Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals spotlights SOL Republic Tracks Headphones

12 Days of Deals

Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals promotion heads into day number nine and spotlights SOL Republic Tracks HD Headphones.  Tracks HD on-ear headphones are fitted with Sol's V10 Sound Engine Speakers that produce deeper bass, clearer mid-range tonality and resonate highs for full quality audio.

The 12 Days of Deals bring the price of the SOL headphones from $99.99 to $39.99 for the first twenty customers at participating Microsoft Stores (US/Canada only) and the first one hundred online customers.  After the door buster deals are all gone, the headphones will remain on sale for $69.99 while supplies last.

The deal starts at 7am PST/10am CST and for more details on the SOL Republic Headphones, you can head over here at the Microsoft Store’s website.



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mikefeero says:

I think its great that they're putting all this stuff on sale. Just seems strange to me to have the variety of things at (semi) discounted prices. I expected more electronics and such(not that there hasn't been).

erzhik says:

They only put overstock items on sale. If stock is low on something or if something sells well, it's not going on sale.

kingraven says:

A lot of these things are diverse gifting products. Something for everyone. These SOL headphones are very good. Not very durable, but super light and have great overall audio quality. They're worth the $99 so on sale they make an even better deal.

Montpbm says:

I hate these door busters sales bull.. Give everyone those same discounted prices, some people can't get off of work for that crap! :)

Zeroplanetz says:

Its funny I got a pair of UE 6000 for $59.99 right before black Friday. The internet can be your best friend sometimes lol

rchillin says:

I got both GTA V and an Xbox music pass at the door buster price by signing in right around 10AM EST.

jason8957 says:

I went to MS Store in Austin around 10:45 and they had four of these left.  So far, they sound good to me.

Peter V125 says:



Drove an hr to my local MS store just so they can tell me they'd hadn't received the shipment of headphones. They did not want to give me and rain check:(

Talbot690 says:

Least you have a local ms store..

SleepyTheDon says:

So Order online the sale starts in 30min

bassrebel says:

I've been saving a $75 MS Gift card for the longest... it's time to use it and get them for free :)

Richard_Indy says:

George, I hope that your mean 10am EST not CST...

aitt says:

It should read 10 EST. CST is 9

allos autos says:

Canadians really get the shaft tomorrow. While the US gets the 1520 for $0 and get a $50 app card ($99 after the door crasher ends), we get $30 off the Fitbit Zip ($20 off after the door crasher ends). They couldn't find something a little more exciting, considering our offers aren't valid online? :(

timgabrhel says:

Just got mine @ $40!

I've been wanting a pair of these. They were normally $90, then $70 on Black Friday and I hesitated, then they shot up to $130 on Amazon. Crazy.

Richard_Indy says:

Just got mine too. $42 and some change shipped to my office UPS 2nd day.

Richard_Indy says:

The site says 200 were available.

NykoAlly says:

Yay. Mine went through too. Thanks for the tip!

Richard_Indy says:

Already up to $69.99

Why this page appears on

How cns you know if a store is participating. I only have those Microsoft kiosks near me. No full stores. Do they participate.

NykoAlly says:

I don't think the kiosks participate. If you have any stores near you, you should call to make sure they are participating.

Sorry, buddy ):

bbtwlv12 says:

All stores, including kiosks are participating.

SoloXCRacer says:

I have a pair of these. They're a great set for the price.

mrdeezus says:

I have these and all I can say is these are awesome headphones!! Go to sols site and you can switch out cords and headbands in a variety of colors. One thing you need to lnow is the 3 button cord that comes with them only works with the iphone. I bought a replacement cord on their site, its the one button "Cleartalk" cables and it works great. Check it out here.



bassrebel says:

Went to my local microsoft store in Florida Mall during my lunch break, they still have 4 at $39.99

bassrebel says:

OK, this is a stupid question, but I have to ask it...

How do I differentiate Sol Republic Tracks from Sol Republic Tracks HD? I didn't see anything that said HD on the box, and the deal was supposed to be for the HD ones.

Anyone care to elaborate?


bassrebel says:

Never mind... I didn't notice that in the ear piece it shows V8 when it should show V10 (HD).

I'll get in touch with Microsoft Store, because I was given the wrong product. People beware, make sure you're given the right one!

After having my doorbuster watch backordered no thanks.