Microsoft officially launches Windows Phone in China [Photos]


Today is March 21st which means Microsoft took the big step in growing the Windows Phone ecosystem by releasing the mobile OS in mainland China.

Launching on numerous devices, including the HTC Triumph (aka TITAN), the Nokia Lumia 800c and offerings from ZTE (including the Orbit/Mimosa), Microsoft looks to regain some ground in the smartphone war by offering a variety of hardware running the refresh of Windows Phone 7.5 "Tango" (build 8773) in one of the largest emerging markets in the world.

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The press conference was held in Beijing in a makeshift warehouse with HTC, Nokia, ZTE, Qualcomm and Samsung all in attendance. In addition, Simon Leung Corporate Vice President, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China Region was also there to introduce the operating system to the audience. The press conference involved a demonstration of the OS, new hardware, Skydrive, Office as well as mention the more than 2,000 Chinese applications already in the Marketplace, including 50 top tier apps.


Overall, it looks to have been a successful launch though of course, it remains to be seen how keen on Windows Phone China is in the next few months as these devices go on sale around the massive country.

See more photos and coverage at WinP.cn; Thanks, Lucas, for the tip!



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welsbloke says:

The US is an important territory but I cannot help but think that cracking China will be the biggest prize. Lets hope this goes well and a nice selection of Vendors as well.

Great...now the communist official have access to a better Nokia phone than me. LMAO

starvskii says:

Funny!what you phone you used is made in china and chinese of course have rights to use it.   -_____,-

Arun3 says:

Great News for the people of the Land of dragons and emperors!!! Do you have a Chinese version of the WP central app?  :-)

fahdriyami says:

Did anyone notice Huawei listed next to other Windows Phone manufacturers in the second picture down? Were they in attendance? Did they make any announcements? Did they demo a Windows Phone?! TELL ME!

starvskii says:

On the way, let's see

llanos5000 says:

This is funny because I live in Beijing and I've had my lumia 800 for 2 months. I just went to zhongguancun market and picked it up. Imported from HK!

the_tyrant says:

I hope that now English windows phones can have Chinese input

Lucas says:

You can have since the Mango update. Just go to the Keyboard settings.