Microsoft UK launches The Twelve Days of Geekmas competition for devs to win goodies


The TechnNet UK team have announced a new festive competition for developers - say hello to The Twelve Days of Geekmas. Familiar with the original 12 days of Christmas jingle? Well, take that and add in a load of cool giveaways and you'll have the idea as to how Microsoft is going to celebrate the festive countdown. Unwrap the break to see what it's all about.

The competition will commence tomorrow, December 5th with the twelfth day of "12 Doodlers Didling" and will run up to the 20th. Friday the 20th, the first day of Geekmas, will be when the team will reveal the main prize and challenge. For each day between the 5th and 20th, a blog post will be published over at TechNet (at 9:30am, each morning) with a festive challenge and daily prize.

The number of prizes available each day depends on which day it currently is - for 12 Doodlers Didling, there will be 12 prizes up for grabs, 5th day will have five and the 1st day will have one. While the complete list of goodies remains a mystery, they have teased numerous items that will be available throughout the promotion.


These prizes will include (but are not limited to), a MSDN Premium subscription, devices (tablet, phones, Kinects), VIP Gadget Show tickets, Azure helicopters, FusionIO server Lego kits and exclusive T-shirts. All you're required to do is to read through the day challenges and complete them. It's that simple, until you find out what you have to do of course.

Wrapping up, the team will also have an "App of the Day" feature to help you complete some of the challenges, prepare for the festive season or just to enjoy the countdown. Be sure to have your eyes glued to the TechNet site each day (starting tomorrow), as well as the official Twitter account for updates.

Source: TechNet



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IzaacJ says:

Restricted to UK devs? I hope not, Sweden never gets any love from MS :(

Too bad I'm not a dev or live in the UK

tomworthjr says:

The Twitter link for TechNet at the end of the article should be corrected, from tachnetuk to technetuk.

Good day, sir.

Cyrax.NET says:

Finally something for the UK...muhahaha. Sure ill forget to check though :'(

Nakazul says:

And on Christmas we get Nokia black? :)

inseyven says:

Where's hidden the "Only for US/UK"?

Dean McCrae says:

Please make it clear if this is in some way a UK only event...