Microsoft sends out 150,000 HP Windows 8.1 devices to Baltimore county schools

Baltimore HP Machines

Microsoft recently announced new low-cost hardware for schools across the US, aiming to address the technological issues in the education system. Hardware is just the first step in the process after the announcement. It takes learning methods, rollout planning and initialized transformation to really make an impact to better student learning at school. Today, Microsoft has announced the start of the distribution of some devices to some of the district schools.

Superintendent Dr. Dallas Dance moves through numerous classrooms to kick off the distribution and reach a 1:1 scenario. Microsoft is working with Dr. Dance and a team of educators to execute on the Students & Teachers Accessing Tomorrow) initiative. HP and Daly Computers are partnering up with Redmond to help rollout 150,000 Elitebook 810 Revolve Windows 8.1 devices to students and teachers over the next four years. Redmond is offering Office to district students at no extra cost.

As well as other plans Microsoft has put into motion, the rollout of hardware to the district of Baltimore and provision of training will surely help bring students into 2014.

Source: TechNet, via: WinBeta



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tkdmacgeek says:

Baltimore sucks lol

tkdmacgeek says:

I am I called him Steve not iStiff

tallgeese says:

You can't spell, so you suck. You also didn't provide your area of residence, which implies you're embarrassed where you reside in addition to sucking. How long have you been sucking? Did you briefly stop sucking to post your comment, then resumed sucking?

tkdmacgeek says:

You have no life.

Rockartisten says:

Exactly! He's a walking dead, so be fucking careful.

tallgeese says:

The "walking dead" in man's TV and movie media, is an oxymoron: Have you seen or heard of reports of the walking dead: A rhetorical question, as we both know the answer. Since I'm a living breathing man, your comment is misguided, fantastical, and moot.

tallgeese says:

Well, how can that be if I'm commenting, again, to you and I'm making breakfast?

Tell people they suck for having bad spelling, then proceed to butcher your own post lol

tallgeese says:

He sucks for saying * Baltimore * "sux". I used his misspelled word - purposely done of course as I myself have used "Thx" in substitution to "Thanks" - as an attack vector. That should provide some clarity and context to my reply to tkdmacgeek.

cnbc86 says:

Baltimore the greatest city in America ;)

Proposition Joe disagrees.

berty6294 says:

Id love to know where you are from that is so awesome! Baltimore is incredible!

OMG55 says:

Sorry, but those 810 revolves ate ugly cheap looking and a throw back to the past. Windows 8 deserves better hardware than that!

tallgeese says:

Most schools that receive donated or deeply discounted IT products usually get functional, not even mid-grade hardware. But, if it meets requirements, good for the schools & the kids.

anmol_gamer says:

Microsoft do something like this in India too.

vkelkar says:

I think looking at the popularity for Ms products in India... Microsoft should leave US behind and focus on India... And see the love will always increase....

Novron says:

Nah, India already screwed them out of one factory.

Dr Dallas Dance? Christonabike...

eyesoreM says:

I know right. He's only one accident away from becoming a comic book villain.

berty6294 says:

Ive grown up and attended Baltimore County public schools my whole life. And while he just took control 2 years ago, I've met him multiple times and they guy is one of the nicest men I've ever met! Really takes a lot of pride in the county and does everything he can to better it every day!

Cellus13 says:

¬_¬ and city schools are ignored once again...

tallgeese says:

My sentiment exactly.

Cities are in counties silly.

mtmt88 says:

Baltimore City is NOT part of Baltimore county, and is much more homogeneously economically depressed.

Novron says:

If they wanted pawn shops to have them they would have given them to those schools.

tallgeese says:

And you'd know all about pawn shops because of all the stuff you stole to make ends meet when you couldn't make money for sucking like the other guy I rebuked.

NIST says:

Need to get a program like that in Ca. There's a push to a lot of cheap iPad type apps here in the schools. My wife, a teacher who today went to a technology conference for schools came back saying she may have to buy an iPad just for some of these programs as they seem to push a lot of apps on iPads. She wasn't too happy. She rocks a Surface and loves it. Plus what an additional expense.

Aashish13 says:

Tell her to buy a hammer to destroy the shit bought buy those students.

Aashish13 says:

In India they are providing with hp onmi tablets with discounts to engineering and management students. Can anyone tell me about this? Because every even i wanna get one. But im still completing my graduation. Can I take the advantage of the offer? Please revert

It is a US company to be fair, only reasonable to start in your own country.

spaulagain says:

So apparently you are ignoring all the comments about them doing this in India too?

Grunt Attack says:

HP does it again 4 years later, nek minute, reports of HP laptop exploding.

I'm never paying for a HP product ever even if they were kind to give me a free laptop in the past.

I don't really know how HP is still alive. Nobody seems to care about their products anymore. I remember the days when almost everyone had HP laptops. Now I rarely see it. Not that Macs are any better.

Really? Interesting, I love my hp laptop and recommend them to about anybody. And the college I go to, I still see a lot of hp computers. I guess it just depends where you are at!

S Vaibhav says:

WPCentral, wake up! It's Monday guys....... Some real news please! Just kiddin lol ;) It's still Sunday in the US, isn't it?

Soypan says:

Yep, and morning in most of it.

JamesDax3 says:

Love to see something like this in Philly.

And this is why Windows is by far a greater company than apple, they give back!

JoRdaNeK says:

Probably because they want the youth of today to feel at home on Windows, in the hopes that one day, when they're older, they'll re-purchase Windows products

adrian1338 says:

This is the point. Get them used to win8.1 and don't lose more and more market share

Aashish13 says:

Apple cant challenge Microsoft reason is windows azure

efrometa says:

Microsoft Azure... they renamed it...

terrokkinit says:

Totally and completely agree! $150 billion in cash for a company is excessive; use it for something!

spaulagain says:

Apple has been doing this for years. Every school I went to when I was a kid was loaded with those 90s iMacs.

Ordeith says:

Those schools had to pay for them, overpay in many cases.

Microsoft really should be using surface for this but I suppose then the complete cost is on their shoulders rather than sharing it with HP.

terrokkinit says:

What's good about corporate social responsibility (CSR) is that not only does it give great things, it's good PR for the companies involved. :) Microsoft and HP could use some of that, given how their brands have been viewed by some in the past (think HP scandal, Microsoft antitrust, etc.). Good that both sides were able to come together on this one :)

birgs says:

Great moves so that people will love Microsoft products and services,,, until the next of their generation .

ike2000 says:

Baltimore County is very well of. It's the Baltimore City that needs it most. How America continues these irrational decisions is mind boggling. Every opportunity goes to the subs - WiFi, Cable, etc. The cities are always ignored.

RaRa85 says:

I'm happy to be in such a diverse city. There's a lot of potential in Baltimore.

And not one was sent to me...

cruelvaldez says:

I like how his Name is doctor dance and moves through different classrooms lol

Planblover08 says:

I like the new aggressive but humble MS.

FoD-SiGMa says:

What a slow news day!!!

gamerhandz says:

Alright, so a fence in Baltimore has 150,000 WP devices to move, great. 

louisoneal says:

Freaking sweet!

LaNiQuE says:

I live in Baltimore so im wondering why they only sent them to county and not the city too I'm going to guess and say the schools they gave them to score high on test

berty6294 says:

Well the one in the photo above is Church Lane Elementary.. if that is the school that recieved the new tech, I have no idea.

Donald Trump chiiling in the back XD