Official BlueFly app brings a boutique fashion experience to Windows Phone


Weather Hound updated with transparent Live Tile support


Awesome Lock updated in preparation for the World Cup


Flipkart adds new features and improvements to their Windows Phone app


Bollywood entertainment portal, Koimoi, launches official Windows Phone 8 app


Middle East's leading newspaper, Khaleej Times, arrives on Windows Phone


CNET comes to Windows Phone with all its Tech-Savviness


Tonido released for Windows Phone 8 for remote access to your home computer


Another day, another official app in India, Airtel Money arrives on Windows Phone 8


Bollywood Hungama makes a comeback on Windows Phone 8 for Bollywood fans


Boxcryptor comes to Windows Phone and Windows 8, allows you to encrypt all data you send to the cloud


Official Facebook beta updates with bug fixes and more reliable notifications


Fhotoroom gets an updated, adds in-app store and new editing tools


Nextgen Reader updated for Windows 8, adds new Feedly Pro features and more


Simple Calendar updated, new Live Tiles added to the mix


Shreeji Bullion for Windows Phone 8, a fine app to track the Indian Market


Plex for Windows Phone 8 updated, adds Plex Sync to the mix


Go beyond the native podcast support in Windows Phone with Podcast Critter


Plant Guide for Windows Phone 8, an easy reference app for identifying wild plants


Like the Indie music scene in India? Artist Aloud is the app for you!


Microsoft releases Switch to Windows Phone apps, making it easier to migrate to the platform

Switch to Windows Phone

Microsoft has released its Switch to Windows Phone apps on both Android and Windows Phone. Available on Google Play and the Windows Phone Store, the apps work in unity to help make it easier for those on Google's platform to hop across. It's a welcomed addition and one we believed would be of use for those who would like to check how many of the apps they use are available on Windows Phone.

The Android version has been met with mixed reviews and the majority of consumers have down-rated the solution. We can't confirm as-of-yet if this is due to issues with the app and backend service, or if it's simply because it's a tool to help migrate consumers to Windows Phone. We've attempted to download the Switch to Windows Phone app on our Windows Phone devices here in the UK, but it's currently unavailable in the GB store. 

WP Switch Android WP Switch WP

You can download Switch to Windows Phone from Google Play and the Windows Phone Store (note that we're not able to confirm if it's rolling out in all supported markets - Windows Phone 8 only).

QR: Switch to Windows Phone



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cesar ruiz1 says:

I downloaded the android version last night and it only says the percent of apps available doesn't say which I can honestly say it sucks.

diplomat696 says:

What % did it show?

cesar ruiz1 says:

The app scans your Android phone for apps you have installed, includes games and a few system apps. When its finished the app only says the % of apps you have installed the wp8 in my case was 90% and saves to SkyDrive. When open the app on WP it scans SkyDrive and tells u what were the closest apps available.

larspassic says:

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

WinFan1 says:

What did you say? I don't understand what you wrote at all.

onysi says:

larspassic speak truth! order follow you must!

Vlad C says:

We space now!

I don't even...

Vb2012 says:

Slow news week kill meee :/

You do realize they've published quite a few articles already this week, and even if they hadn't, this comment is not appreciated by anyone, ANYONE.

I agree with vb2012, just because articles are posted doesn't mean they are as interesting as other weeks.

He said "slow" which seems to imply quantity over quality. I spoke to that issue.

News can be "Slow" and yet they still fill the 6pm news every night and newspapers everyday.

News can be slow, but if you read further down in this comment thread you'll see VB2012 said, and I quote "Edmond its Wednesday come on more news please" Notice how he said "more news", QUANTITY, exactly my point.

Tsyokiss says:

Not available in the netherlands atleast.. Shouldn't an app like this be available in as much regions as possible.. ? I see no reason to restrict this..

Not working on Lumia 520...
Why ????
Even it has Windows 8

Vb2012 says:

Windows phone 8 Windows phone 8 Windows phone 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paulxxwall says:

I feel it will show how much and how bad in the negative we are compared to android we are in the app ecosystem I'm on windows phone and I'm still waiting on apps I had on android and although I love the metro ui some not all apps on android work a little better. Just a little !!!

