Microsoft and Nokia codenames get leaked for this summer

Nokia Microsoft

This week is certainly expected to be a rather busy one for Windows Phone and what better way to kick things off than with some leaked codenames. Courtesy of @evleaks, the popular leakster Twitter profile, new Nokia codenames have been published for everyone to begin speculating with. In addition, we figured we would toss in a few Microsoft codenames to make it all even more interesting!

According to the leakster Evleaks account, eight codenamed Nokia products are in development - Ara, Leo, Moonraker, Onyx, Peridot, Superman, Tesla, and Vantage. That's all we have on the products. No further information or imagery was included.


We've also managed to obtain some more codenames that you can expect to see in the coming months from Microsoft. Some are accessories, but most are unknown at this stage.

June 5th

  • Microsoft Hughes
  • Microsoft Adcock
  • Microsoft Capers

July 22

  • Microsoft Galway
  • Microsoft Dublin

We're also still waiting to see what comes of 'Goldfinger', though out last info on that phone was not until Q1 2015. What are you wanting to see come out of Nokia and Microsoft post-acquisition?



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onlysublime says:

Hughes...  Adcock...

Hughes Adcock Capers

onysi says:

huge cock capers

kenzibit says:

Are they phones??

Hope so, really need a 730/830 soon..

ajaxas says:

Where is my Moonraker???

Ichigo says:

you mean "B0obRakers"?

PJ Suresh says:

I hope... At least now with a 720 successor

Pranjal Rai says:

Finally!!!a new article!!!

Faraaz96 says:

Exactly..was tired of that pic! :p

Pranjal Rai says:

You don't say..

bitwise says:

Almost gave me a heart attack Mr Edmonds... I thought this is about WP8.1 being available :P

Anyway, why does it seem like Nokia still has a full product line? So when exactly are we going to see a Microkia handset?

DontHate707 says:

If that article is official why isn't wpcentral reporting it?

b0nz1 says:

Posted just a few minutes ago. My guess..

paulomalley says:

Because the moment you click on the article it says resource not found... the article has been removed...


SenneVc says:

Dude, your caps lock is still on.. just saying.

I think, he is shouting... :)

I think i m way too excited!!

There's a guy on the forums claiming (since a long time) that he works at ms and he's said that its coming today.


What is he, a hamster?

Marcin Sasin says:

It looks pretty strange asking for Microsoft acoount info.


Kellzea says:

At some point after the acquisition i would presume. Unfortunately the real world isn't like sim city, just buying a brand doesn't allow you to simply release products. They still need to be designed and developed first.

blackhawk556 says:

My brother went to CES after he won a Nokia contest a couple of months ago. He met with Nokia reps and they told him they already have a line of phones half way thru 2015!! It's crazy how far ahead they are getting ready for.

wpguy says:

Why? It's not like getting a phone from design to shelves is a fast process... And that's without coordinating anything with the myriad of external companies involved.

PJ Suresh says:

May be they will continue to work with the same nokia team in the name of Microsoft!!!

nanoware says:

The link is password protected. Which means it is still not yet published to the public. But the blog post is already done. So pretty much confirms its.out today. I'm sure Dan has an article ready to publish also.

pahutakz says:

WE WANT 8.1 NOW!!!!

ogracia says:

Take your pills honey....

When Time IN USA ? wP 8 .1 Ready download?

BeloCZ says:

Please give us 8.1, allready!:(

willboyce says:

Come in micky . Get your finger out

Rymo_17 says:

Galway and Dublin. Loving the Irish theme to the names. They better have a green skin ;)

Will6371 says:

Why couldn't they of had a "Wexford"

Chef316 says:

I hope one of those is a high end phablet for T-Mobile, Rich!!!

shriyanshk says:

Hehe Maybe Superman and Tesla would be as the name suggests :P

Aniket Bhat says:

Let's not get carried away.. 635 for T-Mobile was named monarch

Rawliglat x says:

Exactly what I thought.
Suspected Tesla because when I hear the name, I think of specs similar to the solar charge (which was rumoured for the L1525)

And Superman just sounds like a big badass. I'm a bit skeptical about the price range to expect.

