Microsoft Lync collaboration app updated for Android tablets

Lync for Android

Microsoft has today released a Lync 2013 app update for Android hardware, enabling tablet support and adding some conversation enhancements. If you're not familiar with the service from Microsoft, Lync is a video, messaging and conferencing platform. Today's announcement is an important step since it shows Microsoft delivering on promises made to further support Google's mobile platform and more form factors.

You may be wondering why the company is building an identical platform to Skype, but Lync is more geared towards business and enterprise. As well as the support for tablets, Microsoft has also included the ability to add participants to an ongoing conversation and to start an ad hoc Group Conversation in the latest release for Android. With Microsoft moving forward with a focus on services, expect to see more cross-platform coverage.

Lync is currently available on Windows 8, Windows Phone, iPad and iPhone, Android smartphones and now Android-powered tablets. Grab the Android version of Lync here in the Google Play Store.

Source: Office Blog



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josonjoy1986 says:

See and try to learn a lesson or two Google........

Rishicash says:

Your comment should be made towards MS as they are giving Google and Apple the keys to the kingdom. Every week I'm seeing less and less appeal for MS mobile products.

Judas20 says:

If MS doesn't offer it's services on other platforms they will lose a huge part of their user base

kenzibit says:

You saying that for MS but what of Google? They've not released anything for us yet they not loosing. How do you explain that?

Judas20 says:

That's because WP has a small user base. Even I hate to see other platforms getting MS apps but that's how it works

kenzibit says:

Sometimes I wonder how and why MS went into deep slumber and allowed all these new kids (Android & iOS) to overtake them in things they had already pioneered....and now the slacking behind and begging these kids to eat...soo sad.

Rishicash says:

Easy. Bad management. Period. This all happened under Ballmers watch.

Judas20 says:

I guess the reason would be that WP 7 arrived too late to the party, but I still be believe that WP will have a market equal to that of Android someday thanks to all the new OEM partners who will hopefully flood the market with cheap (cost wise) WPs like Samsung did with Android

Rishicash says:

Sure. And there will be food for all and peace throughout the world.

Yup MS sucks really..its just like discrimination from mother...OMG am crying wheeeeeeee....

kenzibit says:

Lol...mother loves outside kids than her own kids :(

Rishicash says:

This is because they have to play catch up now. Had MS been on the ball and out in front of this like Android and iOS, they wouldn't need to do this. 

kenzibit says:

....and here we go again on the topic: Microsoft releasing apps for Google and Google saying...MOTHERFUCKERS! These people don't learn. Lets NOT give them YouTube and Google+....they will give us all their apps including Cortana. And all of Google will be laughing :)

Radeon7000 says:

WP is truly a second class citizen for MS :(

Cleavitt76 says:

Umm...the Lync client has been available for Windows Phone for a long time.  Android tablets are last to get the client.  Your statement makes no sense in this case.


Personally, I'm glad that MS is making it's services available on most platforms.  I don't like using products/services that lock me in.  I don't use Apple products for that exact reason and Google's services don't appeal to me since they leverage them against competitors in some cases.  Ultimately, the integration and functionality for most of the MS services will be better on MS devices simply because they control both the software and the OS.  However, that may not always be the case early on and it's still important for MS to keep making their services available on competing platforms.

TechFreak1 says:

Plus MS is now a devices and services company, most people often forget that...

What's this ...Where am I .....on Android Central...Or WP

Aashish13 says:

Where's WP update?

theefman says:

Good news for WP! :)

barry.weston says:

To bad Lync all doesn't work on phones running 4.4...

At least not to my knowledge. Had been broken for months... So not working. If anyone has this working on Android... Please please let me know.

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Faklur says:

Google doesn't doing the same as Microsoft that providing vital app whatever it rival or not... Shame google

Faklur says:

They don't made google service avalable for wp...... Shame google again