Like Audible. Works horrible on WP8

cjallan417 says:

Dumb question: what's the point of this app on Windows Phone?

Munkeyphyst says:

I believe the idea is: you have the app on android, it determines the apps you would need if you switched, and when you get your WP, you run the app again to get the apps it selected for you installed

cjallan417 says:

Ahhhhh...gotcha. Thanks!

cjallan417 says:

I just now clicked on the link to the original article, which explained it. Guess I could've just done that to begin with rather than comment.  :-)

procen says:

It's okay we like to translate :-P

l_n says:

To install the apps identified by the Android/iOS versions.

WPUser111 says:

Anybody on todays xbox game of the week?

NaterBater says:

Probably a Gameloft game. I'm hoping for something good though.

WPUser111 says:

Me too.. Something good..

How long before Google somehow makes it disappear of GooglePlay?

oddom says:

Hopefully soon because this app is pointless. It literally does nothing unless your actually planning to switch. This will not change anyone's mind thanks to its lack of any real info at the end.

So long have you owned an Android phone? Why are people so worried other people will stop using the device they use? You people act like your devices are a cult, for Christ sake.

oddom says:

Idk I use all three but some people have no respect for mobile Lol I think all three have a use in my life because they all work just fine. But this app is bad Lol sorry

Shadow 024 says:

"...because this app is pointless.
...unless your actually planning to switch."
Thanks for the clarification on why it doesn't need to be removed.

oddom says:

Yea it does believe me if you haven't used it then you have no idea why it needs to be removed. If I was planning to switch I would wanna check out the apps on the web store first to make sure that it is a viable option to switch to. (The app I mean)but instead it gives you a percentage and sends you on your way with no idea what the other app is. Because I saw a temple run logo as my replacement for temple run 2 which is crazy but the normal person would think it is temple run 2 because they don't know any better..that's my point.

Adam Tiley says:

Maybe Microsoft is also using this to look at which apps are used most on Android, so that they can help get those imported to Windows Phone!

+1 exactly what im thinking

Vb2012 says:

Edmonds its Wednesday come on more news please

You really do need to go on don't show the slightest appreciation for all the hard work the WPcentral team exhibits on a daily basis.

NaterBater says:

Its like the little girl from the att commercial. We want more we want more. But seriously we want gaming news.

Beshoy Hanna says:

Soon we will need to invent a word for someone who is so enamormerd by technology that everything in his life loses foucs in a sea of pixels

Not working on lumia 620? Why???

blinkk2 says:

Not available in Romania.

Fran_FLV says:

Not available for Lumia 920/Spain

Made the rounds to numerous android forums and the articles on this are getting a ton of comments.  Mostly negative, but who cares.   It's working.

morpheus1982 says:

This is actually a very cheeky move by Microsoft.  I like it!

neo158 says:

What to get people to move to Nokia ... sorry, Microsoft Windows Phone?

morpheus1982 says:

I didn't realise Nokia made the OS.

tendoboy1984 says:

Well Nokia is Microsoft's biggest WP partner, and they DID dump Symbian to focus exclusively on Windows Phone, so the confusion is warranted.

inteller says:

I don't believe Microsoft can list the apps that are matching as it would qualify as a competing store which breaks Google Play rules.  Users can bitch all they want and that's fine, but it is Google's rules they need to read up on.
what the app needs to do is generate an HTML report which a person could go to outside of their phone and look at the matching apps.  Forcing you to only get the benefits by using the windows phone app, as others have said, assumes you are already switching.

Choorp says:

Agreed. The app doesn't actually do anything until you actually buy a WP8 phone. Microsoft is really missing out here.

theavrgjoe says:

Is there an app like this that transfers apps from an apple phone to a Microsoft phone? Because I'm trying to get my Mom to switch from apple to Microsoft and her main concern is her apps.

lnsertName says:

Unavailable, Nokia Lumia 820/UK

tendoboy1984 says:

No iOS version?