Microsoft shipping Surface tablets, confirmation emails being sent out

Microsoft Surface Shipping Confirmation

Microsoft has begun shipping its Surface Windows RT tablets, according to confirmation emails that have been received by those who submitted orders. We've previously looked at delays and possible issues surrounding Microsoft's Surface pre-ordering process that left customers baffled not knowing when they'd receive their product.

We then covered the tweet that was published by the Surface Twitter account, which stated that original shipping and delivery dates will be upheld by Microsoft. No delays, always a confirmation consumers enjoy hearing. 

Could these emails be also sent in error? Only time will tell, but we highly doubt it.

Thanks, Rudy, for the image and tip!



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WinPhanKyle says:

I hope this is true...I am anxiously awaiting my beauty....

Soxpranos says:

Cool, but there was only one option of shipping when I did my order. It did say , arriving on the 26th

mikroland says:

So does it matter to Microsoft if we receive the Surface before Friday???

Terrin says:

no it dosn't they send them to make sure people at the latest have it by the 26th

mikroland says:

So that means people will be posting reviews on Surface before Microsoft officially unveils windows 8? That's OK with me, just wondering though.

stephen_az says:

Not likely.  At least in the US UPS will be instructed to hold the packages for Friday delivery.  Some may get them early by accident but, otherwise, unless you call UPS and get them to let you pickup early, it will arrive Friday. 

ejlee072006 says:

I almost shit my pants

pedenske says:

Darn mine still says in process on the store site

gudnuf4u says:

I got an email confirmation that my RT tablet is shipped but without my Cyan touch cover? I got a tracking number from UPS but its shipped Ground, 3-7 days....I better get my tablet as promised by the 26th

joshpollard says:

Did you enter the tracking number into the UPS website? It should tell you the expected delivery date.

gudnuf4u says:

I entered the number but no item found....it usually takes about a day for UPS to update their system with the information

beefydragon says:

are you able to pull up the information today?  i'm curious on what the delivery expectation is.  i finally got my confirmation email today but the tracking info is not yet available.  :P

jubbing says:

Same. Surface shipped, white cover has not.

z8er says:

Got my email, can't wait!

wpuser320 says:

Mine says pre-ordered but my White Touch Cover still says In-Process :(

cwinger says:

No luck yet here. I ordered a surface and a cyan cover. Maybe solo surfaces are shipping first. :-(

Jf.Vigor says:

No, I ordered a solo Surface yet no email just yet...

joshpollard says:

same here. the scary part is that the hold on my CC is gone, but there isn't a charge for it either...

Jf.Vigor says:

Yup. Found it odd when $528 was put back on my card.

Verkunder says:

Yeah, the charge for mine has been taken off, as well. Still showing "in process" on the website.

xirsteon says:

Same here. temp hold is gone.

Hiiiiiiiii says:

Surface review NDA lifts today :)

nuprotocol says:

I thought it was being lifted tomorow. Otherwise we would have a flood of reviews by now. lol

jenjen4u says:

Im kind of confused now... I ordered early so received email saying ill get the surface by 26th, then i received that dissappointing email saying ill receive it by 2nd Nov, then  i received another email saying the last email was sent in error, so im guessing that means 26th for me... but when i log on to the microsoft store it still says 2nd November as the date... Ay yi yi no biggie but still be nice to receive asap >_<

wpuser320 says:

Where do you see the Shipping date at? All mine says is, Pre-Ordered (under the thumbnail) then to the right it says Pre-OrderShip It.

jenjen4u says:

On the right it has another date stating for me still says "02/11/2012" even after i received an email saying that ill receive it on the 26th. I think were looking at the same thing and im just assuming that the "preorder date" is the date i should receive it by also just to let you know im from UK so not sure if the layout of the website is the same for you

wpuser320 says:

ahhhhh oh okay thanks. Yeah under my account in order history, the only date that shows is the day that I orded it. Thanks!

christoski says:

I spoke to the Microsoft Store earlier because im impatient. The guy said we would have it by the original date, just not updated within your account. Mines the same.

jenjen4u says:

Thanks for reassurance! =D

@jenjen4u same story with my order.  After checking my Microsoft Store account today and seeing the same 2nd November date I called them.  The person i spoke to reassured me there will be no delay and to consider the originally quoted date as accurate.  The "fault" which caused the email to go out, also effect the date on the orders it would appear.

jenjen4u says:

glad to hear im very excited for some reason!

