Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals ends today with savings on the HP Envy 15 laptop

12 Days of Deals HP Envy

While Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals promotions may have had a few bumps along the way, it had some rather nice savings opportunities.  The promotion draws to a close today with savings on the HP Envy 15 laptop, which is regularly priced at $899.

The deal begin at 7am PST/10am EST online and at participating Microsoft Stores (US/Canada).  The first twenty customers at the retail stores and the first one hundred online customers can snag the Envy for $499.  Once that allotment is exhausted, the laptop will be on sale for $699 while supplies last.

Keep in mind there were a few unexpected changes to the last few deals and if we run across any last minute changes, we’ll update the post.  You can find the HP Envy 15 listed here at the Microsoft Store’s website.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!



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matiu_00 says:

You can always expect changes when you lean on a leak.

4look4rd says:

Terrible laptop.

720p, no SSD, integrated graphics. My laptop from 2010 is superior in every aspect except for battery life and costed $800 back then.

MAkhdar says:

You must have gotten a very good deal back then, if it had a 10 point multi touchscreen, 8 GB RAM, fingerprint reader, Quad-Core i7-4700MQ, and was $800 :)

4look4rd says:

Finger print reader, 6GB of ram, ATI 5650/4200, quad core phenom (which to this day is plenty to run every app/program), 750GB storage.


And yes its a piece of shit because of the screen, which happens to be the exact sameone in this laptop. Also its almost 2014, how come a 500+ laptop doesn't have an SSD or at least a hybrid drive?


Took them two years to add touchscreen and a 2 extra gigs of ram?

tvolpe86 says:

terrible..ok. terrible by what? your standards/needs? this laptop has a nice design and plenty of features at that price point for any normal user. btw, AMD CPUs haven't been good since I was 16, I'm now 27 now.. dual core i5s outperform that phenom easily lol.

mambastik says:

And any normal user wouldn't need any more power than a first gen i3 or even a Core 2 Duo. I still prefer AMDs for the more well-rounded balance of processing power and graphics power. A Haswell's iGPU running Diablo 3 fails next to my first gen Llano.

Doom At Last says:

Too bad it has a 1366x768 display resolution, otherwise would have been perfect for my needs.

cjallan417 says:

Had it in the cart for $499, clicked Place Order...then got "technical difficulties" and an order number. After 20 minutes on the phone with customer service, my assumptions were confirmed: "technical difficulties" = "out of stock". Oh well. Wasn't anything I needed but wish the experience was cleaner if I wouldn't end up with the deal in the end.

jgbstetson says:

Same here. Chatted with rep and got nowhere.

bing76 says:

Same here.  Also called rep and got nowhere.  I find this frustrating. 

foxbat121 says:

Got one in the store. Arrived at 8:30 and only five guys lined up. Store open at 9:00 and all 20 are gone in a few minutes.


Not a bad laptop considering it comes with latest Haswell processor Core-i7 (the integrated graphics are not bad at all). Yes, screen is low res and there is no SSD. But you won't get those for any laptop < $900.

Guitarpik says:

Anyone get the JBL speaker yesterday? This thing is awesome.