Pranjal Rai says:

Please stop commenting about unrelated topics on the news articles. Its really irritating seeing the same posts such as "give us wp8.1" or "when will wp8.1 dev preview be released" bla bla...IT WILL HAPPEN WHEN IT HAPPENS. JUST STOP!!!

Jackalneck says:

Think how much better writing this comment would be on WP8.1!

exkerZ says:

Haha haha haha haha haha haha xDDDD

-- Sorry if I am mean, I just dislike mean people! --

Pranjal Rai says:

You people can't change can you. Amateurs.... :/

kenzibit says:

Hey man, no need to get angry..it's a happier moment for WinPhans and we can't just help. This time comes one in a while so allow us to chill and celebrate. After today u won't see "give us 8.1" but rather u will see "Cortana can't hear my voice, 8.1 is soo great, 8.2 features to come, etc)...just relax

Pranjal Rai says:

I guess u r ri8, even I am excited....but I don't go around writing the same comment on a news article, then a post and repeat, u know what I mean...

All articles posted today should be locked for comments. In fact for evermore, the amount of dickheads on here.

lonerider_wp says:

Hahaha well played sir, well played. :D

WhippedKream says:

HAHAHAHAHHAHA I love you for this comment. Well played indeed

2tomtom says:

It would be faster too...

iDroiDz says:

Trololololol :D

lordbebech says:

+920 still writing on no flow keyboard :'(

Actually you are writing on the Word Flow keyboard, that's what the standard keyboard is called but it doesn't have swipe or shape writing ;)

Kartik Rana says:

put a post on windows 8.1 releasing time

Sam Sabri says:

put a completely off topic comment

Yaa we want releaseing time not date ... We want 8.1 dev preview @tdy

Th3 I3LooD says:

WHERE THE F&%K IS MY CORTANA!!!!!!.... Wooohaaahaha LOL, calm the hell down great impatient mob of "developers" ;) your 8.1 will surely be here within 48 hours... !

ogracia says:

I love the "Tesla" I am a big big fan of Nikola Tesla such an amazing genius that we should thank every time we switch on the lights or the car, the radio...

Fade_z says:

Or when some fat cop tazers an criminal.
'murica the brave

seq1 says:

Isn't Ara some Google(Motorolla) project?


ogracia says:

It's a code name....not a commercial one

seq1 says:

I know...... I meant to say that there could be a connection between the two. Windows Phone based on Phonebloks concept would be awesome.

kulas piiro says:

Hoping a new article for 8.1 release date..

Thanks for the link!
But I don't know what, when I click on the article and login, it won't show up. Rather throws an error :(


Yeah... Most probably.
I've been saying "I can't wait" for a while now. I guess I can.

We get the point that you are excited. So are we. And stop posting in uppercase now.


The_Lord23 says:

I can understand your excitement but the caps lock is getting rather tiresome.

MR Aziz says:

Good for Nokia the corporation with micro ..many model's same update with 2 years support..not like Android

wpgeek820 says:

The superman? Sounds awesome. Let it be the name even when the phone releases.


Sam Sabri says:

Where are your manners? You went off topic and you didn't say please :)

sip1995 says:

Don't get mad with them Sam, we were waiting for so much time for something new on oor phones....i feel them.

Respected Sam,

SORRY for being off-topic, but could you PLEASE help us by giving an approx time for WP8.1 Dev Prev update if you have an idea, so that we can stop "checking for update" again and again and pet the cat?

Best regards,

Aashish13 says:

Sam 'Namaste' to u from India

shadoweye14 says:

Namaste to you too my friend. How is Mr Kejriwal? Abki baar modi Sarkaar? :P

Lol yeah! And BTW, who's voting in these elections???
I wish I could, but I'm still 16...

BHAAI KO SALAAM BOLNE KA..salaam sam bhai!!!

shadoweye14 says:

Haha! Salaam Sam Bhai! Dhanda kaisa? Fataak na?