Flagz says:

Sadly I had two conversations with MS Reps, and one with an online rep and they all said it won't come UNTIL the 26th even if I switch to next day shipping. ):

christoski says:

Any one from the UK received these despatch emails yet? Looking forward to it now!

jeremy.head says:

Yes I also would like to know if any in the UK. If you guys that already commented to say that they had the email please say where you are from :) thanks

WasStoNed says:

UK based too and no email :-( guess America is a larger ditribution zone
I called the MS Store to about my online order status:

Surface with Windows RT

Price: £479.00
Quantity: 1

Status: In process
Pre-Order Boxed Shipment

Language: 32 GB with Black Touch Cover

Pre-Order 02/11/2012


I couldn't get a straight answer from the lady I spoke to she just kept repeating "the original date you got when you ordered" which is kinda worrying as the order never really specified, just said you 'may' get if on the 26th......the weekend will be painful :-(



jhoff80 says:

I highly doubt anyone is receiving them early. They'll just be held at the local UPS location until Friday.

Luminatic says:

I'm officially jealous now (Living in a country where we might get the surface next year). Sooo, what else could I spend that money on? ;-)

procen says:

You can send me your money so I can spend it for you :-P

cwinger says:

Oh the excitement of new devices. $1500 t microsoft in one week, i sure hope Best Buy or MS doesnt hit delays. you would think they would arrive early like the Lumia 900 did.
That was a stellar marketing move!

nabberuk says:

Just checked my microsoft store account, My 64GB with touch cover is still saying "In Process". I'm in the UK.

lennyk1313 says:

Still saying "In Process" for my order.  Order was placed on the 16th.

churchwa says:

I don't think they need so many days to deliver in the UK. I would not expect mine to ship before Wednesday for Friday delivery. The US is a much bigger country :)

smartass1379 says:

@nabberuk yeah my 64gb with cover is still in process (California)

beefydragon says:

For those of you haven't tried Windows 8 at all, please understand this is a full NEW learning curve.  I've been playing with the full version (not the RT) but on my tablet since the developer preview came out.  It will take you some time (for me a month) to really get use to the "charms" and the rest of the gestures on the tablet.  But once you are use to it, it's very efficient.  It is absolutely nothing like Windows 7, but it is definitely worth the learning curve after you master the gestures and where all the menus and options are.  :)

srmiller82 says:

I ordered the 32g with cover and still says in process i'm in the USA, ordered on the 16th early. :/

jenjen4u says:

people i have a question what are you mostly looking foward to do with your surface?

Ian Too says:

A properly portable writing instrument. Saying goodbye to iPad limitations. :-)

SocalBrian says:

Can you be more specific?

beefydragon says:

Facebook, etc... Office documents for work.  Exchange Email and ability to Remote Desktop into corporate.  Something light and I can carry with me on the road. 

Mon-El says:

There's no exchange/outlook on RT, you can't remote from it either.

christoski says:

I believe Microsoft have released a Remote Desktop App for Win8.

kevin2577 says:

There is a remote app free on store published by MSFT and WinRT mail support exchange active sync

srmiller82 says:

BTW where did anybody see overnight shipping? I never got a shipping option i think it said 3-5 days and that was the only option?

beefydragon says:

UPS has a max 5 day guarantee for ground ship in the U.S. and depending on where their warehouse is located.  So you will be sure to receive it by Friday the latest.  But if the shipment goes out after today, they may switch to UPS 2nd day and by thursday, it would go out overnight.  So it depends on how their inventory looks...

Jomon says:

Hmmm. It's odd the hold on my bank account disappeared. Maybe MS is doing a transaction settlement and it will ship soon. At least that's what I'm hoping.

beefydragon says:

Damn!  Mine still says pending...  :(  LOL!

mrdeezus says:

I am in california and havent recieved email. I wonder if people could post what part of the states thier in if they got the email allready. Thanks.Also, when i ordered, i was told it would be here on the 26th.

venom5150 says:

Hello, that is my email confirmation I sent to Rich and I live in Southern California.

vizagdude says:

Ok, my order is not shipped yet and states still in process. The amount I was initially changed was returned to my CC. I ordered the 64 GB with Black. Waiting for my shipping info... MS.. Take my money and send the dman Surface... 

