Microsoft refreshes Windows Phone Store badges for developers

WP Developer Badges

Microsoft has released a new batch of badges for Windows Phone developers to use. While you can easily create your own in one of many available graphic programs, it's good to know that some effective images are ready to use immediately with a standard size and design. If you have your own website and would like to showcase your shiny new Windows Phone app, then these are definitely worth checking out.

Head on over to the Microsoft Developer Network to read further details and to download the package.

Source: MSDN, via: WMPU



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They're not that bad, actually.

MilkyTee says:

I love the uniformity that WP has. Some may describe MS's approach as a little pedantic, but its great to see such consistency across the board

MTorskyj says:

Completely agree, that's one of the reasons I jumped from Android to WP8.

Good, maybe we'll stop seeing outdated badges eventually...

Ewwwww. They're disgusting. Much prefer the old ones.

Get your eye checked.

He's right, the white background is awful. My opinion anyways.

I think the tile for the store should be black and look the icon on the left ones

Where is the one with just the logo?

Atul Aditya says:

I like the ones with solid colour background more... new oones are okay though.!

shadyrudy says:

We have rules for the MCP badges(MCTS, MCITP, etc.) Not surprising to see rules for these, too.