Microsoft brings Nokia Camera up to speed with the beta, adds Living Images and more

Nokia Beta

Microsoft today released an update for the Nokia Camera app, available for Lumia Windows Phones. The app has been bumped to version, which brings its feature list up to speed with the beta counterpart. Highlighted functionality in this release include Living Images, surround sound capture and other features that will take full advantage of Lumia Cyan, as well as newer processors.

That's right, folks. You'll need the firmware update to really enjoy this update (and supported hardware, including the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 930). According to the store listing, here's everything that's new in this latest release, brought across from the Nokia Camera Beta:

  • Living Images support*
  • Continuous Autofocus for faster focusing*
  • Surround sound capture in Video*
  • New Camera Roll with Full Resolution Zoom and inline playback of video, cinemagraph, smart sequences and refocus images
  • Nokia Camera integrates with Creative Studio and Video Trimmer for editing your photos and videos

Entries with asterisks denote the feature requires the Lumia Cyan firmware update (or be loaded on a Lumia 1520 and Lumia 930 with the new Snapdragon chips). We'll link the beta app as well as the main version, just in case you'd like to have a go at testing new features.

QR: Nokia Camera

QR: Nokia Camera Beta

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I wish living images was available for 520. First to comment

aXross says:

Why not all Windows Phones? :)

You should realise by now not to expect all features on low end, budget phones.

kenzibit says:

+HD7, 920, Xbox and Surface. All these comments will be deleted soon...lol

Rich Edmonds says:

Nice one, Sashank!

pluizebol says:

The yellowish/greenish tint and the degraded sharpness are a real pain.

It occured together with the Amber-firmware and was not solved/repaired in the Black-update.

Picture quality was way better in the Portico-firmware (before Amber).

The Nokia cameras are no more any better than the compition due to this problem and it looks like Nokia couldn't care less.

pluizebol says:

Hi Crise

What do you mean with "this" please ?

Zuka_WPC says:

He is echoing the post above his.

dhruv07 says:

Well its true every single time that picture qualities have degraded after amber update .... When my phone lumia720 was preamber pics had a gud amount of detail and sharpness but afterwards yellowish blurry pixelated . every user experiencing dis posted in forums (like one above) to nokia... I dont know wht but still they ain't ready to fix dat.. :/. plus I hate using secondary camera its way out of what is photo I tweeted Juha (developing cameras at nokia) never gt exact answer but only thanks for feedback ....!!!!!!

link5a says:

He agrees :)

Chris Yahya says:

This!!!! My lumia is really messed up with yellow and green.

atherosxd says:

Have living images in my my 1020 for little while now

immyperez says:

But does it work? Don't you need the firmware? I also have the beta camera and haven't noticed the living images etc?

Also, am I to assume that cinemagraph etc is now integrated? Or will the inline view just show you them?

pattayo_ib says:

It works on Nokia Camera Beta. Daniel taught us how to enable that, by simply push the "use default setting"... Tada!

immyperez says:

Yes it worked for me too. Not for pics taken previous to the default reset but any pic after that. Does make it feel like it takes a little longer to save. Still though... Loving it!

Th3 I3LooD says:

It worked on my 1020 (living images, high res zoom, inline video/cinimagraph/sequence ect.) without me having to do anything... I just installed the beta and it was doing all that by default. So if the beta app gives you all that without Cyan why the f#&k does the official version need firmware? Apart from stability and bugs obviously!

Duduosf says:

The non beta version is not working for me; it's not supporting living images even after the update. Back to beta.

msirapian says:

Ditto. Even with the default settings trick, no living images (except for smart sequence) so back to Beta.

I'm running WP8.0/Black on a 1020 (and living images work great with the Beta)

ahmedjan87 says:

Living images work on my 920 on 8.1 without cyan
Edit : Sorry I didn't realize that cinemagraphs are not living images

It previously works for Camera Beta, bit make sure you hit default in the camera settings to activate the living images.

ahmedjan87 says:

Well, it still works on the beta but not on the main app

anthonyng says:

I see it saving living image but how do I see it after the fact?  Like in the photo gallery I only see the non living one.

Only time I see the living part is when I take the picture then hit the gallery button from the Nokia Camera Beta app view finder.

salmanahmad says:

Since Microsoft now owns Nokia they should definitely think of improving the Stock Camera app for Windows Phone, it's quite lackluster.

Aashish13 says:

Overall cam is good just 2 things to be done
1. Pale yellow pics bug of the front cam
2. Camera shutter speed should be more faster

Chris Yahya says:

Correction : Camera shutter speed should be more slower.