Ian Too says:

We've got a bad case of PST.

Never mind, it will be great when it arrives. ;-)

antsmarchin says:

Got my tracking number! I'm in so cal if that helps people

cwinger says:

Major case of envy here. I am in California (bay area) and no luck yet!

rx74ray says:

so far I only read about Win 8 Metro, but yesterday I went to bestbuy and played on a 23" lenovo all in one touch PC.
It took me 10 to 15 minutes to get comfortabe. Once I picked it up, it was amazing how well connected the platform is.
I hope there is a tutarial video for users on startup for 1st time. Your average consumer freaks out not to be able to shutdown, not knowing where it has moved to.
I am a network admin and I had some concerns about getting to admin tools eg (cmd, regedit etc), I leaned to trust the new UI. instead of looking for RUN line to luanch my tool, I said heck let me just through it at the Metro,
So i press windows key and type away what I need. boom, it is there. Just type away and the seach instantly brings up top hits. I was suprised admin tools were so easily accessable.
pretty happy now...

Jomon says:

Once you realize how great the charms work, you will never go back to Win 7. For example, most people will initially pull their hair out trying to figure out how to print. Then they will discover its under the devices charm. Then slowly it starts to sink in. Wow, the devices charm is where you go to send information across to other devices. Then you realize, wow, it works the same away across all applications. No more hunting for the print command. Its always on the same location across all apps. The charms are brilliant! Yes, there is a learning curve to Windows 8, the metro interface is not "quite there" yet for desktop users, but for a version 1.0 product (I consider windows 8 as version 1 of the new windows interface) it is off to a great start. Don't listen to the haters. Commit to learning it and you will see little bits and pieces of genius scattered throughout the new OS. And most of all, use it on hardware that was made for it and you will never go back!

drelewis says:

right click in the bottom left hand corner (where the old start icon was) and you are presented with command prompt admin and system device manager etc its quicker than win 7 to get to these major system tools.

I'm in the Bay Area, CA and haven't received a confirmation of shipment yet... I hope it comes soon!

kingkoopa09 says:

Yea same here no confirmation but account still pending and 32gb with cover still in process

rroyter says:

I got my shipping confirmation email today. 32GB w/ red touch cover is shipping via UPS.
When I was ordering it said that it will arrive by 26th (and maybe earlier). So far UPS doesn't find the tracking number but it's typical. It should show up by tomorrow. Can't wait! UPD: Right now it says delivery on Friday and it's shipping from Harrisburg, PA.

Gken says:

Aww man, I live in Hawaii and I didn't get a confirmation.  Hopefully they shipped it over to UPS already, but im not crossing my fingers.  Pre ordered on the 16th like any good microsoft fan.

JPSavard says:

It is true, not a mistake this time.
I called UPS with the provided Tracking number, they were able to confirm also that the Shipping mode is really 'Expedited (2 days)' and not 'Standard(6-9 days)'.
Most people should receive their packages by Thursday.
I live in Québec/Canada, ordered last week.

Great news!!  Made my day!

VagrantWade says:

Strange. I ordered mine within minutes of the preorder page going live and mine still says processing.

Same here, ordered within minutes of it going live but still no confirmation here, Ohio.

abond32 says:

Same here Ohio as well..!

Skelnik says:

I've got the notice that my Type keyboard has shipped, but the Surface has not yet (it's still "In Process").

VagrantWade says:

I just contacted support. They said they are still in the process of pushing out notificatin e-mails and updating order status'. So no need to worry.

Po_MD says:

Am I to expect a tracking number with this email?

VagrantWade says:

Well all they do is print their own labels at the warehouse, so yes. Having a tracking number doesn't mean it's been scanned by UPS though.

Po_MD says:

Gotcha. I just want a number. It means I'm one step closer to this wretchedly long wait ending.