Bhidu lagta hai sam bhai so gayela hai...

riteshpande says:

Worry not apan usko utha k layega aur 8.1 k baare mai likhne ko lagayega

tab tak bhaai apun chalta hai...raat me milte hain..hopefully preview aane k baad!!

sip1995 says:

Yeah Nokia is still in the game...eat this haters.

remmo says:

Ara, Leo, Moonraker, Onyx, Peridot, Superman, Tesla, and Vantage... They all sound like superheroes

DreadVenom says:

Yep, superheroes and James Bond references.

wpgeek820 says:

More like The Justice League of Nokia ;)



sip1995 says:

Preview must be available for download in few hours.


mrvhin1216 says:

OMFG, JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! It will come when it comes!

As if i dnt know...i can feel the excitement in you!! :)

sip1995 says:

Calm down dude, what's the problem with you ?

he's gone nuts!!he needs windows phone 8.1 asap!!

sip1995 says:

HAHAHA....what can i say, my lumia 920 went for service and i won't get the wp8.1 until i get my phone back :'(

dnt worry u can see others rejoice and b jealous...well well what a bad timing for a service!!

sip1995 says:

It's not, cuz i want to check from others if the preview really voids the warranty.

no it doesn't, there are no reported cases whatsoever,Daniel posted it one of his articles!moreover i tried it myself when it was first released for GDR2 updates...dnt worry!!

Its true. It doesn't nccessarily voids warranty. Even the Dev Prev program itself says it MAY void warranty, without confirmation. I got my Lumia repaired once after aplying Dev Prev. It works fine.

sip1995 says:

It may void the warranty cuz the update doesn't contain s the CYAN update from Nokia and they don't recognize the preview as an official update....they think it's something like jailbreak.

oh common dont speculate...theoretically it may void but practically it hasn't happened to any of us..what makes u think u would be that unlucky??relax and go ahead with it when you get back your phone..

Given that my last Nokia phone (L920) had 8 repairs in 6 months. It spent more time in the repair centre than it did with me.

sip1995 says:

What were you doing with you phone and you had 8 repairs ?

recieving and sending to service centre!!

Man you really have to be enough unlucky to get your Lumia repaired 8 times in half a year but yes in most cases Dev Prev doesn't void warranty. At least not in my case. Frankly speaking, I think it all depends on the service centre you bring your phone to. They didn't check my phone if it had Dev Prev or not. They just repaired it. In other cases, they may check and deject it and you've to pay.

in india i dnt even think nokia care ppl know about developer preview,all they know is how to flash your phone!!

Xaphoon148 says:

Think something is going to happen soon since both Daniel and Sam are still awake :D

PolishHitta says:

Haha that made my day.. And the day just started

Xaphoon148 says:

Yes, I have noticed that ;)

Xaphoon148 says:

Now Joe is awake as well...

Exactly what I was thinking..
+Quick replies from Sam.

wpgeek820 says:

But I thought WPCentral already had an 8.1. Anyway looks like there will be a lot of competition in the News industry to post the 8.1 release news first :)

Nazir Taib says:

I want superman

viralgajera says:

Me too, feels like real super heroes...

PolishHitta says:

Enough of those shenanigans! I wanna see WP8.1 released and noted on this site!

They need to stop releasing all these yanky carrier exclusives and make them available for everyone!

Winnabe says:

The thing with these codenames is that they seem much better names to have on the commercial releases than the final ones. Moonraker for me!

AndyGriff says:

Yes. Preferably Moonraker 5, which is armed with a laser, if I remember correctly.

i want windows phone 8.1 on my superman!!


Yonic Boom says:

So long as you don't take it horseback riding.

Madhu T C says:

Common guys, just comment on this article, don't go off topicWPCENTRAL will report when WP 8.1 is available for download

it is what we are doing...its just that we r not commenting on the article and so are u!!there's not much difference

Dean McCrae says:

How does one comment on an article like that?

Xaphoon148 says:

What is the topic? ;)
Only topic today is 8.1 :P

RaRa85 says:

Hopefully not another "Monarch."

lubbalots says:

Hopefully that Madcock is something big.

Dean McCrae says:

Who knows, it could be a codename for a new toilet complex in Redmond...

