Microsoft to open an Australian flagship Store in Sydney by 2013?

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According to a tipster over at WPDownUnder, Microsoft may well be looking to unveil a flagship store in Sydney, Australia. The report suggests the software giant will open up a bricks and mortar store before 2013 to follow the US advancement.

WPDownUnder notes that should a UK store open its doors, it would spark the beginning of an alteration to the partnership with Arvato, a third-party outsourcing provider who manages Microsoft's online store in 31 countries.

With Microsoft soon to launch Windows 8, the Surface tablet range, and Windows Phone 8 ("Apollo") it makes sense for the company to look at ways to further engage with consumers directly. We've seen this with Windows Phone so there's no reason why we can't see a different Microsoft from the corporate beast what we've grown to love and hate.

Would you prefer to see the company expand globally with stores to combat competition?

Source: WPDownUnder



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I read somewhere else they're going to open one in London as well, Spring 2013.

Big Supes says:

Please be true!! :)

Hiiiiiiiii says:

Surface for Europe, please

KustomAU says:

I hope this is true. Sydney FTW.

peowmeow says:

Open another one a little further down south in Melbourne too please ;)

Stanvx says:

I second that!

Chicken7 says:

I "third" it :P

timwp12 says:

Hhahah love it expand more Microsoft stores. Yes Aussie will love it. Microsoft should have Miranda Kerr promote windows phone 8. She still uses stupid dead BlackBerry still

Bruno H says:

Go Microsoft.

Sweden next ;-)

WP7_Genius says:

When we going to get one in Portland OR.....geez.....

They simply have to open many stores in the UK!

WinFan1 says:

What's up with the Boston store lol :)

Wobjoi says:

Yay! awesome. Excited about checking it out.

Open one in the UK, please!!

Desdemona says:

That is the sweetest news I heard all day (except maybe Spain kicking Porto's sorry ass in the euro), but whatever. I had called up my cuzzibro in the US just last week to tell him about the surface and me transferring money to him so he could buy one for me when it came out. This, Sir, is totally awesome. I will get to play with it as well beforehand!!

schlubadub says:

Unfortunately, the Surface will be out before any store opens... But I would expect it to be at normal retailers like Harvey, Myer, Dick Smith etc

Desdemona says:

You sure about that? I remember reading that MS will only be selling it through their own retail channel and their brick and mortar stores?

Chicken7 says:

Good to hear, but MS would be much smarter to open up in Australia's better city, Melbourne ;)