Microsoft launches new Photosynth experience - makes places 'worth a thousand views'

Photosynth Preview

Microsoft's Photosynth service has been available to the public since 2010, providing the ability to create 3D models from user uploaded photographs. The service has been using what they call "point cloud recognition" to see where images may align. Today, the company has announced a new preview that brings the service leaps forward. 

Essentially, the software can now create more immersive Photosynths using four basic techniques (or what Microsoft is calling "experiences"); they are spin, panorama, walk, and wall. 

The new spin experience allows a user to take a collection of photographs focusing on a single point and then compile the shots in a 3D rotational experience. Say for instance, you take a collection of photos that present a 360 degree scenario around a single object - you can now view the experience as if looking at a 3D scanned image. 

The panorama experience allows you to "put yourself in the center of a space and look in every direction". Think not of a 180 panorama, but of a 360 degree experience. Simply stand in one spot and take a collection of photos as you turn 360 degrees (That is 6.28 radians for you mathematicians). The result is an interactive image that allows anyone to put themselves in your shoes at that very moment. 

Similar to StreetView style mapping, another mode entitled, Walk, allows you to create a walkthrough experience of your very own. Simply step forward and take a picture to begin your journey. Give a tour of your house or the local village - either way, it looks fantastic. 

Lastly, the service provides what they are calling "wall". The wall experience seems to essentially be what Photosynth was since day one - a flat collection of images that are stitched together into one. 

You can checkout the new preview of Photosynth by heading over to their website - click here to do so.

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hopmedic says:

Are they going to update the app with these capabilities?

That's the first thing I checked but no... At least not today.

Guakala says:

Yep. Couple of months after the iOS version I bet.

for once, i wish this one to stay WP exclusive


rogerhew says:

Had try it some few week back, very impressive. Not easy but fun experimenting with it.

Missing words and letters but I understood everything you were trying to say. Happens to the best of us...

this is awesome!

looking forward to seeing all of this integrated in an app for windows 8.1 and windows phone. including sharing options.

i'm curious what could happen if the nokia photography team joins the photosynth team... :)

Anything coming to Windows Phone 7? It's supposed to be supported until September 2014... Where are my updates? 

steve_w_7 says:

I sincerely hope that MS is not investing any time with WP7.  We desperately need to look forward, not back.  Come with us!

wpguy says:

Unless a security hole is found and patch issued, I wouldn't hold my breath. And then there are the carriers... Might as well exhale all you have and fill your lungs with the water that the carriers are holding you (and everyone else) under.

swizzlerz says:

Updates yay.. I love photosynth.. Check mine out. User swizzlerz. Who would have figured that lol

Acryion says:

Can't wait for this to come to WP.

jleebiker says:

It's already available for WP.

Zomby Jeezus says:

The new features are available for WP already?

jleebiker says:

I wish they would allow for higher quality panoramas from a WP device. Right now, the quality is not as high as other devices.

tgr42 says:

6.28 radians?  How approximate.  Surely a mathematician would say 2𝜋 radians. :)

GizmoEV says:

That is exatly what I thought when I read it. LOL

SargeT says:

Yeah that funny "6.28 4u math-s" was so cute ^_^

EbolaXB says:

Dang, no credit for tips I guess.

wpguy says:

Nope, not for the little peeps.

Chris Yahya says:

Msft should update photosynth because green camera effect, and unstable gyroscope while trying,to 360 photo.

killer rin says:

Walk and panorama sound amazing. Now what they should do is allow users to opt in to uploading the images to Microsoft so that they can crowd source their own version of streetview

AgentSplurge says:

3d model of an object is EXACTLY what i have been looking for! The app is already awesome but that makes it what i needed. Great for a 360 view of your car when selling it for example!

ReasonableM says:

So.. why not just record a video?

SargeT says:

Because video needs scrolling and every second of lumia FHD is 2,5 Mb.

MikeKosulin says:

Need app for creating photos like this(sphere pano)

muvig says:

This appl is good, 


MaXi32 says:

"click to view". I clicked it but nothing. #s