Yonic Boom says:

If it's not I blame the cold.

detroitdecay says:

a rehashed 1020 on more than att please

how1ard says:

This is what qualifies as an article on this site these days and that's why I've stopped coming here. 

Rich Edmonds says:

Bye then. :-)

"Stopped coming here," yet still publishes comments.

Xaphoon148 says:

Very much LOL :D


Wow, apart from Dan and Sam you're also active.
Something surely is going to happen soon... *fingers crossed*

or is it just my over excitement...

LSDigital says:

You're awake too...

Can you please kindly share the reason with us? :)

Rich Edmonds says:

Sure, I'm in the UK where it's day time :-P

In the UK it's called going to work!

LSDigital says:

Sh*t! I forgot... :p

Yonic Boom says:

Commenting on an article you're not here to read. This has thrust me into an extistential quandry.

Dean McCrae says:

Those leaks were exciting. Er, yes really very exciting...I heard some more from madeupleaks.com - Ironman, Waterlilly, Barcelona, and Mercury. Take 'em with a pinch of salt, but hope you enjoy them...

Dome85 says:

Hope for many more WP in coming months with special features... for now nothing new. We expected 3D touch  and many more at Build but did comes nothing...

What about printing on Windows Phone 8.1? I hoped for something in this way but seems any news...

scrud360 says:

Looking forward to seeing what the Irish products are :)

reda igbaria says:

I think that Microsoft Dublin will be great

ok taking a look at previous lumia devices:

520, 620, 720, 820, 920, 1020, 1320, 1520, 2520

and taking out the 520, 620, 920 (Due to the fact they're getting succesors that we know of)

we're left with 720, 820, 1020, 1320, 1520, 2520

going on a guess here im assuming that the onyx + peridot devices are lower end or mid rangers so possibly the 720 + 820 succesors or maybe 2 new asha's (although the lumia theory would make more sence)

so now we're left with the 1020, 1320, 1520, 2520

i don't know why but i have a feeling that the superman device is probably a sucessor to the 1020

and i can't figure out the rest but assuming 3 of them are upgrades for the 1320, 1520 and 2520.

pretty much an educated guess but yeah :p

Edward Kang says:


noushadbm says:

Check, there is an update!

Aashish13 says:

U check, we will check later

Yonic Boom says:

Everyone knows better than to check, but they're going to do it anyways.

katlo says:

That's a lot of phones

GusterBuster says:


bahamut443 says:

This article taught me nothing. -_-

Yonic Boom says:

It taught me how to love again.

This article has generated enough traffic than it was supposed to!!excitement overflowing...sam dan just get a confirmation that today is the day..and we will let you sleep!!

Am I the only one waiting on information and leaks regarding a Surface Mini or even... Surface Phone? Tired of all the Nokia phones that end up disappointing me, one way or another.

Posted via the WPC App!

lynetteksati says:

Me too ..looking forward to a surface mini ..if it happens..

ruthietootie says:

Nope. Looking forward to the Surface Mini. Hopefully it's released soon

i will visit wpcentral 8 hrs later....

Remember to change your region to US before updating ;)

region can be changed afterwards too with a restart..

Madhu T C says:

I think he is talking about getting Cortana update by changing region before update as Cortana doesn't come to India now

i m talking abt the same..region can be changed afterwards...go to language+region change to U,phone restarts and thats it!!

Madhu T C says:

Will cortana work then?

AliNSiddiqui says:

Lol at all the people asking why the writers are still awake xD this is hilarious haha

cybermoose89 says:

Goldfinger id say is probably the most anticipated device maybe

weetigo says:

1020 sequel pls

Yonic Boom says:

Yep. This on TMO would make me very happy.

Blog Post: Windows Phone 8.1 now available on Windows Phone Preview for Developers

Cliff Simpkins

Starting today, you can update your personal dev phone(s) to run Windows Phone 8.1 using the Windows Phone Preview for Developers program . Along with the tooling delivered in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC , developers can now get everything they need to start building and testing Windows Phone apps...



                                                                                       The Windows                     blog_______________________________

yeah :D :D  i will burn it soon :D