Microsoft offers US consumers free Touch or Type cover with Surface RT

Surface RT

Microsoft is making it cheaper and more convenient for consumers to personalise hardware. To join the deal that has been featured in Europe, Microsoft has unleashed a free Touch (including limited editions) and Type cover offer for consumers when Surface RT Windows 8 tablets are purchased. It's a limited time offer and has only just kicked off, but we're pleased to see such a bundle arise to help push more units.

As a bonus, the limited edition Touch covers are also included, which would usually set the buyer back by $129.99. Of course, power users would still limited by the ARM chip and Windows RT, but this would be perfect for someone who doesn't require a full Windows desktop experience. Be sure to check if the deal is valid before you make the purchase at your chosen source. So, who's now getting a Surface RT? 

Source: Surface Blog; thanks, Austin and Edith, for the tip!



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jfivieght says:

Is it almost fire sale time yet?

It should already be free

ebradley says:

Agreed. And free since Oct 26.

sholokov says:

Agreed. Mine even started to rip out behind the magnet area. And i am always careful with it.

We Indians have waited forever for Microsoft to launch Surface RT or PRO in India. Why no love MS.

RyanDaLyon says:

That's the whitest Indian name I've ever heard!

ThePKReddy says:

the missionaries have done a fabulous job at mass conversions

Rishicash says:

Maybe it's a tech support name.

Nah man I am an Anglo Indian. Half Portuguese half Indian. Well now kinda full Indian.

Josh Harman says:

I love when I call tech support and the guy who barely speaks English tells me his name is 'Bob' or 'Jim'.

ThePKReddy says:

there are jebus nuthuggers in india. why wouldn't they have biblical names?

I lost you there buddy. Can you rephrase??

Rishicash says:

Don't go there! My comment was made in jest.

Its all cool man. No issues.

Rishicash says:

@ jeffinthoms1 - that comment was @ThePKReddy. I didn't think his slurs towards you weree called for.

Well they are pretty good at tech anyway.

blackprince says:

This deal is also going on in Canada too for all my fellow countrymen.

Thank you! I was hoping for some love from MS.

+1 came here to say the same thing

SteggyDad says:

As I said at release, and to echo others here it should have been free from the start

txDrum says:

That was my tip! :D

iamoniwaban says:

Here is a cookie!!!!

cjallan417 says:

So glad I got a 64GB on day one, mandatorily bundled with a black touch cover, which you pay for.  /s
My fault I guess for jumping in on day one. They got my money and responses in a survey. I got to put up with terrible mail/calendar apps (still do since I have Google accounts) and got to spend 20 minutes taking a survey that left me no room to actually express real concerns about the OS/tablet experience, except in the form of rating things between 1 and 9.

someoneinwa says:

It took you 20 minutes to do that survey?

cjallan417 says:

You may have missed my point....
Probably didn't take 20 minutes. I just remember it estimating 20-25 minutes. I didn't keep track.

explosive0 says:

Probably too late.

ScRePt says:

They are obviously selling out to make room for something ...

Onager1286 says:

Arrrgh! After finally getting a Surface RT a couple weeks ago, they decide to offer this deal. I would hope Microsoft would extend this offer to people who recently bought a Surface.

inteller says:

why? You can't read the future and made a decision to buy based on what you needed at the time. I knew when I bought mine there would eventually be a sale. But I got a year of Xbox Music for free that I'm enjoying so no biggy.

Onager1286 says:

Right, but sometimes companies will give the deal to people who bought right before a sale or whatever.

robooneus says:

Very often company will do just that... You may as well go and ask. Lots of them will honor sale prices and such if it happens shortly after you buy.

james v says:

All the companies should do that, I love Sony for this, I bought my VAIO a week before it went on sale and when it was on sale I just called them and explained that I bought it just 6 days ago and they returned 80$. That's how companies can create good relationship with costumers

SMMinke says:

Correct. Touch or type cover should have been free with your choice of colors. The fact that Microsoft Office is included in the price should have been marketed better. Finally, device should have been priced at $399 or so, or even $299. I doubt Microsoft loses any money at that price and the RT would have been a great "loss leader" to drive interest to the Surface Pro and to make a serious dent in the iPad's market dominance. Seriously, parents would buy Surface RT rather than iPad for their students and themselves because of Office alone at that price.

WilliamC1972 says:

I totally agree with you there. 64GB with touch or type cover for $399 would have been a killer! Without the cover, 64GB, should have been $299. That would have been awesome!!!!

Rico says:

They'd undercut their OEM partners and establish the Surface brand as a cheaper alternative, thus making it harder to reduce the price. Personally, I've felt that the Surface should've always cone with a touch cover, or been $100 less, which would still undercut OEMs. By packaging in the keyboard, the provide a value while not losing as much profit as a simple price cut.

SMMinke says:

Undercutting OEM partners shouldn't have even been a factor with RT. My comment was reserved entirely for the Surface RT. I think their strategy there should have been to attack the iPad head on with a "loss leader" in pricing, include the only accessory you need (the keyboard), and emphasize "This has Microsoft Office included for Free... IPad can't even run Office". Surface Pro is a completely different proposition. I think they UNDER-PRICED it. It holds up in my every day use to any of the Ultrabooks costing a great deal more. I get asked about my Surface Pro every day. It's a Ferrari at a Mercedes price-point.

hauz_20 says:

One of the few times I made the mistake of being an early-ish adopter. Got the 32gb package as soon as they made it into Best Buy. Ah, well.

