Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals hits the home stretch featuring the HP Pavilion X2

Microsoft 12 Days of Deals

Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals hits the home stretch this week with the final five days of door busting deals.  Today, the spotlight shines on the HP Pavilion X2 13” convertible laptop.

The first twenty customers at each of the participating Microsoft Stores (US/Canada only) and the first one hundred online customers can pick up the laptop for $599.  After that allotment is gone, the laptop price will jump to $699 while remaining supplies last.

The deal, as with all of the 12 Days of Deals promotions, won't be active until 7am PST/10am CST.  You can find the HP Pavilion X2 laptop listed online here at the Microsoft Store.

12 Days of Deals Leaked List

According to the leaked list of deals, here is what the rest of the week should bring as the 12 Days of Deals comes to a close.  The door buster deals (first 20 in-store/100 online) are shown in the brackets.

  • December 17 – Save $30 on SOL Republic Headphones (60% off or $39.99)
  • December 18 – AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 for $99 with $50 Windows Store Gift Card (free with the gift card)
  • December 19 – Save $30 on JBL Bluetooth Speaker (60% off the speaker or $40)
  • December 20 – HP Envy 15 for $699 ($499)

If you are trying to take advantage of the door buster deals at your local Microsoft Store, check out our 12 Days of Deals shopping tips.  The tips may give you a leg up on the competition.

Should you be on the hunt for the HP Pavilion or any of the remaining 12 Days of Deals bargains, good luck and remember there are only nine more shopping days until Christmas!

Leaked List via Slickdeals



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I picked up THREE music passes yesterday online for 29.90 each! A shocking $70 discount! I'm set for the next four years (since I purchased one the day I got my Surface 2).
I alerted a friend of mine who got one, then she went to buy another one and it was already up to 49.90!

pookiewood says:

You greedy bastard! Haha kidding! I completely forgot. I hope they do this again next year. My birthday in January works as well. ;)

jaimeastin says:

What time did you get on line? What time does the online sale start period?

The deals always start at 10am PST. :)

jMawl says:

Yeah, I got 2 at 29.90 (didn't try for 3) online and thought there was some mistake. I'm glad I didn't try to go out to the store for this given our road conditions were less than optimal.

sri_tech says:

Looks like deal is already closed.

Dell XPS 12 at $799 is much better deal in my opinion. You will get much better display (Full HD vs HD) and faster processor for $100 more.


kelton says:

This HP looks interesting, but at nearly 5 lbs..... it's just a tough call.  I know, it's also a tablet.

If I'm going to carry 5 lbs around, it will be a real, deal, high horsepower laptop.

It is just an "ok" machine. The battery life is pretty poor, but then it is a bigger device and that screen will eat up more juice. But even then, it still doesn't last as long as I think it should for the weight.

Someone will love it.

tallgeese says:

Got my mom one. She's happy!

I'm a little upset:( As of last night Microsofts doorbuster deal for December 19th was JBL Flips. "December 19: JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker for $30 off (Doorbuster: 60% off)". Today however it seems that they have changed out December 19ths JBL deal for headphones :/