Microsoft releases Photosynth for Windows Phone to the Marketplace

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We were just mentioning how Microsoft was teasing Photosynth for Windows Phone and sure enough, the popular and creative photo stitching app is now available!

"Photosynth for Windows Phone is the panorama app that makes it easy and fun to capture and share interactive panoramas of the places, people, and events that are important to you. Using the latest in computer vision techniques, Photosynth is the acknowledged leader in mobile panorama creation. It is the only app available on any mobile platform that allows you to capture 360 degrees horizontally and vertically, making a perfect “sphere."

Once you’ve created a Photosynth, you can share it as an interactive panorama experience on Facebook and Twitter (using the free Photosynth.net service) or as a simple image. You can also publish your panoramas to Bing where millions of people will see your panoramas, on Bing Maps and in Bing search results for the places you've captured. And check out our featured list, where we show off the best of what you and your fellow users create and share."

The app seems very fluid on our Focus 2 and we'll be sure to share some test shots as soon. But for now, go forth and enjoy the latest creation from Microsoft, we're sure you'll be impressed. Leave comments on your thoughts below.

Update: We should note that Windows Phones without a compass or gyroscope (e.g. the HTC Radar) can still use the app but it won't work as fluidly. You'll receive a message informing you as much but you can still download and use the app.

Update 2: Photosynth won't run on Tango hardware like the Lumia 610 as it needs at least 512MB of RAM for processing.


Pick up Photosynth for Windows Phone here in the Marketplace.

QR: Photosynth



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COOL! And I don't know much about it.

rodneyej says:


What's the problem? :-)

Lucas says:

Can't download via Lumia 800

Bernard Wei says:

Downloaded and installed fine on my Lumia 800. Just ignore the warning about the missing gyroscope.

exyaster says:

Doesn't work on Gen 1 Focus.... oh well. I'm still waiting for the Focus S II.... If only...

ousooner314 says:

It works, at least it did for me. It complains about needing gyroscope, but it allows you to download and use.

exyaster says:

Oh really? Thanks. I try it out now.

Uh, I have a Gen 1 Focus and it works just fine. Downloaded it, and even tried it out in my living room. 

habaryu says:

It requires the gyroscope to be fully functional. My Quantum doesn't have it. In what way will that affect it?
By the way, I've downloaded it and will try it as soon as possible.

ousooner314 says:

I'm guessing it makes it easier to orient and create more accurate panoramic images. I noticed that unless i was really careful, it frequently lost track of the previous image and wanted me to go back to that frame. It works, you just have to be more careful. Love it!!

awesumjon says:

I download it for my HD7. It says it uses a gyroscope D:

Badranath17 says:

Downloaded on my Nokia lumia 800 says it needs a gyroscope but still works.

incendy says:

Awesome app!!

WP7_Genius says:

Downloaded it to my OG Focus

mmoses1978 says:

It works perfect on my HD7, It takes a getting use to but it's a cool app.

ousooner314 says:

Pretty sweet app! Glad they finally made it available for us!

Worked on my HD7. Very nice app

dirtbound says:

Working great on the Lumia 900 looking forward to some daylight synths tomorrow.

Wow! The sample images are amazing! I just hope I can piece together an image of my own that is half as cool.

Kid251822 says:

Working fine on my 1st Gen Samsung Focus,but it's missing the option to take a manual shot...

ousooner314 says:

You should be able to tap on the green frame to manually take a shot. I've been able to do it without any problems. The auto shots do try and take over, but I found that moving the frame a little (leaving an overlap with the previous frame) allows you to take manual shots.

agm353 says:

My Browser Just Crapped It's Pants.

iggypop120 says:

Lack of gyroscope on my trophy means I end up with crappy results

rikyulin says:

Gen1 cannot install :-(

schlubadub says:

You CAN install... It's just warning you that you're missing a gyroscope which is the case for a lot of us

mrpinkeye says:

lumia 710, no gyroscope but works great! amazing app :)

edjr07 says:

So much fun , using the lumia 900 gonna try my titan2 when I get back home

Not even showing up in Marketplace for me. I have a Gen1 Focus.
EDIT: Had to go to apps->photo->photosynth

paradigm12 says:

Lumia 900 downloaded it's super cool

dalydose says:

THANK GOODNESS. My iPhone friends always got a chuckle out of this one!!!