There's no instructions on how to redeem this - do the store clerks know about it?
And is the staples $399 thing sale still an option?

xaeryan says:

^this (both parts) - anyone see redemption instructions? Would like to head to Staples and see if 399 in store still applies... Combined with a free Type cover, I may be onboard.

jbigelow says:

I jumped on the $399 offer already, I'm hoping I can go back for a free cover once I locate details on how to redeem.

rahul.sharma says:

Yeah, same here got one at $399 two days back. Please share if you were able to return or able to get free cover.

xaeryan says:

The Staples 399 in store deal goes to 6/8. The free cover promotion starts 6/2 at Staples FYI. (I just stopped at Staples - the fliers FROM MS have the 6/2 start date, so they're sending mixed messages with the blog post stating 5/31). Didn't ask about those who already bought one, but they were willing to let me buy one today and come back 6/2 for the cover, sooo... YMMV.

jsnod25 says:

Saw the post on Facebook last night, so many negative Nancy's "where's my free one for being an early adopter" or "should have been included the whole time" or "just got one last week, I should get my money back" boo hoo stop complaining!!!

thaman04 says:

Please correct the title to say "US and Canada", it's not US only.

Josh Harman says:

Also, include Tanzania in the the title.

xaeryan says:

I like turtles.

bawboh86 says:

I already have an RT and a cover. Would have been GREAT when I bought them, though. :(

bawboh86 says:

Oh well, would have wasted it on something else anyways.

Daylife says:

That's with everything in life....sorry

No love for those who have already bought the RT? :(

Montpbm says:

That's bs! I'm tweeting @JoeBelfiore and telling them about themselves! Lol I paid all that money for one and didn't get a touch cover...

blackprince says:

You should tweet Panos instead, Joe is Window Phone only.

Montpbm says:

I will then thanks

cjallan417 says:

Joe heads up the Windows Phone team. If you've used both Windows RT and Windows Phone 8, you can tell those two worlds are very much apart in many ways.

Montpbm says:

I know u can tell them apart... I had the wrong guy obviously..

cjallan417 says:

Sorry, my second sentence was supposed to be a joke (although, a sad one).
As a Windows Phone user, I was excited for Windows 8/RT, but as I started using it was clear the two didn't share much in common aside from Metro. Beyond the notion of sharing apps across platforms, there are just little functional things that I feel work well in Windows Phone but were done very differently on the Windows side. Email/calendar and lack of favorites in the IE app being the most glaring, but I understand they were straddling a line where they wanted to make it more desktopish.

Montpbm says:

Oh ok that's cool... I understand your frustration, I feel the same way..

Montpbm says:

I'm talking mines back!

t3chnick says:

I want a surface pro, any loopholes to get a free touch cover with one?

ScottieNooo says:

Perhaps Canada as well. Best Buy in Ontario has this deal from now until June 6 in the latest flyer.

Rich White says:

10"  Androids aren't selling well either. Fairly priced around $399 for the 64GB, Cover and Pouch.  Makes for a nice travel and sofa table piece.
Early adopter pricing (and pricing by Apple Standards rather than Android) means slow adoption.

blackhawk556 says:

Anyone who purchases a surface rt needs this or any other mouse peripheral. Sometimes I try to click on links and they don't open at all. The only way to click on them is to open the touch cover and use the built in touch pad. RT needs a better touch browser.

WP7WasMyIdea says:

Are you complainers (early adopters) going to cry about EVERY special and sale in the future? If so...send me your address so I can get some tissues out to you right away. Sales, promotions and specials are going to happen every now and then. If you buy ANY piece of technology you should know that. Anyway..all babies get free Kleenex. Just let me know if you need some.

NH3MAN says:

I hear that!  If your gonna play (early) then you have to pay.  Thats what it takes to be on the cutting edge. 

marantaz says:

I can't afford one but damn doesn't it look great in that picture? Sigh.

robooneus says:

As someone that pre-ordered a Surface RT and Touch Cover, I think this is great. I would have loved to see it pop up before (especially for early-adopters), but that just doesn't make sense financially. This is normal people... you lower the price (effectively) after it has been on the market for a while.
Would like to try a type cover, though. Have only gotten to use the touch.

Already have one! Love it!!!

LightBulbIT says:

Hmmmm. Haswell, maybe?

jubbing says:

And people who paid for this get ripped off, of course... The curse of being an early adopter and supporting the company gets a big whatever.

Montpbm says:

Ikr... I won't do it again..

spokanedj says:

64GB with Type Covert is $600?  I paid $499 for a NEW 64GB Dell XPS 10 with Dock (has extra battary) *and* AT&T LTE Wireless.  MS needs to hit the $499 price tag with the 64GB/cover and $399 for the 32GB/cover and it would be good.  I originally thought I would regret getting Windows RT (rather than an Atom/full version), but its actually very functional for everything I use it for.

stjimmie says:

How about a free touch/type cover for those of us who got an RT on launch day without a keyboard, i guess that's what you get for being an early adopter :| emotionless face

Montpbm says:

I hear u, I won't do it again..

jasqid says:

Wife won't let me buy one unless I have a great reason for business purpose. Are there any apps that let you sign (with your finger) a word or PDF file? I've used the "Sign my Pad" app from android market. Paid 5 bucks for it. But I really want to dump this zoom and get a surface. If I can find an app that let me do signatures that way.... Its all mine. (and hers for the above mentioned reason). ;)

TheJoester09 says:

I'm trying to sell my RT on Ebay...these sales are KILLING me! :(

NH3MAN says:

I am waiting on Haswell and then will purchase an 8" Surface RT (no Cover) for play and a 256 GB Surface Pro for work... ;-)