Microsoft, Samsung team up for new Focus Flash commercial

While we haven't heard of any reports yet of this being shown on TV, it sure looks like it was made for it and we hope to see it soon.

The ad features the Focus Flash (see review), AT&T's name for the Omnia W, and two guys joking around, showing off the social-network integration, including live updates, photo uploads and more. It's fairly effective.

Lots of folks have asked for these ads to show off the actual OS and how it's easier--we think this goes in that direction and adds a few laughs too. While it's a different approach than the Radar 4G ad, we think bother offer interesting glimpses into Windows Phone--plus it's just nice to see ads for once.



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apavoratiago says:

Perfect size, the only reason I'll stay with my FOCUS is that FOCUS FLASH has no front camera and 1,4 ghz wont make me change my mind.PERFECT SIZE once againg.

It has a front facing camera. Read our review. It also had a gyroscope, compass and HSPA+ for "4G" speeds, which makes a significant difference.It's quite the upgrade from the Focus.

Duvi says:

I liked it.

techygeek82 says:

Nice! B+. Now they need to have the same two guys in a 'one-upsmanship battle' and each commercial show off a different phone feature in some way. Just a thought.

EJNelly says:

I agree. A series of commercials with the same or different people but same theme would be fantastic.

Is there anything in this commercial that would interest an intelligent human who's interested in how a high end smartphone can enhance their enjoyment of life?No.

Here's the thing about commercials: none of you agree on what's good or bad. So with all do with respect, it's like commenting on art--everyone has an opinion and none are more valid/invalid than someone else's.We have never posted a commercial here at WPC where everyone agreed it was great.

hardrock1a says:

So what you are saying is that opinions are like butts, everyone has one and they all stink. :)

WheresWinPho says:

Considering the price tag for upgraders, I would say that they arent marketing the phone as a high-end device. That being said, played with one today and its solid. Great phone.

EJNelly says:

You assume intelligent people need marketed to. Or that marketing to intelligent people is even effective. And that intelligent people don't enjoy humor it social networking.

WEll I thought it was funny lmao!

Vvillegas134 says:

Original link to this commercial?

jimski says:

May not be perfect, but it works for me.

Rodney5 says:

Why do they do this?? Why are they always trying to be funny with their commercials? They are never funny. They're lame! WP7 is so cool, and the commercials never reflect how innovative and beautiful WP really is! I don't understand it. The iphone commercials are always about how good the phone is. Even though I hate the iphone, I can understand why people think it's great and why they take it seriously when they see the ads. And the droid commercials are really cool! Why is microsoft making these lame commercials that feel like a really bad sitcom? I just don't understand it.

erichon99 says:

I couldn't say it better. M$ needs to make a really cool commercial for once for their product. These 15 second sitcoms are getting stale

norville2 says:

Well not sure i agree with you guys, i thought it was funny so watched it again, my personal opinion is that it is a good commercial....and that is coming from a hard to please Brit.

Seasword says:

It is funny. What's wrong with you guys ? Too hard on life ?The message is that your phone makes you feel pleasant and less pressured.

WinFan1 says:

i personally like the commercial myself its like microsoft is staying true to the put people first theme it uses though the commercial is about the phone its meant to ease the user and make the phone fun to use as opposed to something u have too look through for hours though i can agree with what others are saying too much people not enough phone/features being shown and thats whats hurting ms.

Chicken7 says:

Hated it. All of Microsoft's advertising seems to revolve around unintelligence. It really annoys me when Windows Phone is such an intelligent OS. I don't get it....Now the "Windows 7 Family" ads with WP7 are airing in Australia, and the music sounds dumb, the plot is dumb, and to top it off, the American accents are so offputting. Urgh!