I can't wait to get outside tomorrow to try it out for real.  I did a quick synth in my living room, but it's too much in need of cleaning to share! :) 

ejlee072006 says:

Nice... Kinda like what my titan have

walter1832 says:

Exactly.  How is this much different that the panorama shot on my Titan?  I guess for non HTC phones it could be usefull.

anseio says:

This one takes a full panorama of 360 around you, but also what is above and below. It's as if you're standing in the middle of the photo and able to look in all directions.

walter1832 says:

Gotcha.  I'll give it a try.

kelioputra says:

Worked great on HTC 7 Mozart

smtpserver says:

It worked on mine, too

Kadcidxa says:

 I need a tripod now.

abond32 says:

I always say how I feel out of frustration about #wp7.. Well here's a feeling. Its about time and this app is great..!! #Titan

lindortmnf says:

What a cool app! >_

denispage says:

AWESOME APP!!!!! Using in my HTC Titan and my Lumia 900!

Nakazul says:

Cant find on marketplace :'(. Titan owner and tryed search and going through apps and photo. Is this another just America app?

RogueCode says:

Use the link above instead of searching.

Nakazul says:

You Sir, is a genius, oh the simple way oh ...downloaded now.

jate1569 says:

Nice. Works fine on my Dell Venue Pro.

dmw_4814 says:

Jesus, the VERY FIRST word in this article is wrong; it's "We WERE", NOT "We're" (We are) - don't your proofreaders work at night?!! :-)

erwt says:

Works decently on my Lumia 800, but I wonder how much better it would be with gyroscoppe.

Cyruss1989 says:

Works well on my Lumia 800, but the quality isn't good at all.
Iphone panoramas look MUCH better :/

ousooner314 says:

That may be due to the Lumia's camera and lack of gyroscope.

jamiefinney says:

This really should have been a wp7 exclusive app. Glad its finally here but a bit of a joke it was available for so long on IOS.

cliff08er says:

Works perfect on my Dell Venue Pro:)

Binson#WP says:

This app makes me so glad I got a Titan ii

lvalen91 says:

Thanks for the QR code.. it was nowhere to be found in my MarketPlace... weird, anyways NEAT!! :D

holyfetzer says:

"This phone uses Features youre phone does not have -gyroscope"
Microsoft Epic Fail :D

thenet says:

Works fine on my wp ,7.5 troll

12Danny123 says:

@HolyFetzer What is this stupid cow doing here?
No wonder you fail in life. pity for u

Back off fúckin loser troll

rselim says:

The fact its on iOS is a joke, that's why it needs to be integrated into WP and be a native to the OS, and accessed through the camera functions. I mean the titan 2 added to the camera functions for its phone, why can't we have it too. That's what sets us apart, no need for apps, we already have it :)

DaSchnee says:

On the DVP it is completely messed up... I think that's the case because the compass isn't working. In the end it just all doesn't fit together.

Stanvx says:

Pureview is going to look amazing with this!!!

thenet says:

Works awesome with HTC arrive wp 7.5 funny how it don't work on lumia 800

Mon-El says:

Omnia 7 doesn't have a gyroscope either.  Also, Photosynth.net doesn't work in Opera :(

Then use internet explorer

thrmacho says:

Works fine on Lumia 800 :)

Leapo says:

Very poor show so far...
1. App crashed when I tried to save my first synth.
2. Restart app, find it lost everything I had just done.
3. Make a synth, save, view it a bit.
4. Press the back button to go back to the main menu of the app, the app crashes.
5. Restart the app AGAIN.
6. Delete the panorama it made because the alignment between images wasn't that great, and the overall image was blurry.
It also made my Samsung Focus very, very hot. This is hotter than it gets while playing Survivalcraft...

yosagojimbo says:

5 star app, outstanding on lumia 900

Just installed on my Lumia 800, looks great, but what will gyroscope does exactly?

