Microsoft India sends out media invites for May 12; Lumia 630 launch likely

The Windows Phone 8.1 devices might hit Indian shores soon! We’ve received an invite for a media event in New Delhi on May 12, 2014. While the invite comes via Nokia’s long-standing agency, the invite bears a Microsoft logo, implying the new hosts.

Incidentally, Nokia India has also listed Lumia 630 (both single SIM and dual SIM variants) and Lumia 930 on the website recently. Announced at the Build conference in April this year, just before the acquisition of Nokia’s devices business finished, these devices are Nokia’s first series of Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

One, this could just be a showcase event and a later availability may be announced. Nokia recently did a media event for Nokia XL where the product was showcased but no availability or price was announced. Yeah, funny, I know.

Second, while I know from sources that this is a Lumia 630 event, I’m not too sure if the Lumia 930 would be showcased/launched as well.

Anyway, we’ll be there at the event, and will get you all the dope on Monday. Stay tuned!



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Akash Patel says:

Any news about availability of lumia 635 in india??

Ashhar Hasan says:

I wanna go! I'm in Delhi but have my exams now.

Winnabe says:

Invite only?

I'd say medical ? Or non-med ? I have my IIT entrance !! :))

S Vaibhav says:

Wow, you study at IIT?! Awesome! What was your rank in JEE?

No man !! I'm hoping to get into iit, its on 25th :-P am expecting a top 50 rank btw :-P so i should get Bombay csc (really want that, its the aim of my life :-P)
Till now sirf aieee/jee mains ka result has been declared, I'm Punjab topper in that..

S Vaibhav says:

Congrats! Hope you get ur seat. I am studying for the AIIMS exam which is on June 1, hope I get through ;) By the way when are the board results coming?

Thanks ! :) same for you, do well ! :) i have some dear friends too in med here.. How was your pmt ?
And boards results coming on 26-27th may, rumoured.. Read on the internet.

S Vaibhav says:

Thanks, PMT went well. How much are you expecting in board? :-o

Something like 97%.. Maths and computer, i should get full, for chem also i can hope for full. Messed up physics a bit so about 95-97, English 92-94 :-P

S Vaibhav says:

Wow, that's....., superb dedication bro! Hope I met you someday as a great personality LOL :D By the way is VIT good for engineering(bio tech)? I got 11,120 in the VIT entrance, what about you?

Many of my friends here did give VIT, but i didn't.. Actually i cant survive in south India, probably that's why :D i hate south indian food :))
It is a good college for engineering, especially for south Indians. Anyway, if you can get a med seat, then i think that's great enough ;) otherwise, yes its a good option as far as i know :)
And btw, i dont know how i do it, but i do get marks somehow :)) more to do with concepts.. Got them really strong :) my marks dont matter even, I'm still a normal guy, techie, fun loving, friendly, talkative.. Not that big a nerd as my marks make me seem :)) still.. A little nerdy.. Its necessary for studies.. ;)
Anyway, best of luck for all your remaining entrance tests ! :)

bel b says:

Hello???? I came here to see comments regarding Windows phone. Not to see ur little chit chat.

Punjab topper?? Wow!!

oh that's the same photo as on the fiitjee page.. :-P I'm looking like a nerd :))
Anyway thanks ! :smile:

Invite-only, like all media events.

Any commerce student here!??

Aman2901 says:

Commerce with Science :-P :-P

avigyan says:

Wow youngsters discussing career here. Nice. Anyone from Kolkata?

Another question.. Any CA student here??

The transition... Hope people in India accept it. From Nokia to Microsoft.

Same exact thoughts here

May 15th for the announcement here in Brazil. :)

Do you know where?

mpt15 says:

I want a mid range phone! I want to replace my Lumia 800.

Any rumours if upcoming devices? Release dates?

S Vaibhav says:

Buy the Lumia 720/925/1520, these are the best devices in India imo.

mpt15 says:

But I was going for a new release in the 8xx range. Will hold out a couple of months and if there's nothing new, I'll get the 925

8XL will sound good as successor of 8X.. Lol

And when lumia cyan would be available?

I'd say June start for 920, 1020, 1520, and june mid for 520, and june mid, 2015 for 620 :-P

Guys what's expected btw ? About 930 launch ? I really want it to be available latest by first week of June.. What are the odds ?

Suzie M says:

Why are there so many articles about India!!

abhishake620 says:

Because we are a billion in number and we create alot of news.... :P

rattletop says:

and a lot of kids :P

vikrant6 says:

Because we are one of the largest reader base for wpcentral :)

I need nokia Lumia 930 badly!!

mevalmvm says:

Same here i am buying it any how.... I want Orange one

Somebody buy a white one so that they fellas can make a Indian flag for them

That was hilarious!

anirban130 says:

Get Lumia fones with 1 gb ram n it will b a great hit, blockbuster... Or else god save u

Hilarious Microsoft Parody!!!!


Hilarious fucking spam. Cock off.

Say no to 512 Mb devices.....yuck

Aman2901 says:

630 will be available in stores on 17th of may in India..

vikrant6 says:

Nokia priority dealer here in Goa told me two days ago tat 630 will be available from May 16..

indieimprint says:

where can I get this lock screen background?

milfermon says:

I still feel that the 520 is more solid than the 630, It lacks something but I'm not sure what

Any news of Lumia 930 in india?