Benny1434 says:

I REALLY hope that they deliver them on the 25th!! 
That way the people who get them can build the hype for those that didn't preorder. Also, if they come on Thursday, that would allow us to still go to the Microsoft Store for release day without having to worry about missing the delivery! Now that would be nice!

dirtbound says:

Same as many others on here... California Bay Area Order Status for Surface 64GB still pending. Also seperate order for Charger and HD Cable also still pending. :-/
They may be coordinating shipments with UPS by region. So if we are closer to a distribution center than other customers ours may go out a day or two later? Just guessing really. :-)

moirane says:

I ordered mine 20 minutes before the site was supposed to go live (clicked the link at 11:40am EST and the page was not up, hit refresh a couple times and got the live page to order)
Ordered the 32GB with black touch cover and a type cover.  Still says in process and like many others the authorization on my bank account has been released.
In MA, really hoping this ships soon before some unremembered auto payment takes my account balance below the authorization amount!
Please ship soon! 

Manic4Mobile says:

I ordered within the first half-hour they were available (64GB w/Black touch cover).  My authorization has also been released (I think your bank determines how long the authorization lasts).  Still waiting here in the midwest, wanting to hear something... at least I took the 26th off work so I could wait for my new toy to arrive.

sikh says:

im in the midwest too. I wanted to take friday off but decide not too. If our's ship in time (if they are shipping from PA, I would say Wednesday is the latest they would ship if 2 day shipping. If ground then tomorrow) and i see I get mine friday, I might just work from home. Good thing is, IM an IT Admin so working from home is easy as long as my manager goes in which he always does.

MS has officially F me. I waited for the shipping confirmation and I get it just now and they are shipping the "Surface Touch Cover (White)" alone. COME ON MS

VagrantWade says:

Or you are overeacting and they just aren't done updating the system.

HYDR0SH0K says:

When I pre-ordered my Surface right after the announcement, MS took $600 out of my bank account, then a day later the money was back in my account. Now, I have a pending withdrawl for my HD cable, and no shipment email yet. Has anyone else had this happen? And yes, I know that they are still currently updating notifications, jus curious.

VagrantWade says:

As has been mentioned over and over. They do an initial verification of funds. Which is why it had a charge that was removed. Then you will get charged again when it actually ships.

AndreHBuss says:

Surface 64 GB with Black Touch Cover
Order status: 
Order in Proces

Mr. Brown says:

I ordered 2 of the 64GB models with HD cable on Oct 16th, 1 shipping to Utah and 1 to New Jersey. Both show a hold on my AMEX. Both show "Order in Process". :(

Mr. Brown says:

I also ordered the Lexar Professional 400x 128 GB SDXC off of Amazon for $105. Do we know for sure that the Surface won't support 128GB cards? I know that I've seen it mentioned somewhere that we can add an additional 64GB card to get a capacity of up to 128GB total, but I don't know if they are saying it won't support anything bigger than 64GB.

Mr. Brown says:

Oops, just realized this is not the micro version. Guess I'll need to return it.

VagrantWade says:

I wonder if maybe they are just getting ready in order of location. Like maybe it's a specific distrubition plant that is further away from it's recipients.

heulfryn says:

got shipping confirmation email for tablet, don't see one for the cover though.
in so cal, order on the 16 to be deliver by 26.

antsmarchin says:

So my shipping progress updated. It's shipping from Harrisburg PA?! Maybe thats why mine shipped so soon....

abond32 says:

Where are you located

VagrantWade says:

Just because you have a tracking label doesn't mean it's been shipped. It just means they printed a shipping label.

I haven't heard of anyone getting a shipping confirmation that ordered a 64GB model yet. Wonder if the 32's are going first....

VagrantWade says:

People on Verge has a shipping notice for their 64gbs.

While I believe you.... I don't believe a god damn thing on the verge ;)

VagrantWade says:

These are people, not writers.

Arun3 says:

Well, I got an email my white type cover shipped, but alas! No email confirming surface shipment. What do I do with a type cover without the surface? #sadpanda

michaelteske says:

Ditto, can't wait to show my keboard off

abond32 says:

This is the repy I got on twitter just just now from @microsoftStore : (@me) If you got the confirmation order, you can expect it by the date listed there. You can call 1-877-MY-MS-STORE to verify!

