Microsoft Research releases Face Mask

Face Mask app now available

Just a couple days after releasing Face Swap, Microsoft Research is at it again with Face Mask.  Where Face Swap used facial recognition to let you move mugs between bodies, this new app adds humorous features people's faces.  Choose between 20 different masks, rotate or resize them, then make your friends look ridiculous.  Face Mask can identify multiple faces in a snapshot and can randomize masks between them simply by shaking your phone.  Pictures can be saved to the People Hub, as well as shared via Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo.

Like its sister app, Face Swap, Face Mask is free.  You can get it here.  Also, if you enjoy this app, check out Funny Faces too. Thanks for the tip, Shadi!

Face Mask QR



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Oxygen22 says:

MS is telling developers to post a single app, if the thng that the app does can be done in one app! And now they're posting these...they could have just make one app that includes face mask and face swap. Pathetic! 

MS Research apps are experimental apps, not necessarily mainstream releases. I mean i see your point, but I think of these as MS mini-projects, exempt from normal public releases.

This comment is pathetic and misinformed. This isn't spam or bulk publishing like the other apps have been. There's a limit of apps that devs can post in one day and its 10 not one.

addicusbrown says:

Neither app will download or install right now. Shucks!

thenet says:

Geez who cares about this app. how this gonna help me or for use? post something more important than this. I also submitted important news tip of wp 7.5 and never posted. dont be jealous because i found the news first.

Gemini Ace says:

Both apps crash on me.  Kinda sucks.

Met#WP says:

Upon first launch of the app, I was stuck on the spalsh page for over half a minute. Then suddenly, the WP7 logo appeared and my phone was booting up. :-/