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Open password protected files in Update 1

Touch it!

Hearthstone Windows 8 touch support added


New NFL app for Xbox One and Windows arriving in time for kickoff


China launches anti-monopoly probe of Microsoft


Destiny beta event to be held at Microsoft's San Diego store Wednesday


Steam's hardware stats show over 25 percent of its gamers use Windows 8/8.1


Join the beta for a Windows Phone 8.1 Pushbullet app


Microsoft wants you to beta test upcoming Office products and services


Windows 8 and 8.1 still struggle to gain PC market share

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Android tries to find visual identity through 'Material Design', borrowing from Microsoft


Point of View announces three affordable Windows 8 tablets, available this summer


Halo 5: Guardians beta to run for 3 weeks starting December 27

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Check out latest discoveries and more with the New Scientist magazine on Windows 8


Microsoft updates Windows App Studio Beta, simplifies publishing process

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Touch-friendly version of Office reportedly headed to Android before Windows 8


Viber looking for new Windows Phone 8 beta testers


Report claims Microsoft's desktop Start menu won't appear until Windows 9 in 2015

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Microsoft and ink deal to bring CRM platform to Office, Windows


Windows will support Xbox One controller 'very soon'

General News

Microsoft will carry on selling Windows 7 to the Chinese government


Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview now available to download

Office 2013

Microsoft has made the customer preview of the upcoming Office 2013 suite available for download. Being cloud based, Microsoft has decided to integrate both SkyDrive and Skype into the suite and offer more social functionality to end-users. Signing into your Live / Microsoft Account, you'll be able to store and access documents on the cloud from any supported platform, including Windows Phone.

As well as more optimisation, Office 2013 has also gone 'Metro' with emphasis on simplicity to create an immersive experience. We've installed Office 2013 on our machines and boy does it install promptly. We didn't even have time to make a second cup of tea before it was all set up and ready to go. The suite includes Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Word.

Modern Office

Be sure to head on over to Microsoft's website to check out the Office 2013 Customer Preview.



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Death to google docs

jdep1 says:

Looks nice!

Google Docs never really grabbed traction IMO. I tried them but I didn't find them very useful.

juniwalk says:

I wish my boss would have seen Google Docs the same :/ I have to use them instead of my beloved web apps from Office because my boss hate MSFT.

Quit your job then. Lol.

juniwalk says:

It's more like hobby than job. And besides Google, I love my hobby :) (web designer and web coder)


I was joking about u quitting your job.

Can't wait for the new office for mac!!

paulheu says:

Dunno, but I have a feeling it'll be a while. And it seems like if any this will be the last Mac version as the next version will be cloud only no doubt.. And Apple would want you to be using iCloud which is not supported I am guessing.
So it's ' So long and thanks for all the fish' then eh..;)

revamp says:

I do agree with that iCloud statement but in the Consumer Preview for Office 365 Home Premium it says
"Coming soon, with the full release of Office 365 Home Premium:
Talk to anyone using Skype, including 60 minutes of free international calls every month to landlines in over 40 countries and to cell phones in 7 countries. (Skype account required. Excludes special, premium and non-geographic numbers.)
Get an additional 20 GB of SkyDrive online storage for easy access and sharing of your documents
Office for Mac"
From that one can assess that it will come out with some kind of preview or actual realease for mac when it is fully released as a pay to download program right?

sanchezursua says:

That's cool, I can't wait for MAC to go lay down with Steve Jobs and take iEverything with it!!! Tell MAC to make there own Damn Office.

theefman says:

Dont forget the Metro version of OneNote for Windows 8 users in the store.

srslykev says:

is the customer preview free? it says office 356 but is it still free to try?

BobcatRidge says:

Yep, it's free.  I don't know for how long, but free for now.  It can be used on upto 5 computers.

srslykev says:

thanks :) so they won't suddenly charge me once the final version is out, right?