Micfur says:

I just downloaded the app, Nokia has a panoramic setting on their creative studio app, and it too can make panoramic pictures. It also has the same problem of losing the positioning due to lack of gyroscope.

fraincs says:

So glad I wanted that app before my next trip! Works well on Focus Gen 1.

WinFan1 says:

Works pretty well

VikArmo says:

Can someone please tell me how to calibrate the device within the app? I'm on the calibrate infinite page thingie but nothing happens.

gabewells says:

I have the same issue and I'm on the lumia 900. Any suggestions?

dclelaya2000 says:

My lumia 900 wouldnt display the green ok text, even after i made the infinity motion several times and ways in front of me. I had to do it, then exit to the home screen. when I relaunched the app, the calibrations text was green. I think it just doesnt want to refresh and tell you that its good until you relaunch.

BudaAlien says:

This is the second that I've not been able calibrate. I don't know what I'm not doing but I think it's of a dev's practical joke to make you sit there looking like an idiot!

shielah says:

Why does it say my windows venue pro won't support some of the functions? If I have a windows phone.less than a year old ,updated ECT why?? Says gyroscope won't support no function

Venue Pro is a 1st gen device. It was only with the Mango phones (Focus S, Titan, Titan II, Lumia 900, Focus 2) that you got a gyroscope which is a hardware thing.

Front facing camera, gyroscope and new chipset support was announced at MIX 11 last year and those devices came out in Nov '11.

laserfloyd says:

Works fine for me on a 1st Gen Focus.  If you're having problems it could be things like lighting and the actual environment.  I just took it slow and it made a real nice panorama of a room I was in.

neo158 says:

Works well on my HD7, I'd like to see this integrated into the camera as a panorama mode

Its lacks the Picture Hub integration. Why?

Nataku4ca says:

i tried it, L800 here, the lack of gyroscope is not as big of a deal as i thought, just need to move slower or else there will be some jittering goodness you'll have to deal with
i like the result XD

1101x10 says:

Created a nice panorama on my 800 but the resoution of the photo is creates is a bit low.

Everything works fine, except when I try to aim 'upwards' to 'close' the panorama. As soon as I do that, I get the red focuslens that will not let you take a picture. This happens no matter how slow I move. Anyone else have this issue and/or a work around for this? Thanks...

This. App. Is. Awesome.

trazer says:

Amazing. Works truly great on my Titan II, great quality and I had zero overall issues with it. Now to see how easy it is for others to see my photo.

Banstyle says:

Crashes pretty much 100% on my Samsung Focus 1. Looking forward to an upgrade, I suppose. :(

BudaAlien says:

Works beautifully on my focus 2! My only issue is the account creation. I created the account through the phone but the account isn't synced with my email. When I go to the site it asks me to create a new username. Hopefully that gets fixed soon! Love the app!!

Corepc says:

Working Wonderfully on my Focus Flash.  Install without any problems. Time to take some 360 views..
Seems to take better views indoors versus outdoors does it use the camera built in settings ?

konstrukt says:

Can't find it in the German marketplace on my Lumia 800.

konstrukt says:

Now I got it. It does not show up, when you use the search function. You have to go to apps\photo\new.

rasa_jitu says:

What is gyroscope?

another app not available in India :(

microsoftspy says:

Useless trivia: those sample photos were taken in the Bravern 2 building in Bellevue, WA. That building currently houses a big chunk of Bing.

thegooner says:

I'd heard about this, but after trying it out, I'm really impressed.The only negative I'd like to mention is that it's a shame it's taken Microsoft so long to get their own in-house developed app onto their own in-house developed phone. It's been on iOS for.... how long? I know there's a lot of change coming with WP8/Apollo, I wonder if this is a reason for some devs to hold off from bringing their apps to the platform. Nonetheless, this should not prevent MS from bringing the same apps they have running on other smartphone OSs, with just as many features (I'm looking at you, BING ;-) )  
PS - as an aside - anyone else notice that MS do not promote WP7 as well as they could? Hotmail login screen, lack of Photosynth/Bing functionality, Halo Waypoint not promoting WP7 and so on....?

petersun21 says:

Tried a few shots. Very impressive how shots are stitched together