Microsoft Japan launches Windows Phone Mango site

...and to coincide with the idea that Microsoft Japan is about to co-announce that new Fujitsu-Toshiba Windows Phone, we have what else, but the new website for the Japanese Windows Phone site featuring Mango. Evidently, this just went up moments ago.

All the pieces seem to be falling together.

Source: Microsoft Japan; via @Chassit



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Rico says:

I'm shocked by the lack of Japanese in not only the video, but on most of the screenshots of Mango on the Japanese site. I was curious to see how kana and kanji would appear in Metro. :/

Relief says:

Whats so strange about that? They dont have Japanese marketing material. All will come when the time is right ;)

ymala1 says:

While I agree that it would've been a good idea for the promotional materials should've been localized more thoroughly, I do know for instance here in Malaysia, it's quite common to have things like this advertised and usually used in English, though I can't speak for what is the norm in Japan.However, on that same website, I think at least, when it came to showing off how the phone handles Japanese writing they did use it;http://www.microsoft.com/ja-jp/windowsphone/products/home/default.aspxHope that satisfies your curiousity as to how kana and kanji appears in metro :)edit: ah **** the link doesn't take you to exactly where I wanted it to. Click on the second or third of 3 tabs that are on that page to see the japanese script.

Pete C says:

I wonder if MS will use the word 'Mango' at all for official marketing in the US when it launches. Might be a good idea to get some new attention to the product.

thenet says:

This is awesome cant wait for mango to come... Fugitsu phones are hot!