AndreHBuss says:

Still waiting my confirmation e-mail :(

kingkoopa09 says:

Same here I called Microsoft and talked to a stupid foreign call lady who keeps telling me it will arrive the 30th and shipped the 26th so I was like I preorder to receive the 26th so I can have one on launch day, she kept saying no, and when I asked to pick it up in stores she told me no, I was pissed because I PREORDER to receive it on launch day because I could just got a reservation pass if that's the case

kingkoopa09 says:

This ish stupid I preorder day 1 and all Microsoft can say is it won't come to the 30th wtf we deserve to get it a day earlier especially if u can reserve and pick it up at midnight the 26th eff Microsoft I could kept my money and just order expedited shipping to get at the same time

abond32 says:

Exactly. I called and told them the website and my receipts said "delivered by the 26th". They told me shipped by the 26th because they are shipping bulk first. I told him I could have waited at the darn store and got a free Xbox pass and had my item by the 26th.

kingkoopa09 says:

Order Still in process

thelern says:

I justed called Microsoft and was told that they will be arriving on the  26 and that mine just has not been shipped yet but that it is been prepared for shipment. I was told that I should get an email today about the shipment notification. Mine in the system still says in process though. I ordered the 32 gig with a black keyboard.

conanheath says:

Has anybody in States who ordered 64g received a confirmation email?

Po_MD says:

Not yet. Midwest area

sikh says:

Just called MS Store and the lady reassured me that since I ordered on the 16th and order says the 26th, that ill get it the 26th.

I told her its tuesday, no charges and im in the midwest, and she assured me itll be here friday. I told her if its not here on time, im going to request something for compenstation cause I was gurranteed a date and I will even pay for expdited shipping right now on the phone, she said no options were available because they were shipping as needed to get there on time.
So hopefully we will see

thelern says:

I too am in the midwest and was told the same thing. So it appears we must have a distribution center in the midwest.

Gken says:

hey at least you aren't in Hawaii.   I still haven't gotten any kind of tracking or shipping notification. I just talked to a rep and said I would get it on the 26th SO I'm making a huge assumption its already at UPS and on the 25th itll give me a tracking number and delivered on friday I guess.  Crossing my fingers.

sikh says:

@Gken, they arent doing it like apple. I think they are receiving everything. Seperating it. And then shipping it out, where as apple will ship straight from china just so you can get it on time or earlier.
@thelern: I hope we get ours shipped tomorrow or thursday and overnight. I think closest microsoft distrubtion is PA.

Mr. Brown says:

From the looks of it, I don't think that very many people have received shipping confirmation. I called MS and they told me that mine would ship on the 26th, even though I ordered it on the 16th. I sure hope the person is wrong and that it get's overnighted for a Thursday/Friday delivery.

Soxpranos says:

With such a massive shipment for all we know they could already be on their way. The could have a dedicated server for these and will update them at one time like the 26th saying out for delivery. I'm sure Microsoft and UPS have worked this out in advance.

Mr. Brown says:

Well, I just got shipping confirmation for 1 of the Surface HD Digital AV Adapters. Says 3-7 day shipping. :(

I placed 2 separate orders for a 64GB surface and adapters. Now I just hope the Surface ships!

Po_MD says:

What region are you located in?

Mr. Brown says:

I have 2 seperate orders. 1 order goes to Utah and the other goes to New Jersey. The shipment confirmation was only for the adapter that is going to Utah.

thelern says:

I too just got an email for the hd adapter but not the surface yet. 

rvashi says:

Ordered Surface 32GB on the 18th.  I got charged initially but that was taken off a couple of days ago.  When I ordered, it still said the 26th and it says 26th on my receipt too.
I've been calling the 800 number to track order and I keep talking to these wierd foreign chicks saying that I will have tracking by 25th and some say the 26th.  How the heck are we suppose to get tracking number on 26th if we are to have the actual product in our hand on the 26th.  I still haven't gotten charged yet. ughhhh!!
I'm in the midwest (Indiana).

Mr. Brown says:

I don't think they know what they are talking about when we call in. When I called, they told me it was going to ship out on the 26th, even though I was one of the first to order on the 16th. I then told them that my receipt said it should arrive on the 26th and then they said, "Then it should arrive on the 26th then." So I don't think they have any idea what's going on.

rvashi says:

Has your CC been charged yet?  Cause I don't even have a charge yet.

Mr. Brown says:

My AMEX just shows pending charges for both orders dated on the 16th.

