Microsoft Lync Mobile coming in next few weeks to Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry and iOS

Lync Mobile

Lync, the office communication tool from Microsoft, has been a long time in the making in coming to Windows Phone. We did see it recently at Nokia World, meaning its release was close, but now we have some more info. Evidently, Lync Mobile will be coming in the next 4 weeks, which should also be the time for Skype on Windows Phone. What's more, it also looks to be coming for Android, iOS and even BlackBerry.

MS Australia Tweet

The info comes form Gary Holden, a tech enthusiast out of Australia. While that in of itself doesn't qualify for rumor validation, Microsoft Australia re-Tweeted his info, placing a "Confirmed" in front of it, seemingly giving solid credence to the time-frame and multiple platforms. If true, and we believe it is, this is a huge win for Microsoft as Lync can rapidly expand to become the go-to app for inter-office communication.

Thanks, Amir, for the heads up!



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jfa1 says:

Nice to find out about this and skype

sk1rtsfly says:

Hopefully, availability on Windows Phone won't lag the other platforms, as has happened recently!

firebrewd says:

"[...] Lync Mobile will be coming in the next 4 weeks, which should also be the time for Skype on Windows Phone."
Did I miss something? Also, I hope Skype isn't just an app.


Yes, it's probably just an app at first. This won't be a whole OS update.

firebrewd says:

Thanks for the link. Indeed, loks like it'll be an app at first, but a guy can dream.

kennbw says:

To me, this is not a win, if it only ties into Exchange 2010.  How is that Android has an Office talk app that works perfectly with Exchange 2007 Communicator and Windows does not have one?  As the mobile person for my company, that does not help me win people over.  We have no plans to upgrade to 2010.  I need a method to use Communicator 2007 on WP7.  That to me needs to happen.  I hope Lync has some backwards capability.  I've seen it and its cool, but not gonna help me now.  And good for Skype.

Nataku4ca says:

well, i think Lync only works with exchange 2010, our server guys had to do a month long migration to move ppl over to the new platform
i think communicator will come though, it's just that they have to push new products first so older ones get the back seat... and if new products sell too fast and over shadows the old on quickly, u might not ever see that communicator @@ may be we can write a third party app for that to fill the gap?

HD7guy says:

I am in the same boat. The company has no plans to upgrade from Office Communicator 2007 anytime soon. At least our Windows 7/2008 R2 migration brings with it Outlook/Exchange 2010.

Hoping Lync for Windows Phone will work.

welsbloke says:

Good news and  I hope this will work with both on premise solutions and 365.

ddruiam says:

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