Microsoft to offer new way to view Xbox One achievements via Snap mode

xbox one achievments

Microsoft has announced Xbox One gamers will have a new way to view their Xbox Live achievements sometime later this summer, which will allow viewing them in Snap mode while playing the game.

During Microsoft's live online preshow for their E3 2014 media briefing today, the company announced that the console will get an update that will not only allow gamers to view achievements in Snap mode but that they can followed in real time. Gamers can also rearrange how the achievements are listed in Snap mode so they can concentrate on the ones they want to unlock.

Finally, the new achievement feature allows users to click on an achievement to see if there is any help on the web to unlock it. All in all it sounds like it will be a very helpful addition to the Xbox One for achievement hunters.

Source: Microsoft



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zikifer says:

That sounds pretty cool, actually.

EzraWard says:

Seriously? Microsoft still needs to update the Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps to properly support Xbox One achievements, not to mention unify the visual styles. I hate, hate, how Microsoft hasn't bothered to update these apps at all. I'm guessing these updates are coming, maybe even before this update for the the Xbox One, but still frustrating.

Sunofabob says:

8.1 might have more in store than we know.

WPC App via Nexus 5.

EzraWard says:

I think it does have a lot more in store than we know even at the moment. It would be great to see some confirmation of that soon. If not, it's hard to recommend the Microsoft ecosystem as a whole if they don't keep the whole ecosystem synced together.

Raesu says:

Just use smart glass. Seems like it will be fully replacing the games hub.

Sunofabob says:

Much better than having to switch to the current app to view them.

WPC App via Nexus 5.

swizzlerz says:

Cool! I use smart glass!

JasonH81 says:

Great alternative. Still, it's hard to not want the simplicity of that little mini menu that you use on 360. But the speed of the XB1's OS is getting better, and with snap, it's less jarring. Because the way it's done now feels like an inconvenience; when you're pulled out of a game to see the achievements in a separate app, even though resuming the game is kinda quick.

I'm in the XB1 Preview, so hopefully its released soon so I can try it out.