Microsoft opens Cafe Press store for Windows Phone Gear

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Microsoft has finally answered the call and opened up a Cafe Press store for Windows Phone stuff. Tee shirts, coffee mugs, a Thermos, glasses, you name it the Windows Phone Gear store has it.

You can head over to the site http://www.cafepress.com/windowsphone now and start ordering yourself or loved ones wares splashed with the "I Heart Windows Phone" logo. Oddly enough, it's the old logos with the non-Mango looking icons.

The prices are not exactly cheap being Cafe Press but hey, if you want to look the part you have to pay up, we suppose. 

Thanks, Rodney, for the tip!



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Woohoo! Definitely getting on of those mugs! About time!

gorebashd says:

Mebbe a mug lol after I get final fantasy. I like the shirt too

FFugue says:

Yeah, they should definitely mango the marketing merchandise.

Jnbs says:

Awesome... Finally i can find some company for my Nokia Lumia 900 t-shirt from AT&T. Go windowsphone!!!!

erichon99 says:

I got the red mug from the cafe mango truck in san Antonio.

Nakazul says:

....sob....i want that to :'(

jkercado says:

When did we have Cafe Mango in SA? How the heck did I miss that?! >_

agm353 says:

When?!?!? How did I miss that?!?!

Duffau says:

Omg? No! I can't believe they came to SA and I didnt know

I will be getting my #GEAR. However, I'm kind of disappointed. I'm a big guy 3x and I only see that the shirts go up to 2x....Oh well....still I say...#GoWindowsPhone #NokiaLumia900

willied says:

Big as in tall or fat? If you're fat then you can always use this as motivation to lose some weight.

Good thing he wasn't in front of you when you said that, cause that deserves a good ole southern beat down for that comment, no joke.

Hampus says:

Why? Being fat is counted as a disease.

Racxie says:

Why are you hash tagging on here? This isn't Twitter y'know!

WP7_Genius says:

Sweet, just need a Microsoft store in Portland OR

Mr_pither says:

Microsoft would be wise to send some of this stuff to current WP owners now to help spread the word.  I'm just not enthused to send them more money at this point, and I'm a fan / supporter / beta tester for almost 30 years now.  Dammit...

mjrtoo says:

Isn't everyone?

TofuDelight says:

I've been wanting a "I love windows phone" tshirt for a long time!

blackprince says:

Me too, getting one for me and the kid.

cheesemoo says:

How did you get the Nokia lumia 900 shirt?

Jnbs says:

I believe that is in reply to my comment I work for AT&T; therefore, I grab one of the "beautifully different" t-shirts. If you live around in the DC area I can get you one (or to anybody that wants one) because my co-workers don't like Windowsphone. :(

ZX9 says:

Are you serious? I live pretty close and would LOVE one of those shirts.

Jnbs says:

I am very serious... We have some Lumia 900 shirts in store because my co-workers did not want them. The store actually is in Hyattsville ( but I live near DC that's why I said "if you live near the DC area") in 8001 New Hampshire ave inside of the shopping center. Just let me know to grab one before they change their minds or give it to somebody else.

ZX9 says:

I do live close! It's about 45 minutes from me.

psychotron says:

Sooooo..... a multi-billion dollar company is utilizing Cafe Press to promote one of their products rather than their own considerable retail channels? Seems kinda cheesy and just doesn't feel very "official" to me, like the WP team had to hold a bake sale or something just to fund their own merch lol.

niyoko says:

Sooooo.... I see that you miss the point, completely. (-_-;) This is fan-service to those who have and love their windows phone. The only people that will know about this and buy already have been sold. If it's promotional, then it's promoting to the choir.

Soxpranos says:

Willied ur a coward. Don't bash others , to each his own. Be cool dude, anyways.

I fail to see how he's a coward or bashing anyone. He asked a perfectly sensible question, as I can see how he may be confused as to whether the person he was addressing was either very tall or very wide. If anything you are doing the bashing by calling him a coward. Care to elaborate?

Gmotagi says:

Displays in pounds on the front page and switches to colonials when you go to order.

angelsimaren says:

You can create a custom wp7 mango image or get one from a website. Then use one of the blank items on Cafe Press and customize it with the design :)

Shane says:

I want a DarkTile sticker for my phone.

timwp12 says:

Looks cool but don't see much of wp display like nokia shirts have

MediaCastleX says:

I think I need reference photos to tell the difference between the non and mango icons... =[

I bought a shirt and a mug

Brian3 says:

I want the Mango Tile merchandise. And I would love an I <3 Windows Phone snap on back cover for my focus S (like they did with the original Focus)

wsantiago says:

Wish they had different logos instead of just this one....something like Nokia tiles logo would be nice.

the_tyrant says:

the perfect shirt for WWDC or Google IO lol