Oh I'm sure they will. Love 'em or hate 'em, fact is Microsoft nickel & dimes us to death.

revamp says:

No they will not, they will just deactivate your product when the real version comes out so it continues to ask you to upgrade or something like that, just like they do for every other preview of windows or office.

chucky78 says:

Correct plus my Office 2007 is still there and works

hwangeruk says:

A company trying to make money, who would have thought.
Its not like Apple charge you double for basically an Intel based PC wrapped in Alimimium.
Or charge 100 pounds for a Macbook battery, or 70 pounds for iPhone battery replacement.
Really, this childish MS bashing went out of fashion in the 1980s, or didn't you hear? M$ no longer has Bill Gates at the helm to bash. Yeah, see, we've heard all this juvenile claptrap before. Get over it, companies make money.

lemonsteveo says:

Good points but please don't use M$ that went out of fashion as well ;-)

Lemme.See says:

So do other corporations, it's how the world works. Sorry to break it to you

ShadL says:

anyone else not getting to the page?

click the link next to the link he specified

laserfloyd says:

Clean and neat. The little I used was very pleasant visually. It has the Zune feel to it. :D

Jazmac says:

What Hangingonastring said. ^5

dalydose says:

I just played with it for about 10 minutes, but I like it so far. I have been wanting to embed video FOREVER, so I love that feature. I hope the provide an addon for older versions so that it doesn't just link to open a browser window.

Besides video, just adding images to a document is so much easier.

Editing PDF is also a winner though I haven't actually tried it.

So far, so good!

ScottAB says:

Hopefully they fixed the abomination that was Outlook 2010.

Uh?... Works great on my exchange account

ScottAB says:

I have no problem with the functionality of Outlook 2010 connected to my Exchange account either. Specifically what I refer to is how Outlook 2010 interacts with POP accounts (which I have for personal use) and its, IMHO, horrid interface. I "upgraded" from Office 2007 about a year ago, but still use Outlook and OneNote 2007 because both are superior products to the upgraded versions.

blackprince says:

I don't have enough time before work to really play with this but damn is it beautiful. Metro and Office = Marriage of the Ages!

Cam someone help me...i downloaded the preview testing it out and I run into a prob...i accessed a power presentation using my windows phone that I saved to SkyDrive, upon making changes to it on my windows phone and tried to save back to the cloud...i get an error saying this presentation is cabt be modified and is locked by the user....or something like do I give myself access to my own file that im retrieving it from my phone using the same account...?!?! lol

ggonzalez777 says:

No one has mentioned how awesome the logo is! It has a cohesive story with the windows 8 logo. It makes me wonder why Windows Phone 8 won't have its own logo?

blackprince says:

I do love this new logo. What would a WP8 logo look like if they did do one?

btgusto says:

Using it now and it looks and behaves nicely.  I hope my IT dept. allows me to upgrade my work laptop.  We are still using XP.  Knowing that XP is slowing losing support,  IT dept is slowly rolling out W7. 

dtboos says:

Been using it at the office all day.  Its very nice.  This will be a guaranteed purchase for me.

trazer says:

One question, if I sign up and get my 20gb added to my SkyDrive do I get to keep it forever?

CJ Thunder says:

Are these programs allowed live tiles? Without that, Outlook seems great but compared to Messaging and Email and Calendar and People built into Windows 8 it seems a little mixed up. Everything else is great though. But this one part needs to be streamlined.

HD7guy says:

Looks good, but one thing bothers me: I don't see any indication that there will be a buy-once, install-once, use without connectivity option.

Tomasz S. says:

Please note that instead of that weird click-once web installer posing as Office365 (which is bull, cause O365 is an online service and not an office suite) you can get a classic Office Pro Plus installer from MSDN or TechNet along with Visio and Project 2013 Preview. Oh, and ProPlus now comes with Lync client included.

Kredrian says:

Installed it last night and am looking it over this morning. So far so good. No problems. I don't really see a lot of features yet that I think really separate it from Offic2010 though.

MattDell says:

MS has suddenly blasted onto the scene, catching Google and Apple in shock mode.