should be full Windows with Atoms or Mullens & Haswell CPUs.

Infamy79 says:

Agreed, I'd be shocked if they release the mini in x86 form instead of ARM. If they do then they are waving the white flag on RT given it is the ideal form factor for the OS.

p4nfa says:

Off topic....but, any rumours of a 1020 replacement? I'm due for upgrade in Oct. Love the 1020 but something better.

Iain_S says:

I think there are around 5 Nokia phones in testing right now release later this year

ToonU says:

I'm kind of scared this will have lower specs

Iain_S says:

Pretty sure it will have the same specs as the Nokia tablet and a nice display

Lych says:

I don't really want Microsoft to release a smaller tablet. It simply has no appeal to me whatsoever. On the other hand, I'd love it if they released a Surface laptop. Sadly enough, the hardware vendors for windows laptops keep making way too many compromises for my tastes. I mean if Apple can make a laptop that runs their essential apps that lasts 12+ hours and doesn't look like a brick, then so could MS.

Rug says:

Totally agree! Although I'd still like it to be like the Surface, just slightly larger.

slbailey1 says:

I held off buying a Windows tablet waiting for the Surface Mini!

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

exkerZ says:

Will this tablet actually get an amazing amount of good cases that work with the tablet+keyboards? Unlike the regular surface 2... I want an incipio for my surface 2 ><

-- Bam --

sd173 says:

If this runs Windows RT, well then I just have no sympathy for whoever in MS thought that was a good idea.

Hoekie says:

Why? If you don't get it, it does not mean that it is the best option. Personally I prefer it to run Windows RT on a Qualcomm S800.

Iain_S says:

And that is what it has

astroXP says:

Impossible. One wise man said it was foolish to think there was a Surface Mini, especially because of cases popping up in Amazin, he said it on Twitter!!! Oh no, poor Tommy boy will be disapointed! /s

Prefer surface phone

makarand14 says:

Hello... "Compete with Android tablets like Samsung, LG"

Completely overlooked Nexus?? Really?

bobsentell says:

What if it is the rumored Surface Phone? (not holding breath)