Microsoft: No CEO decision until early 2014

Steve Ballmer

We’re nearing the end of 2013 and many would have liked Microsoft to name a new CEO by now. It was in August that Steve Ballmer announced his plans to step down within the next 12 months. Microsoft’s board of directors is hard at work finding their next CEO and have released an update on their progress.

Joel Thompson, Microsoft board member and the member on the board leading the CEO search, released a statement on the Official Microsoft Blog. In it he details and shares the progress the search committee has made so far and their upcoming plans.

Microsoft started out identifying over 100 possible candidates. As you can expect, that list narrowed over the past few months. Out of those 100-something candidates, they talked to several dozen and then focused their energy and attention on about 20 candidates. As the group of 20 individuals narrowed, Microsoft’s research and investigation intensified into the candidates. Speaking on the process, Thompson says:

“Microsoft has had only two CEOs in its 38-year history. As a Board, we are determined and confident that the company’s third CEO will lead Microsoft to renewed and continued success. We’re looking forward to 2014 and the opportunities and decisions that lie ahead.”

Microsoft has no plans to announce a new CEO before the end of 2013, but expects to complete their work in early 2014.

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I wasn't expecting this... Well that's a first...

Make your bets MSFT shareholders! I go Ford! Ford! Ford !

funkyGeneral says:

You want Rob Ford for CEO? I guess it worked for Toronto...

dalydose says:

I think he lost momentum with his giddy desire to axe Bing and XBox for quick cash.

Ankmeyester says:

Is there anything Microsoft doesn't postpone?

That's true. I owe them always 1 Xbox live moth and they don't charge my credit card!

I thought this was a unique scenario to me! Thanks for postponing!

TechnoTim says:

Pretty much the whole company is OOF in December

Marco Gomes1 says:

What did they postponed here?! Steve Balmer (in August) said he was leaving within a year. My calculator says that only 4 months had gone by. Either you live on very short years or you just had to say something nasty, even if it's dead wrong.

Ankmeyester says:

Yeah Steve is going to leave in an year. But they were to decide the interim CEO by end of the year.

onysi says:

I think bill gates kids are now college graduates. He should polish one of them up and run the company he helped grow. Microsoft belongs to Gates or Allen family.

Weird, but true :-)

Kadin Lucas says:

Bring Back Bill

Jas00555 says:

I'm rooting for the Qualcomm guy

guyjkh says:

The day Microsfot was thinking about it ... Qualcomm made him their own CEO !!

DJCBS says:

Last I heard they were having problems because they COULDN'T get the people they wanted to take the job.

So, fine. I'll be Microsoft's next CEO.

Prepare yourself. And if you're in the WP development / Xbox-gaming certification team...start looking for a new job.

weisman87 says:

No one gives two shits what you say and no one asked. I thought you'd have figured that out by now. The obvious butt-hurt you still feel over Nokia won't get you anywhere here.

DJCBS says:

Your mother didn't give a shit either. That's why you were born.

Reflexx says:

I was going to say that you could be a janitor there, but I think their standards may be too high for that.

DJCBS says:

That's even worse news for you, then.

DJCBS can't wait to hear the name Elop as Microsoft's next CEO

DJCBS says:

Yeah. Specially to see you and the twats above you cry when he sells Xbox and shuts Bing down.

The only one bitch'n and crying once something happens that you don't approve on has been you but you fail to see that.

Reflexx says:

He gets my vote. He not only understands devices and services, but he also knows the Office business intimately.

DJCBS says:

Your vote's worth shit, so...

Damn and I was thinking of voting for you since your fake ass pussy nominated himself for MSFT CEO... Weren't You Campaigning on MS live and WP developers getting fired once you were in charge???

Your thoughts and post don't mean shit!
The people have spoken "kill yourself" and get off wpcentral

dalydose says:

FTW = Fail To Win, in this case. I don't want Elop coming with his "vision" of crating Bing and selling XBox.

maussie95 says:

No, I like Xbox and Bing. I want that woman from Windows development for CEO.

sumton says:

satya nadella or an outsider

Elop's people thought they were being clever, using the press to run the 'sell Xbox and Bing' idea up the flagpole as a sop to shareholders.

It's apparently backfired on him, and now he's considered a long shot candidate for the CEO role.