Microsoft joins hands with Network18 to bring India Elections hub to Bing

India Elections

As the General Elections 2014 get underway in the largest democracy of the world, Microsoft has partnered with the Network18 media conglomerate to create the CNN-IBN Microsoft Election Analytics Centre to allow the citizens to search and engage with election data like never before.

The initiative brings comprehensive analytics on Indian election trends over the years across parties, candidates, and constituencies to www.bing.com/elections (Location aware).

The content, deeply integrated with Bing Maps, is also available on www.ibnlive.com/elections. Also, the network’s news channels CNN-IBN and IBN7 and their online properties – IBNLive.com and Firstpost.com - will employ the analytics to power their election programming. Interestingly, CNN-IBN and IBN7 studios will use the Microsoft Perceptive Pixel Interface, an 82” Windows 8 powered touch display device for showcasing the election content.  

India Elections

A Network18 press release also mentioned that this content will also be available through the ‘India Elections’ app for Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices. It’s not available in the Store yet though.

The complex electoral exercise will use cloud services, big data analysis, and data visualization (powered by Gramener, a Microsoft partner) to bring deep analysis and trends in a manner that makes sense to the Indian voter, and helps them engage with the election process much more.



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mevalmvm says:

Great! India is doing so much for windows phone now its Microsoft's turn to do something

pacolin says:

Wow! The first Bing's good feature outside the US

WELL WELL ITS GOOD BUT YOU CANT EXACTLY CALL IT A BING FEATURE!!waiting for the app otherwise useless on wp as it acts more or less like a website!!not integrated into bing search

sri_tech says:

CNN IBN is biased crap.

Abki baar modi sarkar.

lienantchain says:

No, Not Spam Idiot! Human Here! (~_~)

vish2801 says:

Network 18 aur Bing dikhayega Election result in Bing Bar,

Ab ki baar Modi Sarkaar.....!!!!


vikrant6 says:

Better they release the apps soon as the show has already begun!! Btw, Firstpost app has been removed from store as it was buggy, any idea when It is coming back?


GIS data available? Now that would be a good tool incorporated into Bing / HERE. Then I can run for office. I would build roads and bridges, telecom networks, water treatment plants, bio energy, new borns to get social security numbers and everyone upto the age of 21. Have the Armed forces engineering corps involved in rural projects. This will be my 10 year side project.

Aman2901 says:

Atleast Abhishek is back!!

Loving Shubh says:

Rahul Ki to lagni h waat.....Ab Ki baar modi sarkar :)

isabella001 says:

Modi for me....can't wait to see him as the prime minister of India.

Abki baar Modi Sarkaar.