Microsoft moves to rebrand games to 'Xbox for Windows Phone' in the Store

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Even older games are getting rebranded

Microsoft sure has been doing a lot of rebranding lately—from Outlook.com to Microsoft Store to getting rid of “LIVE”, the purge has been subtle but in our view, effective.

That trend is now continuing, especially with “LIVE” as the Windows Phone team is excising that phrase from current Xbox LIVE Games for Windows Phone. The trend started weeks a go with Shoot1UP and since then, three more titles have the new look and name: Xbox – Windows Phone.

New refresh

New wording and green top-bar for Xbox for Windows Phone

It has now been observed that older titles are getting the refresh too, slowly bringing them up to date on the new look. So far it seems kind of random, but BulletAsylum and Super Monkey Ball 2 have both had their cover work (at least for the Store) re-worked.

From this we can assume that Microsoft will go back and update other titles too. While such a decision has no impact on the game, branding is everything and if you do it poorly it can have huge ramifications.

Personally speaking, we’re going to miss the whole “Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone” thing, even if it was a bit wordy. We’re not even sure how this one is called as it’s missing locative case (holla’ for my linguist nerds out there). So we’ll just go with ‘Xbox for Windows Phone’ for now.

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WPSteve says:

Well, it's not really LIVE without the multiplayer. So, this is cool I guess. I like the green.

iamoniwaban says:

Huh? Live didn't mean multiplayer. "Live" was a reference to all their online services such as online mail (live.com). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Live_Labs_Security_Token_Service

swizzlerz says:

At least they never called it Xbox .net lol. Or Xbox plus's. over used Microsoft terms as they don't want to brand anything Microsoft.

Renigade16 says:

Even with them removing LIVE from everything else, I still think their gonna leave XBOX LIVE on the console alone. They would be crazy to ditch that name 9 years in.

evilrobot says:

I really wish they would apply the updated to covers to ALL xbox games, especially for the 360.  It really makes the games list look extra ugly when I've got a mix of the new orange header XBLA games and the older white ones, and it would make it easier to see instantly XBLA vs games on demand.

WPCrook says:

+1000000000000 it is annoying as hell having to scroll through the XBLA, indie and GoD areas and finding different banners for them!

Murgatroyd7 says:

Huh? How does that even matter? It's like being upset because your game cases are different colors.

restlessdan says:

This is cool. I thought they would have done this. Looks alot better like that follows suit then to windows 8 Xbox games.

laserfloyd says:

Still eagerly awaiting the full rebranding of Zune.  I really like the desktop software more than the Win8 RTM music player.  I hope that thing gets updated in a big way.  Off topic a bit but somewhat related. :)

ZX9 says:

I would like the new music app...if it didn't crash so often. It's cool and I even still use it, but it does need a decent amount of improvement.

dKp1977 says:

Kinda strange though that the header still says Xbox Live once you pin a game to the homescreen. Even the new games.

Yeah, that will take some recompiling with new graphics. Not sure when that wil happen...WP8?

TofuDelight says:

How many brands have we gained or lost? I've lost track of all these changes

JohnCz says:

Like it..imo "Live" was just a waste of screen real estate.  And I can see this lending itself to app/game catalog where you can easily identify (and perhaps filter) which platforms the game title is available.

AriesDog says:

Microsoft has always been a flip flop mess when it comes to branding.

lonbraj says:

MSFT need to fix their branding problems before Windows (Phone) 8. It's a mess, they have so many products especially for enterprises, idk how they keep all thoses names in their heads.
I'm happy they're dumping live, it feels dated and reminds me of gradients, aero glass, Windows Vista, MSN.

foxibs says:

I will get use to it...

AgeT says:

yey i made it to the news :D