Microsoft Research releases 'Academic Search' app for Windows Phone

Besides all of the other official apps released today and yesterday, Microsoft Research (that super cool group at Redmond), has just released a new beta app called 'Academic Search'. Title is pretty self explanatory as far as the topic. Here's the app description:

"Academic Search WP7 client is a free academic search application based on new technologies from Microsoft Research. It gives users access to more than 27 million publications on multiple academic domains."

Huzzah. Sounds pretty cool to us and seems like a great way to kill time, especially if you're into that type of work. As of right now, ours didn't populate, but imagine they still have to throw the switch. Grab it here in the Marketplace.



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Adenohedron says:

Just downloaded this and I love it. I'm a research student and I use my Windows Phone as my mobile PC. I'm always opening up excel files with sample information and word docs from my Professor. OneNote is also extremely helpful in keeping everything in order. Now with this I can pull up research papers effortlessly and with a great UI. The MotherShip really out did themselves with this one. I'm a Windows Phone lifer now.Can't wait for some Mangoy Goodness!

laserfloyd says:

Now that is very cool.

justop26 says:

Used it today to find new investigations regarding brain tumors and the like. Worked flawlessly and impressed the attending all at once.I love the app and WP7 more by the minute!