Microsoft shows what happened behind the curtain at its Xbox E3 2014 events

xbox one e3 2014

Microsoft has posted a new, and lengthy, video that shows what went on behind the scenes at its Xbox One E3 2014 events, including its media briefing that was held on Monday at the Galen Center in Los Angeles.

The video, which runs well over 10 minutes, shows that Microsoft prepares for the E3 2014 press event months in advance, including running through rehearsals back in its Redmond, Washington headquarters long before the Xbox crew sets down in LA to begin building the stage inside the Galen Center.

The clip also shows some of the Xbox One fans who were lucky enough to win passes to attend both the media briefing as well as the E3 show itself at the LA Convention Center later that week. As the video points out, E3 is supposed to be a trade show that's not open to the public, so the fact that some Xbox One gamers were able to attend without any direct connection to the industry is pretty rare.

Microsoft clearly wants to get back in the good graces of its fans who might have felt the company was not paying as much attention to the gaming portion of the Xbox One as they should have. E3 2014 was Microsoft's best attempt yet to show the industry that the Xbox One's mission is now focused on games first.

Now that E3 2014 is over, do you think Microsoft was successful in making its point about turning the Xbox One into a game console as its lead feature?

Source: Xbox on YouTube



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It says video not found on the website and the app for YouTube

sd173 says:

It's giving me an inappropriate content warning since I'm not signed in to YouTube.

DarkKrystof says:

Sounds like something Google would do to a Microsoft video...

kenzibit says:

Just watched it without a hitch. Cool video anyways and I'm proud to be part of Xbox ;-)

Wait, can't people buy tickets to e3?

MatchAttax08 says:

No. They have to win passes

swizzlerz says:

Yes great job. It did seam faster..

Monty9811 says:

So funny I'm burst in at the seams.

swizzlerz says:

I watched the whole briefing.. There was very little stop time or delay between announcements videos and speakers. If you didn't watch closely it wouldn't have been hard to be lost. Very fast paced....

John20212 says:

What hapened is that MS screwed up by not saing a single word about PC gaming, while at the same time they are spreading the lie that they care about PC gaming. Actions speak louder than words.



swizzlerz says:

It's an Xbox media event not Microsoft. Different division..

Phil Spencer said very Clear, its all about Xbox One and games games games. And was called game on. PC and Windows phone are next in line, so don't worry. Many announcements are ready to be revealed, including some of the New Xbox games FOR PC. And I smell fresh zombies :P

zicoz says:

Source? And what time can we expect this? This summer? Next year?

swizzlerz says:

Don't need a source. It's inevitable. Universal apps. How many coming Xbox games for windows and phone are holding off for the launch of universal apps....

Tense says:

I beg to differ, I need to see credible source before I believe gaming apart from Xbox is even somewhat a priority of Microsoft.

MatchAttax08 says:

It's an Xbox media briefing

Ushae says:

Actions do speak louder than words, MS did amazingly well. The games on show were superb, never been more confident owning an Xbox one right now.

Microsoft's presentation was just lame.Why such a big audience and stuff if you just show videoclips? Gaming is part of showbusiness and should be presented like that. They should get a host next time and give the whole thing structure and order.

swizzlerz says:

Agree so fast...

onysi says:

e3 could make a lot of money if they open it to the public.  id pay whatever amount to get in.

swizzlerz says:

Use to.. It was to big so they scaled it back to keep it on track. A business event.

E3 has left me thinking there's no actual difference between the 2 consoles. Lots of reports saying that Sony won but they list out games that are also on xbox. So was out really just about who gave the best performance and showed the games in the right order?

The main thing I see holding xbox back at the moment is the performance difference, and the recent changes to help with that will probably help with that.

zicoz says:

Yeah, I don't really considder anything other then real exclusives when I considder these events, and looking at those I feel that Microsoft won. And they didn't even show off Quantum Break.

I'd have to go with Nintendo as far as exclusives go. They stole the show and showed some great games. Zelda, StarFox alone stole it for me lol

KMF79 says:

I agree. That Zelda premier was awesome. I can't wait to play that game!

DavidinCT says:

Sorry but, that is FUCKING epic..... I would almost die to go to E3 one year (more than 1 day to see it all) and see that all live.... It for sure is on my bucket list....

MatchAttax08 says:

It's impossible to get to E3(my greatest dream)

eolorvida says:

can't believe I've finished that video... total awesomeness

KMF79 says:

I went in '05 & '06 and have been trying to go back ever since. E3 is gamer heaven. I watched all the conferences and it's hard for me to pick a winner. Overall I'd have to give it too Microsoft but Nintendo and Ubisoft tied for second. Sony comes in third.

Which is best Xbox or ps3

maxpower818 says:

I went this year. It was amazing.

TechFreak1 says:

Anyone got a link for the post media briefing? My net crashed when watching it on twitch. It was totally unwatchable with random skips and auto forwarding...