Peg Leg says:

Or drop it altogether

salmanahmad says:

This could also be a possible solution, they could rename Nokia Camera to Microsoft Camera and give it to all Windows Phones with future updates.

Micah Dawson says:

Hopefully not. I am not here for Lumia to lose any of its unique features or the few decent apps it has left just to appease the other oems

aitt says:

Get over it already. Nokia moving to MS will obviously be a better interest to MS to release to the entire ecosystem. Lol

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

I hate Nokia Camera Beta 'cause limits just for 1 second for non-previews! Arrghh. I not going to update!

pattayo_ib says:

You are missing things...

pattayo_ib says:

I'm so into the Harry-Potter-style thingy! So cool that most of my friends went excited about it but at the end when i said its Nokia Camera, they are so frustrated... Haha

Zuka_WPC says:

Harry potter style...so true.

Peg Leg says:

The Lumia 1520, the gift that keeps on giving!

lubbalots says:

No cyan update yet...

Peg Leg says:

Till then, I shall cry blue tears of rage

hcarrega says:

With Camera beta living images Works on 1020...so this update to

ebradley says:

App not found?

pookyjoralyn says:

What's the difference for the non-beta?

Talk4Lig says:

Still startup loading too slow, that's why I use microsoft camera

Sean Eu Chng says:

Still pending for official cyan 8.1

Continues autofocus? Hope you can switch that of.....what if as you want to capture something out of focus for some effects.

vassilis1924 says:

Manual focus is still there. Continues auto focus will work only when focus is set to auto. That helps shooting faster.

viralgajera says:

wpcentral is slow from last few days..

When is Cyan update due and 8.1?

Sean Eu Chng says:

Does it mean we can uninstall the beta version after the cyan update?

sholokov says:

The issue with living images is that when you enable them, the pictures you send with WhatsApp are the first frame of the living images. These initial frames are mostly out of focus and are always much lower resolution (200x200 ish). I actually have to take a snapshot of the screen to send a full screen picture on WhatsApp.

Peg Leg says:

I just took a looksy and I see no way to turn it off. It would be easier to go to camera roll, wait for the final image and send that, or is that what you are doing? Sending right from the camera app may cause your problem, just trying to help.

sholokov says:

Thank you...
I normally send through the picture link within WhatsApp. I don't think you could go to camera or pictures and share to WhatsApp from there.
Edit: You are right. I can. Must have been enabled in some recent update. But I haven't confirmed yet if the final picture is of full/better quality or not. Also, it seems to be only a 1020 issue.

Gremsems says:

The living images does not work on the updates Nokia Camera. On my 1520 it does work with Beta. I have tries to get it working by pressing the default settings, but no succes!

Edit: Removed and reinstalled the app but still no succes.
No living images on the updates camera app on my 1520 but the beta does! Strange...

Peg Leg says:

Works on mine, try restarting

p4nfa says:

What's living images?

sholokov says:

When pictures are taken, a few seconds before the picture is also recorded as a video. E.g. While the app is still focusing, app records that as well. And when you view pictures, you also see a clip of what was happening a couple of seconds before that.

OMG, this may be a bit off subject but for Christ's sake, when are they going to release the CYAN update??? Seriously, my 1520 is laggy & buggy even more since the 2nd update to 8.1. Please release it already.

I have no problems with my 1520 except with Facebook, which sometimes will simply close immediately after starting. This problem seems to solve itself over time, then randomly reappear (a bit like the "we're having trouble getting data" error message).

Gremsems says:

Does the updated camera app show living images on your 1520?

myoujin says:

Use Facebook beta. No more annoying red failed to retrieve data.

psiu_glen says:

Here's a reason NOT to update if you like to go back and fix pictures:
In the previous version, when you hit the Camera Roll, you could bring up the menu and at the bottom was "apps...". If you selected that, you could choose your photo editing apps, make an adjustment, and most of them would save the new copy right back into the camera roll. This does away with that (you know, F hubs and all).
You also lose easy access to making a fav and saving to lock screen.
Two steps forward, four steps back. One Microsoft.

Zamir Yusof says:

Same complaint here. I always edit the picture using Fantasia Painter to correct the white & colour balance especially for indoor shot with artificial light.  Another thing to mention is it's also more hassle to do reframing since now they are buried under camera roll. The camera app works fine before, I don't understand the need to change it to something worse with added few advantages only for latest model.

psiu_glen says:

I was *this* close to updating the main app and decided to go through and check out the beta one more time. Whew.

mango.lover says:

I hope they eventually fix timer so that it always remembers the setting, not just for the current shot.