Jf.Vigor says:

Still haven't received my shipping..
I've got a bad feeling about this...

abond32 says:

Hey his is bog NEW FOLKS. I was on twitter letting @microsoftstore have it because of my "in process" status. A gentle that is not with Microsoft sent me a message saying this and it worked.. Holy shit!!! (@me) This trick worked for me: Go to FedEx or UPS site and "Track by Reference." Use Order number from MS Store minus the MS. This is what I show on FedEx"Oct 23, 2012 3:25 PMShipment information sent to FedExOct 24, 2012 10:00 PMAt local FedEx facilitySHANGHAI CNOct 24, 2012 4:14 AMPicked upSUZHOU CNFuture delivery requestedOct 24, 2012 7:44 AMLeft FedEx origin facilitySUZHOU CNOct 25, 2012 2:22 AMInternational shipment release - ImportSHANGHAI CNOct 25, 2012 2:22 AMIn transitSHANGHAI CN". Try it and all give me a big hug..

abond32 says:

Sorry hey this is big news folks.. I was excited. My item still shows "in process as well"

Jf.Vigor says:

yOU da MAN, gonna try shortly

Jf.Vigor says:

didnt work for me on either site :(

abond32 says:

I ordered mine shortly after site opened. Did you choose track by reference and not the regular tracking??

Jf.Vigor says:

Yeah... ordered the 16th and chose track by reference

abond32 says:

Damn bro good luck..

TeamRadicus says:

My Surface is with UPS in Hodgkins, IL, scheduled delivery date 10/26 :-)

abond32 says:

Did you use the method I showed..? Where's the love. Lol..?

TeamRadicus says:

Now I can obsessive refresh the UPS page instead of the Microsoft Store page ...

kingkoopa09 says:

Big ass hug from me (no homo) mine is from fed ex and in transit should be here by 430 Oct 26

Mr. Brown says:

Sweet, Good job! I was able to find both of my orders on FedEx. From the details of the tracking info, they requested future delivery, meaning they didn't want it to ship earlier than the 26th. :( Oh well, at least I know we're getting them in!

aitsu says:

I was able to track mine via fedex too..
I had to specify a ship date prior to today to get it to work.
Unfortunately, I'm not happy w/what I saw.
We'll see if I actually get it by friday...

Ship date 

Oct 24, 2012

Estimated delivery 

Oct 29, 2012 by 10:30 AM


Oct 24, 2012 7:09 PM

Picked up


Package received after FedEx cutoff


kingkoopa09 says:

They're getting shipped straight from china eff Chinese labor excited to be getting surface in 2 days

Jf.Vigor says:

yeah I'm worried about us "not-found"ers....

thelern says:

I would not be too worried about the not being found. As I tried the method with an order that I know the tracking number on and was not able to find it as the order was shipped today. So my guess is the not found ones are being shipped today and are probably closer to shipping locations. I am in the St Louis area. I also talked to the ctore via chat and they said I would get my surface by friday for sure.

Jf.Vigor says:

Thank you. This was actually my thought process, that perhaps I lived by a distribution center (I'm in Northeast PA) and they had it all handled. I'll just take a chillpill, watch some Xbox.Video tonight on my 360 and be patient :)

sikh says:

You my man are fucking awesome. With my order number I found out that FedEx has my order. Shipped the 23rd Japan time. So the 22nd for us. With some extra work I found out its on flight 67 for FedEx if I'm right which means it 7 hours away right now.

Delivery says "October 26th by 1030am" fuck yeah!

Thanks for the reference number post! Finally was able to get mine... however it says it just left CHINA this morning at 9:30 FL time and it says it won't be delivered until MONDAY the 29th...if it's late I'm gonna be soooooooooooooo angryyyyyy because I took off work and everything!

kittengirl says:

Mine says the 29th too.  However, in my experience, these dates shown for shipments of tech gear from China are often incorrect (based on numerous orders that have been shipped to me this way) and we still may actually receive the items on Friday.  

also does this mean I can cancel my credit card so they can't charge it? LOL

theseusperse says:

I can track them. Message me. Will do a guide later.

JayJayTG says:

I am messenging you. Guide pls :)

abond32 says:

Surface on hand and its great

Mattboyd95 says:

Guys I pre-ordered on 23rd... It says release 02/10/12 UK .... Now this is AGES why so long :(

Gary Bushey says:

I pre-ordered a Surface 2 Pro w/128G on the first day it was available and my order status says it will ship before the 21st. 3 phone calls to the store later I still have no idea when my unit will be shipped and it appears that either the help desk has no clue when it will be shipped or they know it won't be shipped for quite a while and do not want to tell me.