Microsoft launches SparkedTV for latest news, reviews and other media

In case you've managed to miss this (as we did), Microsoft has set up a new YouTube channel. This new platform will enable the company to publish and feature videos that cover Microsoft gadgets. Including news and reviews, there's also the "solve" category, which is essentially a collection of helpful tutorials on how to get the most out of the experience.

A perfect example would be the channel highlighting London-based Pizza company Pizza Pilgrims (www.pizzapilgrims.co.uk), headed up by James and Thom Elliot. Here's the video, showing how Microsoft products and services help the team interact with customers, as well as what makes a great pizza!

So if you haven't already, it's worth checking out MicrosoftSparkedTV.

Source: YouTube (MicrosoftSparkedTV)



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gevabar says:

Is this an app

Flavio76 says:

Should be...

Kellzea says:

Its a youtube channel. What would be the point in an app, when you can just.....you know.......pin the channel.......

rodneyej says:

It's Microsoft transitioning into offering more services vs strictly being a software company.

sdrawkcabII says:

Exactly! And I Love it!

paras chugh says:

So they bought vimeo and made a channel only on YouTube.....btw when's the good youtube app coming back ?

Tommy_P says:

I have it on good authority that Microsoft did not buy Vimeo.

paras chugh says:

Might have been a rumor then

sepatown says:

No, I think it was your wish speaking out loud.

CJ Thunder says:

YouTube is the second biggest search engine. This is a smart move. Google buying them five years ago was genius foresight.

sahib lopez says:

well this channel seems intersting ... i guess i will check it out :)

ibouchez says:

She's just lovely. Will definitely watch

DJCBS says:

You know what would go well with this? A decent official YouTube App. You know...the one that was coming in a few weeks...a month ago...:P
(yes yes, MetroTube is better...but official Apps are important. Lets not get into this argument again)

lavo96 says:

Why doesn't Microsoft just buy out the Metrotube folks, rename it and make the app official?

_Emi_ says:

because the reason WP8 (once again) doesnt have a good youtube app, has nothing to do with design!
youtube app was really nice and it was made by microsoft and all... but it had to be pulled for other reasons.
so what would be the point of buying Metrotube guys (wow what a great idea /s) if Metrotube app in Microsoft hands would have to deal with the same google complain of the good wp8 youtube app? because Metrotube doesnt show ads either...... and not showing ads was the reason the good wp8 was pulled from store.

You could be more concise, that would help the likes of me understand the likes of you.

andreirlopes says:

If they only put this on Windows 8.1 installation as they did with Office 2013... <3