Duduosf says:

Ok, not even the beta is working for me now... Wtf?!

FearL0rd says:

Whats live images?

Bibbleq says:

So... I've lost track of all the Nokia camera apps & names. If I was doing a fresh setup on a 930 (when it comes) is this now the only "fancy" cammera app that I would want to install?!



NewTincho says:

Idk if this is new, but why the speaker turn, and remain on while the app is running?

skavooviee says:

Seems it saves the pictures faster. Lumia 1020 8.1 DP

rollindadice says:

the beta doesn't work for me one bit, opens then crashes, i'll try this new beta update and see what happens, will post reply, rolling with 1020

rollindadice says:

tested the Nokia Camera Beta, working, also the Nokia Camera updated too

AlxMourao says:

I've just installed Nokia Camera Beta in my 1020. One thing I noticed right away: it's a lot faster to startup!

Also, continous focus on video is a lot (really a lot) better!

guri21 says:

Great ... Nokia Camera gets an update...looks like Lumia Cyan is really very near ....may b tomo ?? What do you think guys?

evans_vn says:

Live images doesn't work

HaibaneReki says:

The living images already saved me some great pics of my daughter. Sure, low q and resolution, but sometimes babies move so quickly you can't press the shutter in time. This way I can screenshot at least. SmartCam would work too, but that shoots all the shots in LQ afaik..

Sritej says:

@Microsoft Please do include slow motion video capturing feature in the next update.

Chee Hong says:

Seems like not much changes?

Sicka Altaar says:

i find living images annoying on my 920. i wish it could be turned off

pingua08 says:

Something i don't understand is how in previous updates the shutter speed of my 720 was 4 seconds max. Now it is only one second.

t8ntlikly says:

Can I shoot ow motion video with my Lumia Icon

Does it open faster in lower memory devices? Or is it the same old story where you have to stare at the loading screen for few seconds?

AlxMourao says:

Don't know about lower memory devices... But the previous Nokia Camera took a few seconds to load on my 1020. Now, it takes about a second!

So, I believe lower memory devices will be fine. But test it! Worste case scenario uninstall it...

I wish they would add the auto-review last image taken option back to the settings menu. I'm not a fan of always pressing the gallery button to review my last image. I get that it helps with the perception that the camera is snapping pictures a lot faster, but It would be nice to just see my last shot.

baijugs007 says:

Living images Work perfectly with my lumia 720

I can't believe after so many years and after adding so many features some of us never use, they continue to add but they never put in the features other devices have come to take for granted. I want native hdr already why is that so complicated??

I reverted to MS Camera since there is a major feature omission: Why can't I record video in WVGA quality with the Nokia Camera app?

chaduma says:

Not many would want or need too. Just change your upload to WiFi to avoid the data of the higher bit rate video.

AlxMourao says:

Why would you?!!

chaduma says:

FINALLY! Been impatiently waiting for this.

Getting tired of this whole "BETA" bs. Why not just work on the original apps and update them often instead of having 2 apps (1 BETA) and updating them separately? Makes more sense to me anyway.

You know those apps that get updated and the update breaks them and everyone complains? Its to avoid that. Bad user reviews on public apps does make a difference so when they release a beta, they're protecting themselves against those reviews by making the app available to a smaller user base rather than public and carrying the name 'beta' not only makes for faster ms approval for updates but gets customers to remember its just a beta so use at your own risk.

AndrewL920 says:

The only thing I care about updating from Amber>Black and Black>8.1 is to see the camera improvements. Microkia should put the camera algorithm from portico to Cyan update. The photo results are too soft and yellowish.

ajftl says:

beta update is not showing for me  on 8.1 latest 1520  the update showed for the none beta app tho   i dont see that living images  any idea ?

blue1k says:

Update is for non Beta. Living images don't seem to work on non Beta

Is there any difference between Nokia Camera and Nokia Camera Beta?

Suedezu says:

Update for Camera beta not available for my 920 in Romania. Did anyone manage to update?

blue1k says:

Update is for non Beta

mystery01 says:

920 here.
I like the faster speed with removed laggy shutter. I hate the lack of recent pic, though not quite necessary. I hate the tap to show options viewing pictures. Just let me slide out the options panel like everything else.

Chris Yahya says:

Dear nokia, please fix green/yellow tint, my lumia is really messed up since amber-black.

I updated it.. I didn't see any changes

Edwardlb20 says:

Wait, does this article say you can get Lumia Cyan on the 1520?

BlackGoku says:

Dunno why but my camera captures a much better picture in detail than in previous wp8 versions.Actually wp8.1 is better.