Nokia Lumia 1020

Microsoft puts out three videos showing the photography prowess of the Lumia 1020

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is quite an impressive smartphone. It is a niche device though and it won’t sell bazillions of units like the Lumia 520. That doesn’t negate its usefulness as being a flagship device for the Windows Phone platform. But that doesn’t mean Microsoft, Nokia, and AT&T won’t keep pushing it. Case in point, these three videos from Microsoft highlighting the 41 million pixels you get.

These three videos show off the photo prowess of the Lumia 1020 in short clips that are perfect for both web and television ads. Check them out.



Shark attack

Which is your favorite? Do you like the soccer football one, the shark one, or maybe the skateboarding one? Sound off below.

Source: YouTube



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Michaelkett says:

Skateboard. Love them all but that has to be fav

Winnabe says:

Loved the football one!

koenshaku says:

I'm sure you did and where are you from? It just shows how bad Microsoft's marketing team is most americans don't even watch soccer!

ajftl says:

Yea and most of the world don't watch American football they watch more soccer

jgbstetson says:

I'd say it's regional. In the pacific northwest, soccer is pretty big. As long as they stick that ad in an area that makes sense...

raul_junior says:

Ummm but i was watching soccer last night one "ESPN en español" which is the ESPN channel In Spanish and I saw the soccer one go on like twice

Sean D. says:

So... THAT makes microsoft "bad"?
Seriously, that's pretty dumb. 

Winnabe says:

I am from India, and I can absolutely not stand football (or Soccer, as they call it in some parts), being an avid Cricket fan. But I do understand that particular ad is directed at a different demograpghics- Europe including the UK and South America, I would guess. Even the spectators that they showed looked like they were speaking in the British accent. So, I am not overly critical of this ad.

norville2 says:

The spectators in the ad were Europeans. In Eurpope we watch lots of football, and the accent was not british, sounded like Danish.

sri_tech says:

Football ad is fantastic. I hope they put them on TV.
Girl in third video is gorgeous :)

Tafsern says:

Don't like her. Bur thats the fun about taste and humans! :)

Nik Rolls says:

You want to taste humans?

squidgyimp says:

Tastes just like chicken...... Apparently!!!!!!

Eas195 says:

Be careful, don't try to be a cannibal because of that taste!

Kram Devil says:

Chickens taste like humans more like.

btgusto says:

I've seen the auarium ad on TV in the US

bahamut443 says:

What's with the IOS vs Windows Phone video? Can't locate it via my phone. Was it taken down?

Nik Rolls says:

It's advertising provided by Youtube.

kubiaxk says:

creepy diver :D

RyanAMG says:

Photo bomb it

jayruguitar says:

Dammit, vids haven't been working through the mobile app for a few days now.

Nik Rolls says:

Working fine here. Which option are you using?

sholokov says:

Install either mytube or metrotube.

jayruguitar says:

Thanx for the tip. MetroTube is already installed. I may have to uninstall/reinstall one or both. Just hesitant because my push notifications are working great for the WPC app. :/

sharathu7 says:

Cool..!! All videos are awesome...

Mark Cesari says:

I see the idea behind the videos but they are a bit short, kind of like a cooking show that only shows you the kitchen and then the food but not how it got there or why the chef is the best.

Winnabe says:

^THIS. Exactly my thoughts too!

mythos13 says:

When they are that short it usually means they will be aired on TV

Huime says:

FIFA will ban 1020 from entering the stadium.

Eas195 says:

Or the reverse, they will sponsor Lumia 1020 on their league.

Flavio76 says:

kkkkkkk you are propably right, they hate technology and advances....

glassadam says:

Can't watch the 4th vid (wp8 vs ios 7) because of the google automated queries thing. But the rest of the vids were nice.

rockstarzzz says:

+1 its just lame to have to search for it!

Eas195 says:

Man. It's like a rare thing! +1020.

mysterioso74 says:

I like the shark one...

DennisvdG says:

Omg did anyone else notice the updated plants vs zombies tile at the end of the second video??? Am I the only one who cares for this game?

Melus Haque says:

No you're not. Good observation.:)

MrDiamondJ says:

BTW, the NFL game last night featured multiple ads for the Lumia 1020. I was proud! Nice job MS.

fpostrow says:

Why are they playing Soccer in the "Football" commercial?

Tirinti says:

Because this game is called football everywhere outside North America and Nokia is European company.

fpostrow says:

You're putting me on.

Tirinti says:

First Nokia, now Microsoft.
I think it's time to switch to iPhone, because i need a SMARTPHONE not a camera.
2Mpix is more then enough in smartphone.

Sean D. says:

^ Super *facepalm* ^

Clavitox says:

Dont listen to him. He's just a troll

horbeme says:

i like the football video

Arun3 says:

Love all of them.... But I am still hung over from the Nokia Pure Motion HD video from before! That was pure Magic... Hope it airs on TV...

Football is great!
Vamos ganhar Fogo!!!!!!!!!

mipe NR says:

Here on my phone the 4th video is called "iPhone 5 vs. Blackberry Z10" (and it can't be played, either).

James Allatt says:

I hope we see more videos like this for Nokia phones. I have the Lumia 925 and I have to say im very impressed with it. I have had the HD7, Titan, Lumia 900 and now the 925 but I have to say the look and feel of the 925 is the best of any phone I have owned and its looks make it stand out against the Iphone and Samsung galaxy s4. The bissges issue Nokia have is that not a lot of people think of there phone when it comes to buying a new one and this is what Nokia need to get across to people as I now know a few people with a WP and I have yet to have any of them say they have had issues with it where they did say that with there Android and Iphones.
I hope the Lumia 925 and the 1020 can start to eat into the high end markets the way the 520 is eating into the low end markets.

Soccer n skating ones !!!!!!!

B1zzle says:

football, i can feel their rage due to bad calls lol