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Patch Tuesday: Microsoft updates Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 with Power Cover fixes and more


Surface Pro 3 vs. Surface 2 vs. Surface Pro 2


Turn up the volume to eleven with Ears for Surface


Surface 2 64 GB with LTE goes on sale for $679


Surface 2 with LTE to go on sale tomorrow, 64 GB for $679


Microsoft Surface family updated; performance improvements and Power Cover support onboard


Exclusive - Surface 2 with LTE for AT&T priced at $679 for 64 GB, new photos show stock

General Accessories

Surface Power Cover receives ship date and price, boosts your battery by up to 70 percent


Surface 2 with LTE arrives at Microsoft Stores for impending launch


Nokia Lumia Icon versus Microsoft Surface 2 – born of the same design language?


Surface 2 with LTE visits the FCC, hopefully coming soon

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Patch Tuesday: Surface firmware update fixes Surface Cover bug and more

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Nokia brings advertisements to HERE Maps on some Windows Phones

Microsoft News

Patch Tuesday: Firmware updates available for all Surface devices


Microsoft offers Surface 2 and Pro 2 bundles with big discounts in deceptive new ad


Microsoft berates iPad on lack of USB, touts Surface 2 as solution


Microsoft responds to overheating on Surface 2 devices - a firmware update is coming

Microsoft News

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft releases firmware updates for Surface, Surface 2, and Surface Pro

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Microsoft launches marketing campaign to help keep your email private

Microsoft News

New Microsoft ads showcase user scenarios for Windows and Surface


Microsoft sets out "painting the town Surface"

If you remember the original Surface ads that Microsoft had painted in various cities, then the new advertisements will be of no surprise. Microsoft has once again set out on “painting the town Surface” in an attempt to draw attraction to what they believe is the future of Windows.

The new Surface paintings depict a “Lighter and Brighter” device with pink and blue type/touch covers. Next to the devices are stamped the words, “The New Surface – 10/22/13”.

Microsoft’s latest advertisements may be doing the trick, as we recently reported that preorder units for Surface 2 64 GB and Surface 2 Pro (256 GB and 512 GB) are running out.

What do you think about Microsoft’s advertising campaign for Surface 2? They have also seemed to dump their crazy dubstep dancing commercials for more detailed and personal ads about their device.

Check out the full collection of Microsoft's painted Surface 2 ads on Facebook by clicking here.

Source: Surface Facebook



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Sam Sabri says:

Can't wait to get mine! 

DarkKrystof says:

Those paintings are pretty cool. Unique.

omaropa says:

Just preordered mine!

Micah Dawson says:

Loving this new generation of surface due to the better advertisements

MediaCastleX says:

Where's the style though..? =/

rockstarzzz says:

I will get it with AT&T's Lumia 920 GDR2 update. Some day.

Really, that can't be said enough until Big Blue delivers. The Surface 2 ads are better. Really the dancing metro people were never a problem. The problem was how many times they played it, and there were no other commercials. You got to come at it from different angles with a variety of ads like Geico does. Microsoft needs to axe that talking Siri commercial now too.

txDrum says:

My first thought was "What does IBM have to do with this?"
New range of MSFT ads are much better. I am thinking Surface 2 should do much better.

Excited to get my hands on my Surface 2!!!

NZ255 says:

Although I wasn't a fan of the break dancing ads, I do agree they helped MS push their way into a crowded market and create brand awareness. Now they're refining that brand.

Clavitox says:

I love Microsoft. I wish I could get one but I already have a touch screen laptop

infinihertz says:

I'm really torn. I want to get *a* convertible device, but can't decide between Surface 2 (Pro or regular), Lenovo's Yoga 2 or ThinkPad Yoga, or the Dell XPS 11. I really hope someone (whether it's here or some other reputable site) does a head-to-head comparison.

TechFreak1 says:

Same here, though im holding out for the Nokia announcement. A tab with wireless charging, pureview tech that's what im holding out for lol.

spcdog says:

Is "pre-orders running out" a sign of actual demand though, or a sign that Microsoft isn't grossly overproducing this time around so they don't have another $900M writedown?

txDrum says:

Probably a little bit of both. I'm sure Microsoft didn't overproduce, and I imagine that demand is significantly improved this time around.

Clean and simple.  Loving the adverts this time around.  Much more polished as well as the product. 

OMG55 says:

I've been searching for comparison videos since the surface 2/pro 2 announcement on youtube without success. When they released the original surface, comparisons were all over the place. I think Microsoft has an open door here to become a true devices/services company with all of the current OEM's dropping support for windows RT. If Microsoft can release an array of surface devices running RT like: Surface 2/Pro 2, smartwatch, laptops/netbooks along with conference room media presentation/TV/web line the brand will mature and when RT/Win 8 merge, they can, abandon OEM's like the OEM's abandoned RT and truly do everything in house if they choose to do so. I don't look at OEM's leaving RT as a negative, but as an opportunity.

I also preordered the Surface Pro 2. Pretty excited to get it and I'm going to see if I can replace my main system with it. :D

bobsentell says:

"Lighter. Brighter."

Let the Lite Brite jokes commence...

Chi28n2k says:

Really want a Surface 2. As a Day 1 Surface RT customer, though, with an $88 trade in value (for a perfect condition Surface RT with power brick), I'll let someone else absorb the r&d costs, this time around, and pick up a sweet Suface 2 64Gb, at a later date, for a lower price.

AskaLangly says:

Did we turn back time? This isn't the 50s. Silly MSFT.

Planblover08 says:

I am currently in Dallas TX and have seen 5 iPhone 5c wall ads literally within blocks of each other downtown. Im from charlotte NC where wall ads are less common compared to bigger cities like ATL or MIA. But which cities are the surface ads in?.