Microsoft releases Android to WP7 mapping tool [Developers]

Awhile back in an attempt to woo developers over from the iPhone, Microsoft released some dev tools to help in the transition. The tools are like a pocket-dictionary for a new language--they allow you to look up commands in one language and translate them to another (for Windows Phone). While they have no illusions that devs will just drop the iPhone development, the hope is to get devs to eventually cross-develop by making it that much easier.

Today, the Windows Phone team has done the same but for Android. From the Windows Phone Dev Blog:

...although you might have a preferred language, opening your mind to others will bring considerable value to your abilities and your resume. It’s true that jumping from one platform or language to another can break your habits, but change can be stimulating and will ultimately expand your opportunities.

To aid in this endeavor, the team is releasing two tools:

  1. Android to Windows Phone API mapping tool (mentioned above)
  2. “Windows Phone 7 Guide for Android Application Developers” white paper, 90+ pages organized in 7 chapters

The tools aren't yet Mango-ready, though they are looking to update them over the summer for that purpose. Once again though, this shows how committed Microsoft is to making the transition for cross-development more simple for developers. And from what we've heard, going from iOS or Android to Windows Phone is quite and easy task.

Source: Windows Phone Dev Blog



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GP07 says:

I think the Mango SDK will win over devs just fine but every little bit helps.

fable#WP says:

I'd really like to see Microsoft's new development platform that they announced will be used to create HTML5/JavaScript applications for Windows 8. And it would literally be a dream come true if this platform is based on Silverlight, or even Silverlight itself.Imagine all WP7 apps running on the desktop as well, and all Windows 8 apps running on WP7, and on Linux, Android, and in every major browser, and even in iOS and OS X.What developer wouldn't prefer Microsoft's platform first, if their application would run on all HTML5-ready operating systems? I really hope Microsoft makes the right decision there.

HeyCori says:

I'm really surprised Silverlight hasn't had the same adoption rate as Flash. IMO Silverlight is way better.

Tansen says:

Good stuff. Sooner or later development will take off. Around the same time, sales will increase. Hopefully before mango, but things can take time.